5 Best Law Schools in Massachusetts For International students

Best Law Schools in Massachusetts

This article is on Law Schools in Massachusetts For International students. Massachusetts, located in the United States’ New England region, is the place to be for a law degree. The populous state has some of the country’s top universities, offering law programs in various areas such as Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Anti-Discrimination Law. Aspiring lawyers need to take the LSAT or Law School Admission Test first before getting admitted to an A.B.A. (American Bar Association) accredited school. After which, they have the chance to scout the law schools in Massachusetts and work on getting accepted.

While getting into a top law school is already an advantage, there are more benefits to studying in Massachusetts. The state’s beautiful summers invite outdoor activities such as visiting parks and historical sites, watching sports games, and exploring its food culture. Getting the much-needed break from hectic schedules and mountains of schoolwork is a cakewalk in Massachusetts.

Although many choose Massachusetts as a study destination for different reasons, it is undeniable that the top law schools in Massachusetts primarily attract students from other parts of the country. Despite the competition for acceptance getting tighter, students are even more compelled to choose Massachusetts’ best law schools. Knowing what each school has to offer helps tremendously in making a career-starting choice.

Best Law Schools in Massachusetts

1. Harvard Law School

Degrees offered: J.D., L.L.M., S.J.D.
Harvard Law School, located in Cambridge, is one of the top law schools in Massachusetts. In fact, just the mere mention of its name draws amazed looks and guarantees a sense of pride among its students. Established in 1817, the school provides top-tier education and a safe space for diversity, connecting different individuals from around the globe. With over 100 full-time professors engaged in teaching and research, students are offered guidance and mentorship like no other. It also has an impressive alumni network, which allows graduates to connect with each other and foster relationships that are beneficial to careers and professional goals.

Harvard Law School offers over 400 courses and seminars. With such a significant number of choices, students are advised to take foundational courses to help them pursue a more profound understanding of law concepts and foster curiosity to explore other ideas and approaches to Law. Besides these, students have access to clinical and pro bono programs that provide them with real-life experiences by representing clients from low-income households in need of legal services.

2. Boston University School of Law

Degrees offered: J.D., L.L.M.
The Boston University School of Law is another top law school in Massachusetts and in the entire United States. Its nationally recognized faculty ensure that students are provided with learning and practice to get them ahead in their future legal careers. Founded in 1872, the school has since contributed almost 24,000 professionals across 50 states and over 100 countries. With an alumni network as vast as Boston University School of Law, future alumni have additional support on the way as well as resources to help them make important career decisions.

The school offers programs in 18 specializations, and students can choose from over 200 courses and seminars. The highly recognized programs in Boston University School of Law are the Intellectual Property Law and Health Law. Aside from the availability of J.D. and L.L.M. degree programs, students have the opportunity to master other disciplines such as Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Public Health through the school’s dual degree programs.

3. Boston College Law School

Degrees offered: J.D., L.L.M.
Located at Chestnut Hill, six miles from downtown Boston, Boston College Law School is another highly recognized law school in Massachusetts. Established in 1863 by the Jesuits, the school stood by its tradition of providing education through the ideals of theory and practice, producing legal professionals equipped to answer society’s moral and ethical dilemmas. Boston College Law School also fosters a supportive community inspired by the Jesuit emphasis on service to others, despite the members’ diverse backgrounds,

The school boasts of 69 full-time faculty, 28% of which have advanced degrees in other fields besides Law. Through this fact, students have mentors not only recognized as experts in the legal field but also capable of leading them to interdisciplinary mastery. Besides the degree programs, students will have an inevitable early introduction to real-life Law practice through the school’s experiential learning opportunities such as litigation clinics, externships, and advocacy programs.

4. Northeastern University School of Law

Degrees offered: J.D., L.L.M.
Another Boston-based law school, Northeastern University, claims uniqueness in providing education to aspiring lawyers. While it offers the academic experiences inside the lecture halls and hands-on experience through its clinics, the school pushes students for early legal work experience through the co-op program. The co-op program provides opportunities for students to get initial employment in various industries in different countries, giving them almost a year of legal work experience before graduation.

One more notable thing in Northeastern University School of Law is its focus on social justice. As one of the top public interest law schools in the country, Northeastern encourages students to deal with real social issues through its Center for Public Interest Advocacy and Collaboration. The school also requires first-year students to work with a real client organization on a social justice project as part of its emphasis on social justice.

5. New England School of Law

Degrees offered: J.D., L.L.M.
There are numerous reasons why the New England School of Law, located in Boston, is one of the best law schools in Massachusetts. The students have beyond-classroom training through clinics and internships, academic centers, and international programs as early as their first year in school. The school’s faculty has distinguished practitioners and scholars with extensive experience, impressive credentials, and most importantly, commitment to mentor students in their quest for successful legal careers.

While studying Law might require a full-time commitment, the New England School of Law offers four J.D. programs, including evening part-time, day part-time, and flexible part-time. Through these options, students can achieve their legal career aspirations by picking the program suitable for their circumstances.

I hope that this article on the best law schools in Massachusetts was helpful.


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