Best 5 Law Schools in China

Best 5 Law Schools in China

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The program linkages, excellent learning environments, and rich culture of China draw a lot of domestic and foreign students to its educational offerings. Other than its well-known, top-notch educational system, China has a lot to offer. The picturesque surroundings and centuries-old historical sites are all around the students to view and explore. It is one of the best places in Asia to continue your legal education. We shall look at best law schools in China 2022.

Chinese law schools, like the majority of law schools, offer courses in areas like criminal law, labor and social security law, international law, commercial law, comparative law, intellectual property law, and constitutional and administrative law. A four-year bachelor’s degree is required in China, followed by a two-year master’s degree and a three-year PhD degree. Graduates have the advantage of pursuing a legal career in China or other nations after finishing the required courses.
The prerequisites are the same at most universities globally. A student needs to have a high school diploma and be fluent in English to be eligible for a bachelor’s degree. For the master’s degree, a candidate must have a law degree from an accredited university, provide two letters of recommendation, and demonstrate English language proficiency. Last but not least, candidates for a doctoral degree should possess a master’s degree, provide a letter of recommendation, and be fluent in English. In China, the first semester begins in September and the second semester in March. The most renowned law schools are listed below for your consideration:


Top Law Schools in China

1. China University of Political Science and Law

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  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese (All levels), English (Only LL.M. and Ph.D. in Comparative Law)

China University of Political Science and Law was founded in 1952 and enrolls over 15,600 students per year. There are currently 928 lecturers, including professors, PhDs, and masters-level teachers. They were pioneers in education, creating the first two Comparative Law Degrees taught in English in China. The university’s advantageous position in Beijing, China’s capital city and a hub for the greatest law firms, puts its students at a distinct edge. The top legal school in China is therefore China University of Political Science and Law.

They provide courses in either Chinese or English. Chinese is the primary language of instruction for the four-year LL.B. in Law program. The annual housing cost is USD 794 in addition to the approximately USD 3,027 tuition fee. The three-year LL.M. and Ph.D. in comparative law are available in Chinese or English. The cost of the Ph.D. is around USD 4,995, whereas the cost of the LL.M. is USD 4,389 each academic year.

2. Renmin University of China

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  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese, English

One of China’s leading legal schools, The Renmin University of China, often known as the People’s University of China, was established in Beijing in 1937. As the first formed law school following the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the first recipient of the National May First Labor Medal in China, the Law School was founded in 1950. Currently, The Law School accepts about 3,000 students each year for its LL.B. and graduate programs (LL.M. and Ph.D.)
The cost of the LL.B. program, which lasts four years, is USD 3,511 each academic year. The Chinese Legal System, the Chinese Constitution, Jurisprudence, Administrative Procedure Law, and Criminal Law are some of the topics covered in the program’s curriculum. Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree then enroll in a master’s program for two years, which costs around USD 10,595, then a PhD program for three years, which costs about USD 4,510. Outstanding lecturers that teach in the graduate programs introduce the Chinese legal system.

3. The Southwest University of Political Science and Law

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  • Degrees offered: Ll.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese, English

The Southwest University of Political Science and Law, a public university established in 1950 in Chongqing, southwest China, is next on our ranking of the top law schools there. Currently, there are two campuses, 14 schools, and approximately 90 universities from North America, Europe, and Asia that are affiliated. After the People’s Republic of China was established, the university was among the first institutions of higher learning that were legally recognized.
The four-year Bachelor’s Degree Major in Law curriculum is taught in Chinese. Each year, it costs USD 3,027. Chinese law and law are the two majors available in the master’s program. It costs USD 3,784 per year and is completed for two to three years in both English and Chinese. Students graduate with in-depth knowledge of both international business law and Chinese law, as well as Chinese culture and history. Lastly, the three-year Ph.D. program is offered in both Chinese and English.

4. Peking University

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  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., J.D., Ph.D
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese

Peking University, one of the top universities and the first national university in China to provide a wide range of majors, was founded in Haidian, Beijing, in 1898. Every year, they produce 200 to 300 graduates. It claims to be the only legal school in China that combines instruction in Chinese law with American common law.

In 1999, the Peking University Law School was founded. Criminal law, jurisprudence, administrative law and the rule of law are its four main pillars. The school offers undergraduate majors in law, master’s degrees in law, juris doctorates, and doctorates, all of which are taught in the Kaiyuan Building, Chen Ming Building, National Double Courtyard, and Fazhu Square.

5. Tsinghua University

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese, English

Tsinghua University is the last school on our list of the top law schools in China. It is one of China’s most stunning universities and is situated in the famous Qing Hua Yuan Royal Garden. It was initially founded in 1911 as Tsing Hua Imperial College as a training facility for students who would be sent to the USA for their academic studies. Currently, they teach their 50,394 students, including 435 foreign students, in 20 schools, 59 departments, and 3,565 faculty members.

The Law School at Tsinghua University was established in 1920. Since its founding, it has produced a number of notable judges, legal experts, and attorneys. With its top-notch academics and cutting-edge classrooms, computer lab, and law library, it offers an improved learning environment. The Legal School offers a Juris Master (LL.M. in Chinese Law), a law major for undergraduates, and a law PhD.

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