List of Best Places to Live in the USA 2023: Cost, Income, Safety & Quality of life

Best Places to Live in the USA

This article is on best places to live in the USA. The USA is a great place for international students to study and live. Many students want to come to the United States because the education is really good, there are many different cultures, good jobs, good healthcare, and people have a good life.
If you are in the same situation, we made a list of the best places to live in the USA. In these states, you can see which universities are the best and how much it usually costs for rent, travel, and food. After reading this article, you should understand what life is like in these states. Then you can decide which state is the best places to live in the USA.

Understanding the Ranking Metric

Before you choose a place to study abroad in, make sure you check out all the things you can use there. This is really important. We made a list that covers different things about living in another country, like how much it costs, how much people get paid, good schools, and other stuff. It’s necessary to understand that there’s no single city that’s best for all international students. When you make a decision, think about all the things I told you and decide which ones are most important to you. This will help you pick the best places to live in the USA for yourself.

Educational Institutions

When you are a student, the most important thing to look for when picking a state is good schools to go to. We made a list of the best schools in America based on the QS World University Rankings for 2023.

Cost of Living

When you have a better life, it usually costs more money. However, things don’t have to work out that way all the time. The cost of living can be very different from one city to another. We thought about how much it costs to rent a place to live and buy food in the states mentioned, since being a student doesn’t leave much money for fancy things. We didn’t include the cost of transportation because it can change a lot depending on how you travel. The best and cheapest way to travel in America is by using public transportation. If you think about how much money you have, you can pick a city that you can afford.

Employment Opportunities

If you want to make money or plan for your future career, you should think about the job market, how many people have jobs, and what types of jobs are available in the state you want to live in. We looked at how many people don’t have jobs in each state using information from the United States in 2022. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides information about jobs and employment.

List of Best Places To Live in the USA

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Utah
  3. California
  4. New York
  5. Texas
  6. Florida
  7. Illinois
  8. North Dakota
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Georgia
  11. North Carolina
  12. Ohio
  13. Washington D.C.
  14. Wisconsin
  15. Michigan
  16. Oregon
  17. Idaho
  18. Indiana
  19. Colorado
  20. Wyoming

Living Expenses of Top 5 US States

1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the best places to live in the USA because it has a very good Ivy League university and many other great schools. Boston is the capital city of the state and it is also called the ‘Athens of America’ because of its excellent academic history.

Top Universities in Massachusetts

The QS World Ranking put Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as the best institution, while Harvard University was ranked fifth, and Boston University at 112. You should also consider other universities like Tufts University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Boston College, Northeastern University, and Brandeis University.

Cost of Living in Massachusetts

Average Rent: $1,225/month Food/Grocery: $295/month

Working in Massachusetts

Unemployment Rate: 4.8 (P) Avg. Annual Income: $37,886

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2. Utah

Utah is ranked as the second best places to live in the USA and is a great place to study and live in the United States. The people are nice and open-minded. There are a lot of people aged 19 to 25 living in Utah. The money you pay for school in Utah is less than what most people pay around the country. If you want a cheap option, students should think about choosing this state!

Top Universities in Utah

QS World Ranking – Institution #358 – University of Utah

Other institutions to consider: Brigham Young University, Utah State University, Dixie State University, Utah Valley University

Cost of Living in Utah

Average Rent: $1,098/month Food/Grocery: $253/month

Working in Utah

Unemployment Rate: 2.2 (P) Avg. Annual Income: $30,801

3. California

California is a great place for students from other countries who want good schooling, lots of different people, and a comfortable life. Living and learning in California can be a great experience because there are many different types of people and lots of beautiful places to explore outside.

Top Universities in California

These are the top colleges in the QS World Ranking: – Stanford University is #3 – California Institute of Technology, Caltech is #6 – University of California, Berkeley is #32 – University of California, Los Angeles is #40 – University of California, San Diego is #48 Also, you might want to consider these colleges: University of Southern California, University of California, Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of California, Irvine.

Cost of Living in California

Average Rent: $1,614/month Food/Grocery: $302/month

Working in California

Unemployment Rate: 5.8 (P) Avg. Annual Income: $31,960

4. New York

New York has over 400 schools for learning about different things. New York is a good city for students from all over the world because they can go to a really good university and have fun in the city.

Top Universities in New York

The QS World Ranking lists universities based on how good they are. Columbia University is #19, Cornell University is #21, and New York University (NYU) is #42. Other universities to think about are Fordham University, Baruch College, CUNY Hunter College, Pace University – New York, and Yeshiva University.

Cost of Living in New York

Average Rent: $2,098/month Food/Grocery: $471/month

Working in New York

Unemployment Rate: 5.3 (P) Avg. Annual Income: $32,320

5. Texas

Texas is a really good state to live in because they have awesome schools, nice weather, pretty nature, and yummy food. This place is considered really good to live in and has good schools and job options for students.

Top Universities in Texas

The QS World Ranking shows which institutions are highly ranked. The University of Texas at Austin is ranked #67, Rice University is #94, and Texas A&M University is #168. Other good institutions to think about are the University of Texas at Dallas, University of Houston, Southern Methodist University, Texas Tech University, and Baylor University.

Cost of Living in Texas

Average Rent: $1,091/month Food/Grocery: $275/month

Working in New York

Unemployment Rate: 4.8 (P) Avg. Annual Income: $30,596


For overseas students, it’s clever to opt for studying in the USA. There are many great schools in the country and students can also have fun exploring different cultures. America has everything you need for a good future. You can get a good education, have a good life, and find a good job there. The rankings can tell you which state to pick based on how much money you have and what kind of schools you want to go to. Learning in small towns that are calmer is just as important as the excitement of big cities.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Places to Live in the USA

1. Is USA safe for international students?

Although no place is completely safe, international students should not worry about their safety in the USA. Being careful and using common sense to take care of your health during the Covid-19 pandemic can really help you, especially if you are studying or traveling to another country.

Some places in America are safer than others based on the amount of crime. There are ten states with the least amount of crime. They are Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and Virginia. Mississippi and Alabama are not good states to live in.

2. How much does it cost to study in the US?

Many international students like to study in the USA, but it can cost a lot of money to live and study there. Public universities charge approximately $26,290 for undergraduate degrees, as stated by College Board – a support group for students.

If the cost of studying in the USA is too high for you, you can still look for other ways to get money. There are lots of options for scholarships and funding that are available to Indian students who want to study in the USA. In 2015-16, 85% of students who study full-time got help paying for college. You can also get one safely.

3. How long does enrolling in a US university take?

If you are a student from another country, it’s important to plan ahead for coming to the US for school. You should begin your research a year and a half before you plan to move. You can take the necessary tests and exams a year before you apply, then apply within the following 2 months.

First, you need to apply for your student visa (at least 3 months before) and get ready to move.

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