GRE Words List

On the internet, you can find various free and popular lists from “Barron’s,” “GRE Big Book,” and other sources. This collection was created particularly for Gre words list by our team, and we continue to add significant vocabulary terms to it. Make an effort to learn as many words as possible.
The GRE words that follow are listed in increasing complexity order.

GRE Word List – 1

Introspectionexamining one’s own thoughts and feelings
philanthropistone who loves mankind
antidotemedicine used against a poison or a disease
striveto make great efforts, to struggle
ambidextrousable to use the left hand or the right equally well
precursorsa person or thing that precedes, as in a process or job.
retrospectiveLooking back on past
introvertone who turns towards himself
ambiguousdoubtful; uncertain
gerontocracygovernment ruled by old people
aggravatemake worse; irritate
enticeattract, lure
equilibriumstate of being balanced
alleviatemake (pain) easier to bear
adornadd beauty; decorate
malevolentmalicious; evil; having or showing ill will
connoteSuggest or imply in addition to the precise, literal meaning
abhorto hate; to detest
agileactive; quick-moving
endeavorto make an effort, to try very hard
straywander lose one’s way
renovaterestore something to better condition
curriculumcourse of study
amalgamatemix; combine; unite societies
drowsinessfeeling sleepy half asleep
xenophile (zen-uh-fahyl)a person who is attracted to foreign peoples cultures
suffocatecause or have difficulty in breathing
sequencesuccession connected line of
scentsmell (especially pleasant)
sporadichappening from time to time
affinityclose connection; relationship
heterogeneousmade up of different kinds
animositystrong dislike
fragileeasily injured broken or destroyed
acumenKeen, quick, accurate insight or judgment
legacyBequest or inheritance
massacrecruel killing of a large number of people
submergeput under water liquid sink out of sight
combustionprocess of burning
adulterationmaking unpure; poorer in quality
appeasemake quiet or calm
prematuredoing or happening something before the right time
inquestLegal or judicial inquiry, especially before a jury and especially made by a coroner into the cause of someone.s death
shunnedavoided, kept away from
concealhide keep secret
anguishsevere suffering
aptwell-suited; quick-witted
correlatehave a mutual relation
grumbleto complain
offhandWithout preparation or forethought
somersaultrolling backward or forward (not sideways) movement
extinguishend the existence of/wipe or put out
ediblefit to be eaten/not poisonous
conjointo join together
surchargeadditional load/charge
accoladepraise; approval
disallowrefuse to allow or accept as a correct
opaquenessdullness/not allowing light to pass through
impermeablethat cannot be permeated
consolegive comfort or sympathy to
timidshy easily frightened
abscondto go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
abidebe faithful; to endure
embezzleuse in a wrong way for one’s own benefit
warrantauthority written order guarantee
reminiscentsuggest something in the past
extinctno longer active
lollrest to sit or stand in a lazy way hang (dog’s tongue)
acclaimedwelcomed with shouts and approval
catalystsubstance that causes speeding up
shallowlittle depth; not earnest
brittleeasily broken
negligenttaking too little care
affablepolite and friendly
poseura person who attempts to impress by acting unlike himself
danglehand or swing loosely
moribundin a dying state; near death
ascendgo or come up
relapsefall back again
asteriskthe mark * (e.g.. omitted letters)
yarntale story fibers for knitting
arroganceproud; superior manner of behaviour
salvagethe saving of property from loss
lividFuriously angry, enraged
divergencegetting farther apart from a point
rejuvenationbecoming young in nature or appearance
allegianceduty support loyalty
vigorousstrong energetic
dullarda stupid, insensitive person
dwarfperson much smaller the usual size
judicioussound in judgment; wise
nihilismtotal rejection of all religious and moral beliefs
scribblewrite hastily
hospitableliking to give hospitality
sawdusttiny bits of wood
ameliorateimprove; make better
ingesttake in by swallowing
ingesta manner of walking, stepping, or running
sluggardlazy slow-moving person
succumbyield, die
reiteratesay or do again several times
flopfail/move/fall clumsily
ossifiedturned to bone; hardened like bone; Inflexible
eloquencefluent speaking skillful use of language
derivativeunoriginal; obtained from another source
commuterperson who travels regularly
clothalf-solid lump formed from liquid
weighmeasure hoe heavy something is
steeplyrising or falling sharply
torquetwisting force causing rotation
benefactorperson who has given help
complaisanttrying to please; obliging
moderationquality of being limited; not extreme
invincibletoo strong to be defeated
sanityhealth of mind soundness of judgment
turmoiltrouble disturbance
flimsylacking solidarity, strength
tadpoleform of a frog when it leaves the egg
reconcilesettle a quarrel restore peace
crypticsecret with a hidden meaning
spongeporous rubber for washing live at once expense
commemoratekeep the memory of
doteshow much fondness center one’s attention
encapsulateenclose in capsule
fissionsplitting or division (esp. of cells)
volatilechangeable inconstant fickle unstable explosive
alloyto debase by mixing with something inferior
dormantin a state of inactivity but awaiting development
gallantbrave,behaves well with women
grievouscausing grief or pain; serious dire grave
shardA piece of broken pottery
hypocrisyfalsely making oneself appear to be good
eradicateget rid of pull up by the roots
chiselsteel tool for shaping materials
infuriatefill with fury or rage
engulfswallow up
euphoriaelation state of pleasant excitement
sanctionapproval (by authority) penalty
renownedcelebrated; famous
riddlepuzzling person or thing
evokecall up bring out
mischievousharmful; causing mischief
implicitimplied though; not plainly expressed
disproofproof to the contrary
misogynistone who hates women/females
abysmalextreme bad
writwritten order
pertainbelong as a part have reference
erraticirregular in behaviour or opinion
meticulousgiving great attention to details
impromptuwithout preparation
inclineddirecting the mind in a certain direction
constrictmake tight or smaller
perishbe destroyed decay
Lambasteattack verbally
luminarystar; light-giving body
dupecheat make a fool of
auxiliaryhelping; supporting
extralegaloutside the law
ambivalenthaving both of two contrary meanings
tonicsomething giving strength or energy
endorsewrite one’s name on the back of
turbulencebeing uncontrollably violent
connoisseura person with good judgement (e.g.. in art)
indistinctnot easily heard; seen clearly marked
abstrusedifficult to comprehend; obscure
limplacking strength; walking unevenly
parenthesissentence within another one something separated
sophisticatedcomplex; subtle; refined
aberrationstraying away from what is normal
recuperatebecome strong after illness loss exhaustion
perjurywillful FALSE statement unlawful act
miteA very small amount, portion, or particle
pestdestructive thing or a person who is nuisance
pluckpull the feathers off pick (e.g.. flowers)
satiatesatisfy fully
colloquialinvolving or using conversation.
yeomanman owning small estate; middle-class farmer
ailto cause pain, uneasiness, or trouble to.
fidelityloyalty accuracy
paradigma model example or pattern
gullibleeasily gulled
sobrietyquality or condition of being sober
dislodgemove force from the place occupied
fleetnumber of ships; quick-moving
articulatespeak distinctly; connect by joints
tractableeasily controlled or guided
partisanone-sided committed to a party biased or prejudiced
predominatehave more power than others
foolproofincapable of failure or error
sufficebe enough
permeatespread into every part of
spearweapon with a metal point on a long shaft
solventof the power of forming a solution
presentimentanticipatory fear; premonition
vivaciouslively high-spirited
coagulationchange to a thick and solid state
liberalityfree giving; generosity
elaborateworked out with much care in great detail
brassyellow metal (mixing copper and zinc)
malleableyielding easily shaped; moldable; adapting
patronregular customer person who gives support
immutablethat cannot be changed
wootry to win
cordialwarm and sincere
cumbersomeburdensome; heavy and awkward to carry
beguilemislead or delude; cheat; pass time
sheathcover for the blade of a weapon or a tool
bewilderpuzzle; confuse
knitdraw together; unite firmly
unscathedunharmed unhurt
chortleloud chuckle of pleasure or amusement
jabbertalk excitedly; utter rapidly
pivotalof great importance (others depend on it)
implosioncollapse; bursting inward
repelrefuse to accept/cause dislike
superimposeput something on the top
centurionleader of a unit of 100 soldiers
enigmasomething that is puzzling
calipersmetal supports attached to the legs measuring instrument
redeemget back by payment compensate
buoyantable to float; light-hearted
impedehinder; get in the way of
stridewalk with long steps
boisterousnoisy; restraint
resuscitationcoming back to consciousness
concuragree in opinion happen together
recitalsa number of performance of music
treacherousnot to be trusted, perfidious
indulgentinclined to indulge
pilfererto steal, especially in small quantities
fosternurture; care for
apartheidbrutal racial discrimination
garruloustoo talkative
edifyinstruct; correct morally
evasivetending to evade
misanthropeperson who hates mankind
eulogyformal praise panegyric
arcaneknown or understood by very few
bogussham; counterfeit; not genuine
dexterityskill (esp. in handling)
lampoonpublicly mock or ridicule
skitshort piece of humorous writing
incongruousout of place; not in harmony or agreement
repulsivecausing a feeling of disgust
refinemake or become pure cultural


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