Best Online Learning Platforms

Best Online Learning Platforms in 2022

In this article we will look at best online learning platforms. Since the inception of the internet, many things have changed. We rely much on this technology to stay entertained, informed, and busy. It is all due to the improvement in speed in recent years and with so many service providers emerging as the best internet providers.

Without the internet, we would not have been able to stream, game or work from anywhere. One thing that the internet has made easier for all of us is to learn. Whether it be related to business, commerce, science, literature, arts, history, digital marketing, or social media management, all are available online with just a few clicks.

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After getting a stable internet connection, now is the right time to start learning online in whatever subject you want. Let’s take a look at some of the best online learning platforms.

Best Online Learning Platforms


The first on our list of best online learning platforms is Coursera. The majority of state universities charge a hefty fee, for which students have to take loans. But not anymore when Coursera is there to offer MOOCs courses from the top universities of the world. Whether it be Stanford University, Cambridge University, University of Illinois, or Florida University, Coursera provides free and paid courses in various subjects. The lectures are pre-recorded and you can learn anything at your ease.
Coursera also offers programs from various universities to help you get certifications and master’s degrees. Just search for the course or degree you wish to enroll in, Coursera will offer you plenty of options to choose from.


The second on our list of best online learning platforms is Udemy. Udemy is also a well-known platform for online learners to enhance their knowledge in different fields. Whether it be affiliate marketing, blogging, Data Science, website development, PHP, or any other subject, Udemy has got you covered.
The platform offers both free and paid courses, offered by people who have specialized in their respective fields and want others to learn. Just sign up on Udemy, search for the desired course, and start learning at your convenience. The best part of Udemy is that you can watch lectures on the go whether it be on a smartphone or tablet. Install the app, sign in to your account, and get started.


Online platforms are found in abundance and you can find courses on almost every subject. Udacity is one of the biggest online platforms for students starving for gaining more knowledge. The platform offers many courses in subjects like marketing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data science, cybersecurity, and many more.
Courses offered online by Udacity are designed and taught by instructors having years of experience. Students can scroll through various quality courses helping them to get their careers to the next level.


Edx is also one of the top online learning platforms where you can find anything on any subject. The platform provides university-level courses in a wide variety of subjects including engineering, computer science, data science, and many more.
Whether you are looking for a degree in a particular subject or want to enhance your knowledge in any subject, Edx provides you with all the resources needed to propel your career. You will be able to watch video tutorials on courses you have enrolled in. It will offer a similar experience just like you get in on-campus. Edx has also discussion forums where students are free to ask any questions or need any assistance.


Alison is the oldest and most reliable online learning platform for people who are striving to gain more knowledge. The online free learning website offers certifications and diplomas in subjects like health, business, sales and marketing, management, IT, language, personal development, teaching and academic, and many more.
If you want to learn any language, there is no better place than Alison. The platform offers specialization in various languages including Arabic, Spanish, French, English, and German. The website helps you choose from three types of courses including diplomas, learning paths, and certificates. One of the biggest advantages of Alison is that you can watch videos on the go on your mobile.

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Khan Academy

The last on our list of best online learning platforms is Khan. Khan Academy has gained massive popularity among students and learners. It is a non-profit company offering free courses in almost every subject. The website helps achieve your learning goals.
When it comes to learning, everyone deserves a chance to have the opportunity. Whether it be poor or someone from the elite class, every child can go to Khan Academy and learn something that interests them. Moreover, if your child is preparing for exams and can’t find helpful material then only Khan Academy is the trusted website to learn.

Summing Up

Most people prefer to learn online because they want to enhance their knowledge without putting in much time. No matter, what field you are in, you can always choose these platforms to enhance your knowledge and skills.


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