Cheapest Countries to Study Medicine in English

Cheapest countries to study medicine in the world

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I will take you into cheapest countries to study medicine in English and all you need to know about it..Have a nice read.

Hey are you in search of countries to study medicine in English or are you looking for cheapest countries to study abroad in any medical field using English?  this article of mine will guide you through the best option you are searching for and I promise you it will be good and informative to read to the end and also use the comment box if you have some important questions to ask.

Some places and destination are found in areas like cheapest countries to study abroad in Europe and most of these countries have cheapest medical schools for international students which is a nice destination. I guess you have been searching and pondering all over the web for this great topic of cheapest countries to study medicine in English and how to study medicine in Europe and you do not have answers? You don’t have to worry the answer is right at your door step and you will be happy after reading this blog articles and also obtaining answers from medical universities.

Some Countries to Study Medicine in English

I will first of all write and tell you about some of the cheapest countries to study medicine in English and I hope you will love it. Hey, here we have great countries like Belgium, Netherlands and country like Germany and countries similar with their economic power and wealth. All these countries use English to teach in their medical schools abroad.

Facts to Focus On

Some facts we will be discussing on this topic cheapest countries to study medicine in English wont be only in cheapest universities alone but i shall be focusing on living cost and lost more. In this field there are alot of organization that give Scholarship options, so it will help those wanting to study in this field and i hope this will make it so interesting. Medicine is an important degree and most rated because it involves the human life which is very important. The location and place to study medicine is what some international worried about if you want to compare studying medicine in Canada, USA and other important region of the world. Some people think UK, United State and Canada are good destination to studying medicine. Few thinks Europe is the best destination to studying medicine and what do you think, you are free to use the comment box for contributions.

Important Medical Requirements for Medical School

As an international students before looking for cheapest medical schools in Europe there are some medical requirements expected by the medical school from you to meet. This is some of the important general requirements to study medicine in English

  • Length of 6 years
  • Total cost for medical school are, graduate-$ 3,900 and undergraduate-$23,000.
  • High School Diploma Prep course + Written and Oral entrance Exams.

For international students wanting to be a doctor, veterinarian dentist or any prestigious courses in the field of medicine should choose Europe as their study destination.

List of Cheapest Countries to Study Medicine in Europe

1 Belgium

Here we start on this great country Belgium, some people will be surprise but we should also give it to them. Medical degree cost alot of money depending on the country you choose to go, Medical degree also cost depending on the university and their different location.

Cost of going through a medical college in Belgium is determined by the institution and being an EU or NON-EU student does not affect your fees. Let me let you know that international students i.e. from EU and students from Belgium pay the same tuition fees.


The cost of medical school in Belgium is around 2,500 to 5,000 Euros per year.

2. Italy

Italy also known from their beautiful sport cars and fashion which add valve to their country there also has medical schools that are taught in English language. Tuition fees in Italian medical schools in cheaper compare to United Kingdom and even United State but if you compare to Germany or country like Sweden is not always low.

There is always low cost of living compare to other countries but it depends on the location you been to for your studies.

In Italy most of the courses require examination but is not that strict and tough to pass.

Here are list of few institutions that you can study Medical courses:

  1. University of Udine
  2. University of Verona
  3. University of Parma
  4. University of Siena
  5. University of Trieste

With these Universities you can find best Medical courses to study in English.

3. Germany

Great news to student that medical care in this country is free isn’t that great. If you don’t have enough funds to take care of the tuition fees in other European countries, Germany is your true destination because here is free. Germany is a great place to study any Medical courses and their system of education is great and superb compare to other European countries. Language is one of the tests you must pass to get admitted, what I mean is that you must study the German language before you get admitted.

The German educational council kept medical undergraduate course at six years interval, 2 years of preclinical work and 3 years of clinical work and also 1 year of practical work.

Schools Offering Medical Courses in Germany

  1. Ruhr-University Bochum
  2. Heinrich-Heine-University Dusseldorf
  3. Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms- Universitat Bonn

4. Sweden

This country Sweden has a cheap and free university system for EU students and the tuition fees for international students is cheap and mostly affordable. Apart from this it does get for European students than that. This country has the one of the best education system in the world compare to other countries like hers, so it will be great to have a medical experience here in Sweden. But before you study here you must also consider living cost too so you need to keep your funds intact.

Higher learning institutions in Sweden:

  • Karolinska institute, Faculty of Medicine
  • Linkoping University, Faculty of Health Science

5. Hungary

Hungary is becoming best in studying medicine and other medical related courses now. About a number of 15,000 international students studying in this country are doing medical courses and even nursing. In Hungary the Doctor of Medicine programs last for 6 years and their tuition fees ranges from 16,000 to 17,000 euros each year.

Institutions in Hungary:


6. Bulgaria

Medicine now in this country is like a hot cake to both local and international students. Its fast interest in medical field attract student from all part of the world. There also have high quality of educational standard which might interest medical students all over the world. You can prefer to study in any language you want (Bulgarian or English). There have affordable tuition fees and living cost and serene environment for learning.

General medicine is 6 years with a salary of 7500- 8000 euros per year and it all depends on the university.

Institutions in Hungary



In Russia, international students should not that studying medicine in this country is quite inexpensive and affordable. It has a tuition fees ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 dont you think is less expensive?. If you are international students in Russia, you are also permitted to work while studying in this great country, and it will help you in area of cost of living and other things needed to stay there. English is used in almost all the universities in Russia which attracts international students.

Some of the Medical Schools in Russia:

  1. Rostov State Medical Academy
  2. Saint Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University
  3. Ivanovo State Medical Academy
  4. Ashtrakhan State Medical Academy

8. Czech Republic

When talking about lovely foods and drinks I assure you it will be found in this great country. It is one of the cheapest countries to study medicine in English. It offers less expensive medical programs and is fairly competitive each year.Student from all part of the world are welcome to study medicine in English in this great country. There offer well organized international degrees and there collaborate with universities throughout the globe. It has a tuition fees that varies in the range of 9,600- 13,000 euros

  • Charles University

9. Ukraine

Ukraine is also one of the universities that teach medicine in English, this makes it attracts students all over the globe especially in countries like India, Germany, United Kingdom etc.Ukraine is a good destination for international students to study medicine in English because of its low cost of living, low tuition prices and guest what high quality medical education system.

Russian and Ukrainian are some of the primary language but in most popular medical faculties, international students can study medicine in English.

Universities in Ukraine:

  • Kharkov Medical University
  • Sumy State Medical University
  • Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

Countries with Affordable Medical Schools in Europe for International Students

Everybody knows that in medical schools their tuition fees is always very high some maybe because of the course or any other reasons best known to the university. With the statistics of Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), IN 2018-2019 academic year, a first year medical student paid US$36,800 in tuition, fees and health insurance while in private universities it rises to US$59,000.

Am going to talk about the three nations that their tuition fees is cheap for any student wishing to study medicine in Europe.


China is one of the top countries in the world that produces the best doctors in the world, their medical standard are very high compare to other countries in Europe. There also have high standard of free healthcare and education making it one of the most decide places to study medicine abroad. Many people are trying to study medicine in this country but some of them cant because of their lack of qualification.

The tuition rates for students at Dalian Medical University are RMB42,000 (US$6,000) yearly and Fudan University you pay RMB75,000 (US$11,000)


These country Poland have numerous medical schools in their country with excellent tuition fees. As an international student wanting to study medicine in abroad, I recommend Poland.

At the Medical University of Bialystok, providing 6 years medical courses in English their 1st year tuition fees are US$12,000 ( 11,000 euros) and 2nd year tuition fees are US$11,000 ( 10,000 euros). This is still cheaper than if you want to study in the USA.


Russia also offer cheap medical schools in Europe which are being taught in English language.

This great country share their boarders with European and Asian countries which provides high quality of medical care at affordable prices.

Tuition at Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is RUB385,000 (US$6,000) for 2019-2020 year and it varies yearly.

First Moscow State Medical University fees is US$11,000 for first year students and US$10,000 for second year students.


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