Universities In Indonesia For All Students

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Many students choose Indonesia as a study abroad location because many of the universities are of high quality. In today’s essay, we’ll look at universities in Indonesia for all students, rankings, and tuition fees. The Republic of Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia that is well-known for its numerous islands. Jakarta serves as the country’s capital.

Indonesian rupees, which are equal to 0.000074 USD, are the national currency. The Republic of Indonesia, in comparison to other countries, has a lot of beaches, elephants, tigers, and orang-utans.

Indonesia has only two seasons: dry (June to October) and wet (November to March), both of which are influenced by the island’s position.

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Universities in Indonesia For All Students


In Indonesia, there are approximately 3,000 universities, with 97 percent under government administration and the remaining 3% private. Universities, institutes, academies, polytechnics, and advanced tertiary schools are all examples of higher educational institutions.

The academic year in Indonesian universities runs from September to June. New student applications are accepted a few months before the session begins.

In past years, universities in Indonesia only offered courses in the official language (Bahasa Indonesia). This was amended a few years ago to accommodate international students; universities now offer courses in both Bahasa and English that are of comparable quality.

As a result, overseas students interested in studying at any of the universities in Indonesia must take the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge language tests, the results of which will be given during the admission process.

Tuition fees at Indonesian universities, both private and state, are capped at 6,000 USD per year.

Universities in Indonesia


In the QS World University Rankings, nine successful universities in Indonesia were ranked among the finest in the world. These institutions have met the criteria set forth by the ranking system.

The University in Indonesia (UI), often known as ‘Universitas Indonesia,’ is the country’s oldest university, having been founded in 1851. According to the QS world university rankings, the university is ranked #1 in Indonesia and #325 globally.

The university is a public institution with 14 faculties and a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses. The institution also offers vocational training.

In total, the university offers 26 undergraduate degrees and 34 graduate degrees.

Universitas GadjahMada (UGM)

In 2016, UGM was ranked 501-550 in the World Institution Rankings and 105 in Asia, making it the country’s largest university.

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is a public university in Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, that was founded in 1949. Around the campus, there are standard health and fitness centers, as well as a library and a student hall.

There are also 18 faculties and 27 research centers that accept students for undergraduate, diploma, master’s, and doctorate degrees in a variety of areas.

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Airlangga University.

Established in 1954, it is Indonesia’s second-oldest public university. In the 2014 QS Asian University Rankings, the institution was named the best in the ‘citations per paper’ category, as well as one of the top five institutions in Indonesia.

Airlangga University now has 14 faculties and one postgraduate school, with a total of 127 academic programs.

Bogor Agricultural University is a university in Bogor, Indonesia.
Bogor Agricultural Institution is a state university that offers courses in agriculture, livestock, veterinary medicine, and life sciences. On September 1, 1963, the school was established.

There are nine faculties, the majority of which offer undergraduate degrees. In addition, the school offers diploma programs and a business school.

The university motto is stated as ‘Searching for and Serving the best’.


On the university’s official website, applicants must apply and submit needed documents, which include:

Official academic transcripts or final grades from the previous school
Graduation certificate that has been certified
A letter explaining the objective
Proof of registration fee payment
Statement of language testing examination/certificate of English competency
Some universities may also have the following requirements:

a letter of recommendation from a prior school
Curriculum vitae (CV) demonstrating talents and other qualifications
In the first year, students taking Indonesian language classes.

To check for requirements and submit an application, the applicant can go to the official school website.

Application fee payment

International students should process their visas to study in Indonesia once their application is approved.
Take the English language test that is required.
In addition, students should purchase health insurance.

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Networking opportunities with students of various races Students improve their ability to master new skills and languages.
Students can tour the facility and participate in herbal health teaching.

Living costs are low.

Studying in a calm and favorable setting that is beneficial to learning
Possibility of obtaining a globally recognized certificate

In Indonesia, the cost of living is very low. Students can live on an average of $8,600 a year, though this varies depending on their lifestyle.

Due to the recent occurrence of earthquakes and volcanoes eruptions in some parts of Indonesia, students are encouraged to purify their water or purchase treated water.

Important items and cost include:

25,250 Rp for a meal at a low-cost restaurant
7947.84 Rp Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle)
3726.39 Rp for a 0.33 litre bottle of water
1 litre milk – 16,743.82 Rp
11955.52 Rp for 1 kilogram rice
4,000 Rp for a one-way ticket
3501469.15 Rp for a one-bedroom flat in the city center
449, 647.19 Rp for clothing and shoes

Because education accounts for 20% of the Indonesian national budget, it is critical for Indonesians to complete at least 12 years of school.

Students can pick from a wide selection of courses taught in both the official language and English.

In order to meet visa requirements, overseas students seeking admission to Indonesian universities should begin their applications at least two months in advance. In addition, if the admission fee is not paid, applications to Indonesian universities would be rejected.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our post about Indonesian universities, rankings, and costs.


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