6 Cheapest Universities in Bahamas for International Students

6 Cheapest Universities in Bahamas for International Students

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This article is on cheapest universities in Bahamas for international students. The Bahamas is a country that is synonymous with ‘Caribbean paradise’. This archipelago, with more than 700 islands is well known for its picture perfect beach and coastal regions full of sun and sand. Added to this is the fact that this island paradise is rich in culture and tradition that goes back hundreds of years back. The colourful folklore of the country is one of the many reasons why it draws in thousands of tourists every year.

Additionally, the Bahamas has grown to become an internationally recognised country for its higher education system. Students not only have access to the aforementioned reasons but can study in internationally accredited universities in a country that is worth much more than a single Cruise stop! In this article, we will look at cheapest universities in the Bahamas for international students.

Cheap Universities in Bahamas for International Students

1. University of the Bahamas

Tuition fees: from $5600
The University of the Bahamas is a public institution of higher education with its main campus based in the capital city of Nassau in the Bahamas. Founded in 1974, the university is comprised of multiple campuses that are spread throughout the archipelago of the Bahamas.

Since its inception, it has expanded into one of the most prominent institutions of study in the Caribbean region with a student population of over 6000. Its reputation and academic excellence enables it to draw students from across the Bahamas as well as from international locations such as the United States and Brazil.

The three main academic campuses are further comprised of specific departments of study and provide degrees at an associate, baccalaureate and masters level. The main faculties of study include business, fine/liberal arts, pure & applied sciences as well as social & educational studies.

Additionally, the university operates and inter-language and hospitality management institute. Collectively, more than 70 degrees of study are offered by the university for students.

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2. Omega College

Tuition fees: from $1100 per month
Among the various tertiary institutions of higher education in the Bahamas, the Omega College is a very prominent example. This affordable university in the Bahamas identifies as a liberal arts college and is based in the capital city of Nassau.

With a small student population, the college has relatively small class sizes as well with a maximum of 25 students, which ensures high student: staff contact. Degrees and courses offered are mostly in the areas of accounting, economics and business studies. Nevertheless, it is among the cheapest colleges in the country for students.

3. Southern College

Tuition fees: from $180 per credit hour
Another example of a tertiary college of higher education located in Nassau is the Southern College of the Bahamas. This liberal arts college offers and provides several short-term courses as well as associate degrees in the areas of business, social sciences, education, computer science and allied health studies.

It is committed to providing a rich and diverse educational experience for its students via a strong curriculum, engaged faculty, cutting edge facilities and is also one of the few colleges in the Caribbean to introduce a digitalised library for the students.

Additionally, transfer options enable students studying at Southern College to move their credits to affiliated and partnered institutions of higher education in countries such as the United States and Canada. It also provides very cheap educational options with numerous financial aid and scholarship opportunities for students depending on their background.

4. Cherub College

Tuition fees: from $1000 BSD
Founded in 1999, Cherub College is a private, non-profit liberal arts college based in the city of Nassau. It has grown into a famous institution in the Bahamas due to its very practical-based approach towards education. In addition to the standard classroom, the college is connected to several internship and externship programs that enable students to have training at the start.

Academically, this cheap university in the Bahamas is comprised of 5 main schools or departments: these include the School of Communications, Education, Business & Administration and Social Sciences. Additionally, high school students can train through an accredited College Preparatory Program as well. Furthermore, the college provides a range of extracurricular activities for the students as well to diversify their educational experience.

5. Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology

Tuition fees: from $160 per credit hour
Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology is the cheapest university in the Bahamas for international students. It is a private institution of higher education that provides degrees and courses of study in computer studies, information technology, business studies, legal studies, allied health sciences, tourism & hospitality as well as early childhood education. The majority of these courses and associate degrees tend to be around 2 years and are privately funded as well.

However, 4 year Bachelors degrees are also offered. The studies are operated throughout the main schools of business, computer sciences, education, law & justice and hospitality. Short term certificate courses are also significantly offered through the institute for those who wish to earn diplomas in more specific fields of study. Additionally, tuition fees for these programs are very low and flexible depending on students’ requirements.

6. Galilee College, Bahamas

Tuition fees: from $8500 BSD
Galilee College is one of the many different liberal arts colleges located in the country and was again founded to meet the need and demand for higher education. It is based just a short distance from the capital city of Nassau and similar to other colleges, it focuses on providing mostly short term educational courses for the students although this goes up to degree level as well which are more towards 4 years in length.

It further runs in collaboration and partnership with several international institutions of higher education such as the University of Idaho, University of Toledo, Kaplan University, Heidelberg University and Central Michigan University.

Some of the many programs offered by the college include accounting, business administration, economics and banking. These come under both bachelors, associate degrees and short-term certificate courses.

I hope that this article on the cheapest universities in the Bahamas for international students was helpful.


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