6 Top Accelerated MFT Programs

6 Top Accelerated MFT Programs

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Accelerated MFT programs are the best option if you want to become a marital and family therapist in less than two years. To provide you plenty of alternatives and help you launch your dream job, I’ve compiled a list of the top accelerated MFT programs in this blog article.

I understand that you are curious about what accelerated programs include. You may relax knowing that I’ll explain everything in the paragraph that follows. Simply put, accelerated programs allow students to finish their graduation requirements quickly.

These are quick programs that you can complete more quickly than traditional degree programs. Getting a degree from college is a fantastic achievement. However, that does not imply that you should spend four years studying in a college classroom.

Most students take more than four years to get their bachelor’s degrees. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that it takes an average student 52 months to complete a bachelor’s degree.

So, accelerated programs are ideal for you if you wish to graduate much more quickly. For students who want to start working sooner than others, this is a more helpful alternative.

Fast-paced as accelerated degrees may be, they do have drawbacks. One of them is that you may find yourself too busy to pursue other interests, including business, part-time work, or summer employment, due to your heavy course load.

However, MFT stands for marriage and family therapy. This program is intended to treat a variety of problems that affect families, couples, children, and adults, such as emotional disorders, mental illnesses, behavioral challenges, alcohol and drug misuse, and a lot of other concerns.

Accelerated MFT programs are the greatest choice for psychologists who want to apply to MFT programs that move quickly. MFT programs may be found all throughout the United States.

You can begin your career as a marriage and family therapist by applying to MFT schools in California if you currently reside there.

Residents of Texas are not excluded either, as they have the opportunity to pursue their goals of becoming marriage and family therapists by applying to MFT schools in Texas.

Thus, if you’re among those who are considering applying to an accelerated MFT school, hold on because I’ll soon be providing a list of the top programs.

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6 Best Accelerated MFT Programs

In order to assist students finish their Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy more quickly, the following accelerated programs are offered. Here are the specifics of the top 8 accelerated MFT programs:

1. Northwestern University

Northwestern University is renowned for its extensive training and demanding curriculum, and it offers an expedited MFT program.

With its quick learning environment, you may finish your degree in just eighteen months. The program’s main goal is to give students the abilities and information needed to collaborate with families and couples in a productive way.

Furthermore, Northwestern University has a solid reputation in the psychology community and provides lots of chances for clinical work and research. It’s unquestionably the best option for anybody wishing to enroll in an expedited MFT program.

2. University of Southern California

An expedited two-year Marriage Family Therapy program is available from USC. They provide a variety of clinical training possibilities and a solid basis in family systems theory.

It is intended to enable you to complete your Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy more quickly. In the subject of psychology, USC is well regarded for its robust programs.

To help you become ready for a lucrative profession as an MFT, the program provides you with practical training, hands-on experience, and a thorough curriculum.

It’s certainly something to think about if you’re searching for a rigorous, high-caliber program.

3. University of San Diego

The accelerated MFT program at the University of San Diego is a great choice if you’re looking to earn your Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy in a shorter timeframe. The program can be completed in just 2 years, allowing you to dive into the field quickly.

A thorough curriculum covering ideas, practices, and ethical issues related to family therapy is provided by USD. Additionally, clinical training and practicum assignments will provide you with the chance to obtain practical experience.

They provide specialized training in trauma-informed treatment and place a strong emphasis on intercultural competency.The instructors at USD are skilled experts in their fields who are committed to assisting students in achieving success. All things considered, this is an excellent school that gets you ready for a fulfilling future as an MFT.

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4. Antioch University

An expedited MFT program with an emphasis on social justice and activism is available at Antioch. Students can obtain practical experience through internships and finish their degree in two years.

COAMFTE has certified the MFT program. One of the greatest accelerated MFT programs available is this one.

5. Pepperdine University

You may obtain your Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy faster with Pepperdine’s expedited MFT program, which can be finished in two years.

This curriculum is intended for students who wish to complete their MFT coursework more quickly. The curriculum at Pepperdine emphasizes a wholistic approach to therapy, fusing academic understanding with real-world application.

Clinical training and practicum assignments will provide you the chance to obtain practical experience. They give chances for overseas training and place a great focus on the development of clinical skills.

The seasoned professionals on the Pepperdine faculty are committed to assisting students in achieving professional success. All things considered, it’s an excellent curriculum that gets you ready for a fulfilling future as an MFT.

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 6. Alliant University

An expedited MFT curriculum is available from Alliant, and it may be finished in as short as 18 months. They provide specialized training in fields including child treatment, addiction, and trauma.

In order to apply for your license, you must complete 600–1300 hours of online education that includes 300 hours of hands-on training with clients, 100 hours of supervision, and at least 100 hours of professional development.

Following graduation, you might choose to specialize in chemical dependence. There is no additional coursework needed for this concentration because it is integrated within the MA program.


These programs offer a fast-paced learning experience and provide students with the necessary skills to become competent marriage and family therapists. Remember to research each program further to find the one that aligns with your interests and goals.


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