Best 10 Majors for Lazy Students 2024

Best 10 Majors for Lazy Students 2024

If you’ve been searching for the top college majors for lazy students, you need to stop searching and read this. There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing a major that might not need as much time and effort as other challenging college degrees.

We’ve outlined some of the key factors to take into account when selecting a college major in this article.We even went so far as to suggest a few college majors that will work well for lazy students.

Examine the article’s synopsis in the table of contents below.

Things to Consider When Choosing a College Major for Lazy Students

When Choosing a Major for Lazy Students, you should understand that the definition of an easy or difficult major is subjective. This is why you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Your Interest
  • Your Natural Abilities & Talents
  • Your Learning Method
  • The Program Requirements, etc.

1. Your Interest

You must ascertain your interests before choosing a college major.This will assist you in choosing a major that corresponds with your innate interests.

For instance, you’re more likely to find a history major easy if you’re interested in learning about historical events because it fits with your curiosity.

2. Your Natural Abilities & Talents 

What do you think is a natural skill that you can do with little effort?

Finding a college major that fits your skills is simple if you’ve done a thorough self-evaluation and identified your natural talents and abilities.

For instance, you could succeed in a music major if you have musical instrument proficiency in addition to your singing ability.

3. Your Learning Method

How best do you learn? Which do you prefer, texting or videos? Do you learn better through practice or do you absorb information more quickly through illustrations?

You can find a college major that complements your preferred learning style by using the questions below to determine your learning style.

Discovering your preferred learning style and the major that best suits it can also be accomplished by working with a psychologist or an academic advisor.

4. The Program Requirements

You must ascertain the prerequisites prior to enrolling in a major.Examining the course material, curriculum, and other prerequisites for the program is also necessary.

While some schools require you to request them, others make this available to the public on their website.

The program requirements will assist you in determining the level of difficulty of the course, and you can use this information to determine whether or not you are capable of meeting the demands of the major.

List of the Top Majors for Lazy Students

Below is a list of the top majors for lazy students:

  • Music Major
  • Major in Humanities
  • Language and Linguistics Major
  • Major in Creative Writing
  • History Major
  • Major in Communications
  • Religious Studies
  • Education Major
  • English Major
  • Sociology Major.

Top 10 Majors for Lazy Students

These recommended majors for Lazy Students that we’ve discussed below would help you to choose a college degree. Check them out:

1. Music Major

If music is your passion, a music major might not require as much work from you.A major in music may provide you the chance to discover your creative side while connecting with other professionals who are passionate about the same things you are.

Your chances of becoming a successful musician may be enhanced by enrolling in advanced classes and earning a second degree in a related field.There are various ways for you to build a career and earn money in the music industry as a music major.

Some of the career opportunities for Music Majors and their average salaries include:

  • Executive Director -$91,300
  • Music Producers- $76,400
  • Music Teachers – $69,690
  • Music Director / Composer -$52,250
  • Worship Pastor or Leader – $51,940
  • Broadcast / Sound Engineering Technician – $47,420.

2. Major in Humanities

You might want to think about majoring in the humanities if you’re the kind of person who likes to learn a little bit about various subjects like the arts, history, philosophy, literature, religion, and even music.

Your career options will be expanded by learning more about these various fields through a Humanities major.

You may be able to fit into a variety of fields as a Humanities Major including the following:

  • Human Resources Manager – $121,220
  • Social and Community Service Manager – $69,600
  • Writer – $67,120
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810
  • Social Worker – $51,760
  • Associate Professor – $49,420

3. Language and Linguistics Major 

You can pursue a career in any of the more than 7,000 languages that are spoken today.

In actuality, linguists with advanced training are required to either translate or transcribe these languages because they are crucial for international relations.

If you have a strong interest in languages, you might find this major to be simple to complete because you’ll probably be happy with the discoveries you make as you gain more language knowledge.

Here are some fields where you can build a career for yourself as a linguist:

  • Linguist – $87,260
  • Speech-Language Pathologist – $80, 480
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Interpreter or Translator – $52,330

4. Major in Creative Writing

One major that we advise lazy students to pursue is creative writing, especially if they have a knack for writing.You’ll have a lot of opportunities to advance your career and become a professional writer if you major in creative writing.

These days, businesses, individuals, and firms across various industries place a high value on the services of skilled writers.

If you’re skeptical about what career opportunities await you as a creative writing major, you may want to consider the following:

  • Marketing Manager – $142,170
  • Communications Manager – $118,430
  • Senior Copywriter – $94,090
  • Writer / Author – $67,120
  • Editor – $63,400
  • Librarian – $60,820
  • Paralegal / Legal Assistant – $52,920
  • Reporter / Correspondent / Broadcast News Analyst – $49,300

5. History Major

Check out our fifth recommendation, History, before you roll your eyes.The fact that you are reading or studying historical events is one fascinating aspect of history.

You won’t be burdened with carrying out difficult tasks or finding solutions to significant issues.

The following career paths are worth considering for every History Major. Take a look:

  • Attorney / Lawyer – $126,930
  • Director of Operations – $103,650
  • Associate Attorney – $84,450
  • Historian – $63,940
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Curator – $56,990
  • Archivist – $56,760
  • Museum Technician – $45,710

6. Major in Communications

In your course work as a Communications major, you’ll learn about mass media communication, advertising, and even technical Communications. However, this should not scare you because this field is a very interesting one with minimal stress.

Apart from the fact that you’ll improve your communication and writing skills during your study, you’ll also have a variety of career options:

  • Marketing Director – $185,950
  • Marketing Manager – $142,170
  • Account Manager – $141,490
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • Author – $67,120
  • Editor – $63,400
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810
  • Reporter, Correspondent, or Broadcast News Analyst – $49,300

7. Religious Studies

A major in religious studies focuses on religion and includes study of various faith systems, organizations, and beliefs.Your ability to support your claims about religious ideas will be evaluated if you choose to major in religious studies.

It will also be necessary for you to research various religious customs and traditions and comprehend the core beliefs of every religious group.

Check out the following career opportunities that may await you as a Religious study major:

  • Author – $67,120
  • Charity Coordinator – $51107
  • Senior Pastor – $66,980
  • Clergyperson – $51,940
  • Activist – $41, 890.
  • Community Developer- $54263

8. Education Major

Every flourishing society needs education, and this is something that never goes away.It’s possible that your education major coursework won’t be as demanding as coursework in other challenging sciences.

You will be able to change the world and impart your knowledge to others as an education major.Nonetheless, education majors have other options for pursuing their careers outside of the classroom.

Check out the following career opportunities for Education majors:

  • Executive Director – $107,680
  • Elementary School Principal – $98,490
  • High School Teacher – $62,870
  • Training and Development Specialist – $62,700
  • Special Education Teacher – $61,420
  • Middle School Teacher – $60,810
  • Adult High School Diploma Teacher – $55,350

9. English Major

You might want to think about majoring in English if you’re the type of person who notices improper punctuation placement or finds improper use of the English language offensive.

Reading a wide variety of literary works will allow you to broaden your comprehension of the English language and freely express your innate talents as an English major.

With an English Major, you can pursue the following career opportunities:

  • Marketing Managers – $142,170
  • Miscellaneous Managers – $116,350
  • Office Manager – $98,890
  • Technical Writer – $74,650
  • Author – $67,120
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • Secondary School Teachers – $62,870

10. Sociology Major

Sociology is a social science that focuses on the analysis of social structures and human behavior.

You will conduct observation, data collection, and research on people as individuals and as communities throughout your study.

Studying this major can be enjoyable as it will help you gain a better understanding of people, cultures, and human behavior.

With this knowledge, you can choose to build a Career as:

  • Management Analyst – $87,660
  • Project Management Specialist – $77,420
  • Market Research Analyst – $65,810
  • Human Resources Specialist – $63,490
  • Executive Assistant – $63,110
  • Public Relations Specialist – $62,810

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good major for lazy people?

While we’ve covered a few of them in this post, we also suggest the following majors for lazy students. Criminal Justice, Psychology, Health, Liberal Arts The study of anthropology Public relations for businesses

2. What is the most regretted major?

A survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Survey showed that arts and humanities majors recorded the highest rate of regret.

3. What is the quickest degree to get?

You can earn a great deal of degrees quickly, particularly if you choose the expedited path. However, a lot of people believe that the fastest degrees are in psychology, business administration, and education.

4. Which year of college is hardest?

Since you’re still getting used to the new surroundings and the way things are done, the freshman year of college is typically the hardest. According to numerous surveys and studies, the majority of students tend to drop out during their first year of college.


Writing this piece to assist you in selecting your college major has been a pleasure. We want you to know before you leave that a major that you might think is tough for you might be simple for someone else, and vice versa.

As a result, we counsel our readers to take into account their passions, interests, and natural abilities when choosing a major.


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