Cheapest Universties in UAE for International Students

The UAE is a country found around the eastern part of the Arabia Peninsula situated on the southeastern part of the Persian Gulf and the northwestern coast of the Gulf of Oman. The country UAE has seven emirates and was founded on 2 December 1971 as a nation.

The UAE has a high rate intake for international students into their cheapest universities, with 95% of girls and 80% of boys applying for tertiary education. UAE students can attend public universities for free. Some of the UAE universities can be found among the top 500 universities globally.


Students from UAE can only study free in public universities and this does not apply in private universities. But if you are international students wishing to study in UAE, you must pay certain amount of fees. Government always provides scholarship for international students. 

Requirements for student visa?

Their visa requirements must be sponsored by a resident of the UAE for any international student’s whishing to study in this country. As international students you will need to always renewed you visa throughout the numbers of years you are going to stay and study in the country.

Any possibilities for international students to work in UAE?

International students are not permitted to work part-time while studying in UAE. Certain institutions provide internship opportunities as part of specific courses or degrees, which are the sole way to get real-world experience.

How to Study in UAE?

There are so many things that you have to consider before opting to study in UAE. You will need to have all the application requirements and you must know the rules governing student visa process.


  1. British University in Dubai

This university is located in Dubai academy city. Their Tuition fee is from AED 50,000. It is a private British University in Dubai. The university came to an institution in the year 2004. It was established in 2004 and was founded in collaboration and with the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow and also the prestigious University of Manchester. This is the first cheapest university in UAE we will be talking about. Most of the major courses that the university offered are postgraduate education.

  1. Khalifa University

The second on our list of cheapest university in UAE is Khalifa University. Their tuition fee is AED 3000/credit hour. Khalifa University has more than 3500 students in the university campus. The university operates through a college of engineering which gives around 12 undergraduate bachelors programs as well as around 15 postgraduate programs. This university was ranked among the top 30 institutions in the continent Asia and is included in the top 500 universities in the world.

  1. Ajman University

The third in our list of cheapest university in UAE is Ajman University. Their Tuition fees: From AED 90,000. Ajman University is a private university in UAE and is located in the northern region of UAE. The institution was founded in the year 1988 being one of the first private Universities in the country. The institution has 9 major colleges ranging from medicine and dentistry to law and business administration. 

  1. American University in Sharjah

The university Tuition fees: From AED 80,000.

 The American University in Sharjah has a student population above 5500, of which international students come from different 90 countries of the world.

This cheap university in UAE has around 70 main courses at the undergraduate level. There also have 16 master’s degrees as well as several PhD opportunities

  1. American University in Dubai

Their Tuition fees: From AED 80,000

This cheapest university is a private institution of higher education based in the city of Dubai. The institution was established in 1995, this American university in United Arab Emirates focuses mostly on providing education based on the American system of education. The university has a student population of over 4000 students. There have an international student population of over 120 nationalities. The university is regarded as one of most diverse universities in the world.

There have courses in the fields of engineering, business administration, education, arts, architecture and science and many more. Located in the heart of Dubai and exposes its students to the nature of the country. Their main courses have been accredited by the U.S.A

  1. United Arab Emirates University

United Arab University Tuition fees is from AED 1000/credit hour

United Arab Emirates University is known to be the oldest institution of higher education in the country, established in the year 1976. This prestigious university is located in the city of Al Ain. Al Ain is in the eastern region of the UAE and this university is also one of the first 3 government-operated universities in UAE. Now the university is one of the cheapest universities in UAE with a student’s population of more than 16,000 students. There have a large number of international students coming in to study in this university. The university has foundational programs providing students with the necessary grounds for studying English, Arabic and Mathematics where necessary.

  1. Alhosn University

Alhosn University tuition fees is from AED 30,000

This cheapest university in UAE offers about 18 undergraduate programs and 11 postgraduate programs with their operation which is under 3 faculties of arts/social science, business, and engineering. Their degrees programs are accredited by prominent external body example, ACCA for the Business courses.

  1. Al Ghurair University

This institution was established in the year 1999; the Al Ghurair was established as private institution of tertiary education based in the International Academic City of Dubai. This university was among the first private universities to be licensed. This university has more than 3000 students both local and international students.

There have a well equip facilities for their students to make use of.

The university offer courses like information technology, applied sciences, engineering sciences and business administration

Tuition fees: From AED 35,000

  1. Canadian University of Dubai

The university tuition fees are from AED 60,000.

In our list of cheapest university in UAE, Canadian University of Dubai will be the last in our agenda; this prestigious university is a private institution and is located in Dubai. This university was established in 2006.  This cheapest university has grown into a very big university as at 2019. Having a population of over 1500 students. It further had ties with the original university in Ontario.

Most international students and local students also have the opportunity to transfer to Canadian partner institutions at the end of their 2nd year. The university has four major faculties of study that include the departments of management, communication sciences. Etc.

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