6 Cheapest Universities in Israel For International Students

6 Cheapest Universities in Israel For International Students

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When it comes to destinations for higher education, Israel initially strikes one as being both interesting and odd. Because of preconceived notions resulting from its location in the Middle East, it is very simple for any prospective student to ignore and decide against this country for pursuing their future education. This great article will be on cheapest Universities in Israel for International Students.

But don’t be fooled by this! In contrast to the other Middle Eastern nations, Israel delivers an experience that is unmatched, notwithstanding any preconceptions. It is perfect for those who want to broaden their horizons and acquire a globally recognized education.

Israel, a country bordering the Mediterranean Sea, is home to a variety of rich and diverse cultures, breathtaking and gorgeous scenery, and an equally rich history. For pupils who have even the slightest interest in traditional history and culture, it is perfect.

But these are not the only reasons that explain why students are strongly encouraged to visit Israel. It is referred to as the “Start up nation” and is renowned for receiving many investments in new start-up companies across the globe. Due to its inventive and business-oriented focus, the nation has positioned itself as a high technology centre. This is the perfect place for any student with an entrepreneurial mindset. If you want to consider choosing to study abroad check out this cheapest universities in Israel for international students 2022.

With a strong emphasis on science, engineering, and technology, the nation is home to numerous renowned (and reasonably priced) higher education institutions.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to a number of Israeli institutions that not only provide their students with some of the best educational opportunities, but also very affordable academics.

We hope that this will give you a sense of what it’s like to study in a nation that has been rated as the 9th best country in the world for quality of life and one of the happiest in Asia. So let’s begin with cheap universities in Israel.

What are the requirements to study in Israel for international students?

As usual, admission demands that all applicants meet respectable academic standards. So make sure to send your transcripts, which should demonstrate strong academic performance, if you’re interested in studying in Israel. Visa is another crucial prerequisite. Applications must be submitted through your nation’s Israeli embassy or consulate.

What are the language requirements for an Israeli university?

Students should also demonstrate a good standard of English language as well and this is a requirement as most Israeli universities tend to offer their medium of instruction in English.

What are the general costs of living like?

Israel’s cost of living is generally greater than that of most other nations, especially in places like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but as long as you budget and plan appropriately—especially if you attend a cheap university in Israel—this is not a major problem. Depending on the needs of the students, monthly living costs might often range from $800 to $1000 USD.

University entry requirements  

The application requirements will vary from one university or study program to another. Here are some of the most common criteria :

  • application form

  • proof of paying the application fee (if applicable)

  • high school diploma (to apply for a Bachelor’s)

  • Bachelor’s diploma (to apply for a Master’s)

  • transcript of records

  • proof of English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL)

  • proof of financial resources (to live and study there)

  • medical certificate

  • passport-size photo(s)

  • copy of valid passport and/or personal ID

  • letter(s) of recommendation

  • personal statement

  • GRE or GMAT test scores (only at some universities)

Before submitting or sending these documents, check if they need to be translated to Hebrew or English, which is a common requirement. Also, make sure you don’t leave anything out, since this might lengthen the time it takes to complete your application.

Cheap universities in Israel for International Students

1. Tel Aviv University

Tuition fees: From USD 10,000
Located in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel’s most populous metropolitan city, the Tel Aviv University is a public research university that is among the largest and most prestigious universities in the country. Established in 1956, the university currently has a student population of over 30,000 students.

It has established its enterprise as an academic and research hub in the Middle East with its expansive focus and outreach. The university also holds rank for being the largest Jewish university in the world.

6 Cheapest Universities in Israel For International Students

Academically, the university is comprised of 9 major faculties of study which include over 100 departments and 26 schools of study. Additionally, it oversees and is home to 17 teaching hospitals, 300+ research centers and 400 major laboratories.

The campus is large and varied for these reasons and is integrated heavily within the city. This cheap university in Israel also has the TAU international which accommodates thousands of international students from across the world.

This is the main international center of the university and conducts full English-taught programs. They include semester or year abroad programs in addition to the standard degree programs. Students are further granted university accommodation and housing near the university campus.

The Tel Aviv University has been consistently ranked among the top 200 universities in the world (based on the ARWU rankings) due to its high standards of academics. It further maintains several international connections with universities across the world from the United States to France.

2. Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tuition fees: From USD 5000
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (abbreviated to the HUJI) is one of the oldest academic institutions of higher education that was initially founded in 1918. This is one of the only universities that were founded prior to the actual founding of Israel. The university is comprised of several campuses that are based in the cities of Jerusalem of Rehovot.

Academically, the university is comprised of 7 faculties of study with over 300 academic sub-departments. It further operates more than 100 centers of research. It is also one of the only academic institutions in the world that are connected to around 15 Nobel prize laureates, several Fields medellists and Turing award recipients.

6 Cheapest Universities in Israel For International Students

The university is home to several prestigious and cutting-edge facilities. The world’s biggest Jewish Studies library is based in one of the campuses as well. Currently, the university has a student population of over 23,000, including 12,500 undergraduate and over 7000 postgraduate students.

With its high academic potential, the university is not only considered to be the best university in the country but also within the top 100-200 universities in the world (based on the ARWU, THE and QS university rankings).

It is especially reputed for the subjects of Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Business and Economic studies.

3. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Tuition fees: From 10,000 USD
Based in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba, the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is a prestigious public research university of Israel. Founded in 1969, the university currently has a student population that exceeds 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

6 Cheapest Universities in Israel For International Students

Initially, the university was established with the intention of bolstering the development of the Negev region, which is one of the largest landmasses of Israel. Since then, it has become an elite center and hub for teaching and research.

The university is comprised of 5 campuses which are located in the areas of Beers sheva, Sede Boqer and Eilat.

Despite the university’s very recent inception, this cheap university in Israel has grown in its academic prowess and has become one of the top 500-1000 universities based on the ARWU, QS and Times higher education rankings. It is also considered to be the 5th best university in Israel as well as in the top 50 under 50 universities of the world. The university is especially famous for its Computer Science programs.

Five main faculties of study constitute the academic profile, including the areas of health sciences, natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and business management. Several additional research centers and schools of study are also operated by the university.

4. Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Tuition fees: From USD 15,000
The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is a public research institution of higher education that is based in the city of Haifa in northern Israel. Founded in 1912, the Technion is considered to be the oldest university in the country. The university has further been instrumental in contributing to the rapid economic development of Israel and changing it into the modern country it is today.

Despite its status as an institution of technology, it offers a multitude of degrees that span the areas of science, engineering, architecture, industry, management and education. It currently has a student population exceeding 14,000 postgraduate and undergraduate students.

6 Cheapest Universities in Israel For International Students

The academic profile of the university comprises of 19 major academic departments of study that range across different fields of engineering, natural science, physical science and medicine as well as the humanities. The university’s main campuses are based in Haifa as well as satellite departments in the city of Tel Aviv.

Additionally, the university has collaborations with Cornell University so the university maintains an affiliated institution in New York as well. An additional institution is based in China as well. The Technion has established a strong academic presence in the country aand is considered to be the best in Israel. Based on the ARWU rankings, it is also in the top 100 universities of the world.

5. University of Haifa

Tuition fees: From USD 12,000
Founded in 1963, the University of Haifa is a public research university that is based in the Mount Carmel area of Haifa in Israel. With a student population of 18,000 in total, the university is considered to be one of the finest institutions of higher education in the Middle East.

The university academically comprises of several faculties of study that span across the areas of humanities, education, law, management, social sciences, natural sciences and health sciences. It is further one of the only universities in the country to offer exclusive degrees in the field of marine sciences as well.

6 Cheapest Universities in Israel For International Students

This cheapest university in Israel for international students further maintains a versatility in terms of its academic programs; specialty programs are offered to prospective students such as 2-year bachelor degrees, online programs and honors programs.

The Univeristy of Haifa further has a very dominant international presence and periodically collaborates with other universities in the world such as the Texas A&M university and the East China Normal University. It has further minor collaborations with over 300 universities in the world.

6. Weizmann Institute of Science

Tuition fees: From USD 15,000
We end our list of cheap universities in Israel with the Weizmann Institute of Science, a public research university that is based in the central city of Rehovot in Israel. The university was established in 1934 before the founding of the State of Israel.

As opposed to other universities in Israel, the Weizmann Institute only focuses on providing graduate and postgraduate education, specifically in the fields of natural and exact science.

It currently has a student population of around 2500 students and its focal degrees of study include physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, mathematics and computer science.

6 Cheapest Universities in Israel For International Students

Despite its relatively small academic establishment, the university has a high standing in terms of its academic prowess and has been ranked by the ARWU within the top 150 universities in the world. It is further connected to 6 Nobel Laureates and 3 winners of the Turing Award.

I hope that this article on Cheap Universities in Israel was helpful!


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