Top Law Schools in Nigeria, locations and School Fees

Top Law Schools in Nigeria, locations and School Fees

Are you curious about the locations and characteristics of Nigerian law schools?. You can find all the most recent details about law schools in Nigeria, including their addresses, tuition costs, lengths of study, and other pertinent information, in the list below.

The Nigerian Law School is a university that was founded in 1962 by the Nigerian government. The law school was established to give foreign-trained lawyers a Nigerian legal education and to offer hands-on training to prospective legal practitioners in Nigeria.

Legal professionals in Nigeria had undergone the necessary training in England and had been admitted to the English Bar before the institution was founded.

How many law school campuses are in Nigeria?

There are about 6 law school campuses in Nigeria today and more to be built.

They are located in: Abuja law school Headquarters –

Lagos law school campus

Abuja law school campus

Enugu law school campus

Bayelsa law school campus

Kano law school campus

Yola law school campus

Law schools in Nigeria and their locations:

Lagos Law School

The Lagos Campus was established and later relocated to its present site in 1969. In 1997, the headquarters was moved to Abuja. Over 70,000 students have received degrees from the institution, many of them are now accomplished lawyers, judges, and citizens.

One of the most prestigious law schools in Nigeria today is Law School Lagos Campus. It features a staff, student body, and professors united by a shared passion for the application of law with the exclusive goal of achieving excellence.
Its goal is to prepare each student for the numerous obstacles, duties, and benefits of a legal career. Its educational atmosphere supports both individual and group innovative practice-related research.

Aside from the intellectual successes of the school, its vibrant environment fosters each person’s social and interactional skills, especially given that the community includes students from many ethnic origins.

The Lagos Campus of the Law School still lives up to its illustrious name. It has historically produced leaders and continues to do so in a variety of spheres of life who support the law as a tool for societal change.

Courses at Lagos Law School Criminal Lawsuits Legal Action Civil Law in Practice Corporate Law Practice Property Law Practice The school is situated on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street in Lagos, Nigeria, P.M.B. 12610. This is the first in the list of law schools in Nigeria.

Abuja Law School

One of Nigeria’s most sought-after law schools is the one in Abuja. Nigerian Law School is located at Bwari, P.M.B. 170, Garki, Abuja. This is the second in the list of law schools in Nigeria.

Enugu Law School

Enugu Law School Campus. Agbani, Enugu State, Nigeria

Bayelsa Law School Campus

The Nigerian Law School Yenagoa’s expansive south-south campus is situated at Agudama-Epie on the outskirts of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Kano Law School

Yola Campus Law School Campus Wuro Hausa, Yola, Nigerian Law School, Kano Campus Jos Road, Kano, PMB 3568. This is the last in the list of law schools in Nigeria.

Which Nigerian Law School campus is the best?

Nigerian law students favor the schools in Lagos and Abuja. This does not imply, however, this does not mean that other law schools in Nigeria are not equally excellent. Most students prefer to complete their one-year of law school in Lagos or Abuja due to those cities’ convenient locations.

Yola, Kano, Bayelsa, and Enugu law schools are among the other campuses in Nigeria that offer legal education. Below, we address some of the most typical queries about Nigerian law schools.

How long is Law schools in Nigeria?

All other things being equal, law school in Nigeria typically lasts one year. Following the NLS exams, all graduates will be called to the bar. And after that, they’ll have to complete the obligatory NYSC service year.

How much does law school cost in Nigeria?

Below is Nigerian Law School Fees Schedule For All Courses

(Fresh Students Only) 2021/2022 Session For Nigerians Amount in Naira Tuition N10,000 Hostel Accommodation       N30,000 Hostel Caution Deposit        N10,000 Term Dinners N12,000 Cocktails        N8,000 Library Development N30,000 Sports & Recreational Facilities       N5,000

The Nigerian Law & Practice Journal N7,000 Examination Bar Part II         N25,000 Course Materials       N20,000 Development Levy    N20,000 Student Year Book    N4,000 Identity Card N1,000 Postages by Courier  N2,000 Medical Registration N10,000 V-Sat and Info Tech  N30,000 Insurance       N5,000 E-Handbook (CD-ROM)        N3,000 Facilities Maintenance         N33,000

Quality Assurance     N15,000 Security Services       N15,000 Total Fees     N295,000

What degree does the Nigerian law school award or give?

The Law School offers courses in property and business law, criminal and civil litigation, and ethics. The Nigerian Law School has graduated more than 70,000 students. The Nigerian Law School is required to be attended by anyone with a university degree in law who wishes to practice law in Nigeria. Students who pass the Bar Part II exams are awarded certificates by the Council of Legal Education, and they are subsequently admitted to the bar.


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