6 Cheapest Universities in Belize

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The country of Belize is a small nation based in Central America. With a rich diversity of culture, landscapes and ecosystems, it is a country that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists on an annual basis. Belize’s location between Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea makes it a perfect tropical tourist location.

It has also become a nation which draws in large numbers of students from surrounding countries to pursue their higher education. The fact that the country is only one in Central America to have English as an official language, although Spanish and Belizean Creole are also dominant languages.

As such, Belize has become a growing destination for university education with its many benefits and advantages. In this article, we will look at some of the cheapest universities in Belize for international students.


Cheap Universities in Belize

1. University of Belize

Tuition fees: from USD $700
The University of Belize is a public university located in Belmopan, the capital of Belize. Founded in 2000, the university has a student enrolment that exceeds more than 4000 and provides a range of short-term courses and diplomas as well as associate degrees, Bachelors and graduate programs.

This affordable university in Belize was originally comprised of several dislocated institutions of study that ultimately merged to form the official university. It is further comprised of 4 main faculties of study including Education & Arts, Management & Social Sciences, Science & Technology and Nursing, Health & Allied Work.

The university also provides multiple athletic and sport facilities for the students as well. Furthermore, it maintains more than 40 international programs and transfer programs with other universities in the world. Accommodation is also provided for all students both in and out of campus.

2. University of the West Indies

Tuition fees: From $500
The University of the West Indies is an interesting institution of higher education. Although its main campus is based in Mona, Jamaica, the university was established to provide widespread education to 17 countries in Central America and the Caribbean region, including that of Belize.

It has been declared to be one of the best universities in the area due to its high influence and standards of education and has been consistently ranked among the top 600 universities in the world (Times Higher Education rankings).

Students from Belize as well as affiliated international students have access to more than 100 programs and degrees of study. The main faculties are spread according to the schools on the 5 different islands on which the university is built on, and they range across a wide variety of fields.

Belizean students have the option of paying comparatively low tuition fees compared to international students with the added advantage of studying in English-instructed programs.

3. Galen University

Tuition fees: From USD $7500 per year
Based in the city of San Ignacia in western Belize, the Galen University is an independent institution of higher education that was established in 2003. This cheap university in Belize offers undergraduate and postgraduate study programs for all students across the fields of arts, sciences, business and education.

While more than 90% of the students pursue Bachelors and Masters programs, the remainder are international students who study at the university through study abroad programs.

Undergraduate programs range across accounting and business to archaeology and environmental science. The university’s core values are in sustainable development of the country and much of its research also caters towards this area. With its high standards of education in the country, it also offers comparatively cheaper education options for its students as well.

4. Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College

Tuition fees: From USD $500 per semester
The Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College is a tertiary institution of higher education located within Corozal district in northern Belize. It is one of the most recent additions to the higher education system of Belize and was founded only in 2014. Its location within the northern rural areas of Belize was specifically designed to cater towards students from these areas who have less access to further education and higher studies.

In addition to providing courses and degrees of study, the college also serves as a vocational training institution. Programs of study range across the areas of tourism, agriculture, mathematics, biology, information technology and management.

5. St. John’s College

Tuition fees: From USD $1000 per semester
Located within Belize City, the largest city of the country, St. John’s College is another cheap university in Belize for international students. It was originally founded in 1952 and is among the oldest institutions to be built in the country. The college functions as a provider of the first two years of the equivalent of a 4 year baccalaureate program. Faculties of study include those of education & humanities, business, social sciences, mathematics and computer science.

It identifies further as a catholic institution following the Jesuit tradition and provides numerous services for its students to strengthen their college experience. Education is also offered on a very cheap basis, much to the benefit of the students. The college also accepts transfer students from other universities and colleges in the country.

6. Central America Health Sciences UniversityTuition fees: from USD $8000 per year

The Central America Health Sciences University is a public institution of health sciences that is located within Belize City. Founded in 1996, this cheap university in Belize was established as the Belize Medical College and like its name suggests, it provides education in the form of basic sciences, pre-clinical sciences and medicine.

The MD program offered by the university is offered with the basis of the US medical school curriculum. It is also one of the cheapest medical schools in the Caribbean region. Additionally, with its language of instruction being English, the university draws in several international students on an annual basis.

Furthermore, the university’s programs are internationally acclaimed and affiliated to international medical institutions in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Mexico.


I hope that this article on the cheapest universities in Belize for international students was helpful!


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