10 Best Vocational Schools In Helsinki, Finland 2024

10 Best Vocational Schools In Helsinki, Finland 2024

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If you are searching for the top vocational schools in Helsinki, Finland, continue reading this blog post because we will mention them here.

Finland is a country in northern Europe. It is next to Norway, Sweden, and Russia. In Finland, the official languages are Finnish and Swedish. These languages are used for teaching in universities.

The country is split into 19 big areas and 70 smaller areas, and it has over 20 cities. Helsinki is one of the main cities in the country. Finland is known for being the happiest country in the world and having the best education system and cleanest air.

The country is famous for its saunas, reindeer, Nokia, and Santa Claus village. Finland has a lot of trees and minerals, and there is also plenty of freshwater.

Finnish food is uncomplicated and made with fresh ingredients. It uses a lot of local ingredients from the forests and lakes that Finland is famous for. Finnish people love rye bread so much that they voted for it to be their national food in 2017.

This country has the best education system and has many excellent schools, including medical schools for students who want to become good doctors. It is also a place where international students can find affordable universities and scholarships.

In this article, we will talk about Finland and vocational schools. First, let’s understand what vocational schools are before we explore them in more detail.

A vocational school is a type of school that teaches specific job skills. It is also called a trade school or technical school. The main focus is to give students the education and training they need to do a specific job. Basically, it is a school where individuals acquire the necessary skills for a specific job.

Some skills that can be learned are welding, being an artist, carpentry, masonry, electrical work, hairstyling, fashion design, makeup artistry, and other trades and crafts.

There are special schools for people who want to learn welding. There are also schools for makeup artists and beauticians. You can learn some of these skills at community colleges or on online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, edX, Alison, and many others.

We are going to explore the vocational school in Helsinki, Finland, and discover the different job training programs they provide. Now, let’s start talking about them without wasting any more time.

Vocational Schools in Helsinki

1.  Helsinki Conservatory of Music

This is the first vocational school in Helsinki on our list. This is a music school in Helsinki that has been teaching music since 1922. They provide education in the basics and also professional training in music. The conservatory has around 1,000 students who concentrate on studying classical music with clear goals and for a long time. There are about 100 teachers at the conservatory.

Classes are taught in the conservatory building in Ruoholahti and at the piano tuning training office in Lauttasaari on Särkiniementie. The Helsinki Conservatory is a place where people learn about music, watch concerts, and receive cultural services. Besides performing at their concert hall, conservatory students also perform at schools, kindergartens, elderly care facilities, churches, cafes, restaurants, libraries, museums, and different parties. Many times throughout the school year. Both professional and non-professional music groups, including local and international artists, perform in the conservatory’s concert hall.

2.  Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet

This is the next on our list of vocational schools in Helsinki. Finland’s only professional opera started in 1911, and the ballet was created in 1922. The small Aleksanteri theater was used for a long time until the new Opera House was opened in 1993.

The school has shows with singing and dancing, as well as other events for everyone, regardless of age. People in Finland and around the world can watch performances in many different ways. They can go to see them live, watch recordings, or see them on television and listen on the radio. These performances can happen in schools or other places in Finland.

They have a decent number of employees and are a medium-sized place for opera and ballet performances. There are around 550 people who get paid every month, and they come from 32 different countries. There are 53 opera singers who perform alone or in a choir, 74 dancers (and 14 more in the youth group), and 111 musicians who play instruments in the orchestra. Furthermore, many people from both inside and outside the country come to watch the shows. The opera house hires skilled people who are experts in different crafts, like shoemakers and metal workers. Their performers consist of people who sing, dance, and play musical instruments in an orchestra

3.  Business College Helsinki

Business College Helsinki has been providing excellent vocational education for a long time and is well-known for its expertise and development in this area. The school focuses on teaching business and technology skills and knowledge. They are the biggest college in Finland in these subjects and they provide students with good chances to focus on specific areas.

There are about 2800 students studying at a college in Pasila. The school offers courses in business skills and web development using React and Node technology in the field of information communication technology. These two programs are also taught in the English language.

4.  Diaconia University of Applied Sciences – Helsinki

This school is Finland’s largest provider of UAS-level education in social work. Their Bachelor’s and Master’s programs focus on themes such as community development work, people’s participation and empowerment, human rights and conflict resolution as well as global health care.

The school prepares students for national and international roles in social and pastoral work. Their programs cover the following fields: social work, health care, diaconal work, and interpreting.

5.  Pop & Jazz Conservatory

Pop & Jazz Conservatory was established in 1972, which makes them the oldest school of rhythmic music in Finland. They offer both basic music studies and vocational upper-secondary qualifications in music. All programs are in the Finnish language. Some of the programs are;

  • Basic Music Studies for children and young people – Set Goals for Music Studies
  • Band workshop for 6 – 12-year-old children – Learning to Play in Group
  • Instrument Training for 7 – 9-year-old children – Finding the Instrument
  • Vocational Education in Music (Performing Musician or Music Technology)

6.  Luovi Vocational College

Luovi offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) for young people and adults. They  believe that each individual is special and deserves equal rights and opportunities in society

Luovi Vocational College offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) in six fields of study. They operate nationwide, and Luovi has over 20 locations all over Finland.

Luovi offers Preparatory education for upper secondary qualification (TUVA) and Preparatory education for work and independent living (TELMA). All their education is provided in the Finnish language.

7.  Helsingin maalariammattikoulu (Vocational school for painting, floor laying, decorating, and restoration work)

Helsinki Maalariammattikoulu is a privately owned school that focuses on teaching and developing skills in painting, floor covering, restoration, and interior design. For over 90 years, the Helsinki School of Painting has worked closely with companies, industry, and trade. Cooperation happens between all the people involved in work and vocational training.

The school ensures that students have a secure and welcoming place to learn. The degree you get from studying painting at the Helsinki School of Painting is something that professionals in the field think about. When helping students, both professional and teaching skills are important.

8. Live Vocational College

The Live Foundation commissioned Live Vocational College in Leppävaara, Espoo, with special groups in mind, although it was never meant to be a special education school.

Even if it doesn’t often seem like it, students are drawn to the campus by the lovely and secure areas.

The relaxing acoustics and pleasing lighting throughout the space were designed with care by the architects. Among the services they provide are projects, interior design, and building designs.

9.  Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum

Adults and youth are both trained at Prakticum. You may integrate your professional studies with your interests and aspirations as a student. Each of their vocational courses closely aligns with real-world job experiences. You can prepare for university coursework or pursue combination study.

This institution provides short courses, continuing education, vocational training, and other opportunities for skill development. Their selection is appropriate for both adults and children. Modern vocational training is incredibly adaptable and allows for a variety of learning environment combinations.

You can participate in on-the-job training, self-study, online courses, or learn in the workplace. Learning in working life can take place both with and without employment. Some of the services they offer are; Vehicle Service,  Practicum  Hair,  Practical  Beauty, Electrical Installations, and Rental of  Spaces.

10. Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College

The two private-sector educational establishments that served as the foundation for Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College were established in 1935 and 1944, respectively. They are leaders in their industry, focusing heavily on responsible operations and customer service while also aiming to inspire kids. Renowned vocational educator Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College is located in Helsinki’s Töölö and Malmi and also offers its services online.

In addition, they are a national sports college. The National Olympic Training Center Urhea is one of their campuses. With over 1,600 students and about 170 staff, they are active on three campuses: Töölö, Malmi, and online, as well as the national Olympic training facility Urhea.

A portion of their coursework, including their studies in restaurant and catering services, is taught in English. Numerous domestic and worldwide professional opportunities are provided by the school’s English-taught courses in restaurant waiter/hospitality expertise and restaurant cook/culinary expert. Along the way, the lessons also help you become more fluent in Finnish and English. Their English-taught studies in the tourism industry is the other curriculum they instruct in English.


These great schools I have talked about are vocational schools in Helsinki, so if you are currently in the city and have a building interest in learning a vocational skill, feel free to enroll in any of the schools of your choice.


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