X-ray Tech Certification| How to get ARRT Certification

X-ray Tech Certification| How to get ARRT Certification

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To acquire an X-ray Tech Certification and How to get ARRT Certification after completing a course or a job, you must be of good character, show attributes of one who deserves the certificate, and also should be able to demonstrate the practical use and the professional standard of what you are doing. Furthermore, you need to know how to get ARRT Certification.

Radiologic Technology careers is on the verge of becoming the third-largest in the health field.

X-Ray tech certification and registration can be an advantage over other applicants when applying for a job in the medical field and also setting yourself away from the competition. X-Ray tech certification can be used anywhere in the medical field, hence the need on how to get ARRT Certification.

Despite the fact that there are many medical professionals, without an x-ray tech certification, they can not Operate in imaging and radiation therapy.

What Is ARRT Certification?

ARRT or American Registry of Radiologic Technologist is a credentialing organization recognizing qualified individuals in Imaging and Radiation therapy.

The ARRT has so many recognizing credentialing options to look at. Some are:

  • Radiography
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Radiation therapy
  • Sonography

X-Ray certification and Registration are recognized everywhere hence how to get ARRT Certification.

Why Should I Get ARRT Certification?

First and foremost, ARRT Certification and Registration is not compulsory but it can be used as an edge over your other competitors, making you stand out in your career, thats why we take time to write on how to get ARRT Certification.

ARRT Certification and Registration is often Requested by employers as a means of dissolving or shortlisting applicants. Having ARRT Certification really shows that you are qualified and ready to perform your major role.

The major purpose of earning ARRT certification is for the approved individuals to perform tasks and take on roles that a normal medical professional can not take.

Based on their base pay, radiography Professionals enjoy employee benefits like sick leave, vacation time and also be health and dental insured.

What Can I Do With ARRT Certification?

The sole purpose of Radiography certification and Registration is to recognize individuals who can perform the role of a radiographer.

With ARRT Certification, you can be a step ahead of your peers in the working place, Build up the health sector with the skills you have gained. By earning The ARRT Certification and Registration, you will be ranked as a qualified professional.

Many employers require their Technologist to hold ARRT Certification and Registration. Even when it is not a prerequisite, having ARRT credentials tell employers that you’re committed to providing high-quality patient care.

ARRT certification is a world-recognized credential that enables the approved individuals to perform more than tasks that a normal medical can not do. Individuals with ARRT certification are respected, given top priorities before any other fellow.

Due to its was given priorities, The Registration is tasking but it can be achieved with commitment and in time, you will see yourself earning one. With ARRT certification, you will be in charge of the patient, medical imaging, and Radiation therapy.

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How Do I Register For X-Ray Tech Certification?

To register for X-Ray tech Certification differs by state. However, the common way to go about it is simple but tremendous attributes. Here are the steps.

–Having a High School certificate studying major courses ( minimum of four years)

–Get an associate degree or a master’s degree.

– Join an X-Ray technician program approved by the Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) or by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

–Get state licensure From the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT).

– Have key skills like proficiency with patient care, Ability to operate the imaging equipment, stamina to stand for hours, Interpersonal and communication skills, and most especially Good Character.

Due to the high respect and major roles associated with ARRT certification, earning one is not an easy process. The rate at which ARRT certification is placed first before the employers is something that needs considerate attention to the applicants.

What Are The Requirements For ARRT Certificate?

If you ever want to be a Radiologic Technologist, acquiring ARRT Certificate should be a top priority for you.

There are three(3) requirements that need to be done throughout the Registration journey. They can be challenging and can stress you out but they can be achieved. The three requirements are

  • Primary Eligibility Pathway Requirement
  • Post-primary Eligibility Pathway Requirement
  • RRA Eligibility Pathway Requirement
  • Primary Education Pathway Requirement

These is the first ARRT credentials. It is based on completing an ARRT educational Program.

After the completion of the educational program, The following credentials can be warned in the following disciplines.

  • Radiography
  • Vascular sonography
  • Nuclear medicine Technology
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • primary education

Requirements required

  • Earn an Associate’s Degree
  • Complete an ARRT educational Program in your discipline
  • primary ethics requirements are
  • . Demonstration of good character
  • . Be of good morals

Primary examination requirements are

  • Write an exam before earning ARRT credentials
  • Post Primary Eligibility Requirements
  • Those who are certified and registered with ARRT and will like to pursue an additional credential.

Here are the credentials you can earn in the following disciplines

  • Mammography
  • Vascular Interventional Radiography
  • Breast Sonography
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Vascular sonography

post-primary education requirements are

A certification by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board ( NMTCB) or the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) can add as your supporting category.

Meet the clinical experience requirement.

post-primary ethics requirements are

  • Be of good and extraordinary character.
  • Demonstrate good behavior and morals.

post-primary examination requirements are

  • .Write and pass an exam before earning The ARRT credentials

RRA Eligibility Requirements

You can earn a credential in this discipline

  • Registered Radiologist Assistant

RRA  education requirements are

  • Earn an associate’s degree
  • Be certified and registered with ARRT
  • Clinical experience of at least one year
  • Complete an ARRT Radiologist assiAssis educational Program

RRA ethics requirements are

  • Be of good character and behavior
  • Demonstrate good moral

In summary

  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Examination

Are the three major roles that must be taken to ensure a safe drive to your journey of earning ARRT certification.


  • Having a good character and demonstrating the character towards patients and colleagues.


  • Earning an associate degree from ARRT institute
  • Complete an ARRT educational discipline from where you seek a credential.
  • Get a state licensure from ARRT.


  • Get a good score in the ARRT exam in your discipline

How Much Does ARRT Certification Cost?

ARRT Certification and Registration is not different from other programs. To acquire a certificate, you must have done all the necessary requirements and also be ready to take risks hence how to get ARRT Certification.

In the ARRT Certification Application Process, There is the primary, Post-primary, and also post-primary using NMTCB and ARDMS, Reinstate Certification and Registration by re-examination and online reinstatement ( for those who don’t have to re-examine).

Application.                                       Cost

Primary.                                              $200

Post Primary.                                    $200

Post-primary using ( NMTCB)        $400

Post-primary using ( ARDMS)        $400

Reinstate Certification and Registration by re-examination.                                    $200

Online reinstate                               $75

How To Get ARRT Certification

The ARRT Certification offers a solid foundation to meet your professional standard as an X-Ray Technologist. So before you can get the ARRT Certification you must meet all the necessary requirements and skills.

The requirements may be challenging but they can be tackled If they are treated as core elements throughout your journey.

To earn one, you need to have done the necessary requirements. Requirements like Education, Ethics, and Examination and follow their proceedings well.

Here is a guide on how you can start your journey to get the ARRT Certification and Registration.

  • Choose your discipline ( where you want to earn a credential)
  • Know your eligibility pathway ( primary or post-primary)
  • Ensure you have completed the requirements for your discipline and eligibility pathway.
  • Choose Your Discipline

For the primary eligibility pathway requirements

  • obtain an Associate’s Degree from an ARRT institute.
  • Complete an ARRT educational Program in your preferred discipline.
  • Get state licensure from ARRT ( for three years eligibility)

For the Post-primary eligibility pathway requirements.

  • Have an ARRT credential in NMTCB or ARDMS.
  • Reach the educational Requirements (16 hours or education activities)
  • Have the clinical experience requirement.

For the primary and post-primary requirements, Education, Ethics, and Examination are the important and most valued.


  • obtain a bachelor’s degree
  • Have a ARRT Certification and Registration in Radiography
  • complete the clinical experience in Radiography.


  • You must be of good character and be able to demonstrate it.


The test is harder than the exam so be fully ready at all costs. The unfamiliarity it carries has its own format that can be of use to assess the basic knowledge and skills involved for an entry-level in any of the disciplines.

Tips on how to pass

  • Study the four major categories. Image production, patient care, safety, and procedures as that what the certification takes on.
  • Expect questions on definitions, positions, and procedures.
  • Treat authentic questions

This is the most effective style of study. It enables you to test your abilities and prepare for what is coming and how to manage them well.

  • Be time conscious.

Be stressed out before the test and exam dates so as not to be vice versa on their prospective dates. Fast-tracking of time on questions need to be acknowledged before you go in for the exam. Be time conscious.

Earning ARRT certification opens chances of redefining the health care industry. Pass and have a good score in the ARRT exam in your chosen discipline.

fining the health care industry. Pass and have a good score in the ARRT exam in your chosen discipline.


What Is ARRT Licensure?

Recognizing Professionals in imaging and Radiation therapy

Can ARRT Certification Be Renewed?

Yes, you can Renew your membership anytime.

Is ARRT Certification and Registration Important?

Yes, It is.


In every career, Earning a certificate is as important as owning a job for a long time. ARRT certification can be used anywhere in the health care industry because it is considered a professional credential. Try to acquire one today if you haven’t.


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