20 Worst American Colleges in Updated

20 Worst American Colleges in Updated

The twenty worst american colleges are given along with reasons why students shouldn’t enroll there. Some of the best schools and universities in the world are found in the United States of America.

Numerous foreign students come to study at these schools and institutions each year, numbering in the thousands. While the majority of students attend universities in the United States, some overseas students attend colleges in Canada. Ivy League colleges are located in the United States, but there are also some colleges and universities that are regarded as being among the worst american colleges.

After graduating from high school, there are a number of things you should think about before enrolling in college. Prior to applying, you must first take into account the quality of education offered at a college or university. It’s crucial that you take into account a college or university’s graduation rate and graduate employment rate before applying.

Regardless of their admission rate, location, or cost, I believe there are certain universities you should steer clear of. It is pointless to enroll in a college or university for these reasons if, after graduating, you are unable to find employment.

Before applying, you should look up a college or university’s overall ranking and average student debt. Check out our list of the worst colleges in America to help you make your decision.

Discover the twenty worst american colleges and learn why you shouldn’t enroll there in this guide.

Why Is It Worst to Attend a College?

Standard education should be available at an accredited college or university, and resources for students should be available. A college or university should have a graduation rate of at least 60%. You should be concerned since the worst american colleges have graduation rates below 60%.

A college should live up to certain expectations. The Washington Monthly featured universities that fall short. The worst american colleges for students to attend, whether private or public, are those with poor graduation rates and graduate employment rates.

How can I keep from enrolling in these colleges?

Do your study before applying to any institution or university, private or public, in my opinion. Before submitting your application, research the college or university you want to attend.

To gather useful information, attempt to visit the website of your selected institution since every college and university in the US has one.

However, we will list the 20 worst american colleges so you can recognize some of these universities.

20 Worst American Colleges

The twenty worst american colleges are listed here, along with reasons why you should not apply to them.

#20. Montevallo University

The Institution of Montevallo is a public university in Montevallo, Alabama, that was founded in 1896.

There are 2,600 students enrolled at the University of Montevallo at the moment. The university is a member of the council of public liberal arts colleges and the only public liberal arts college in the state.

At the University of Montevallo, the graduation rate is now 49%, and 61% of applicants are accepted. This indicates that less than 50% of students graduate from the university while more than half of applicants are accepted.

The average debt of this university’s graduates is over $25,000, while their starting salaries are $38300 on average. For students who live in the state, the annual cost is $22,000, while it is $35,000 for those who do not.

19. South Carolina University in Aiken

Another public institution is located here, and it has an admittance rate of more than 50% and a graduation rate of 40%.

There are 3,280 students enrolled at the public University of South Carolina in Aiken. This public university is a component of the University of South Carolina System and is situated in Aiken, South Carolina.

At the University of South Carolina, the graduation rate is currently 40%. Graduates from USC Aiken earn $41,000 on average their first year, with an annual cost of $18,500.

University of South Carolina at Aiken students bemoan the community’s lack of activity. They also bemoan the lack of employment opportunities in the community, which is largely made up of retirees, after they graduate.

18. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The graduation rate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is 86%. The school has strong rules that restrict free expression.

On campus at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, flyer distribution is not permitted by students. Before handing out buttons or brochures on the campus sidewalks, they must obtain permission from the school.

Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are notorious for being disciplined for speaking to the media about its harsh standards. This institution is among the worst to attend, so don’t be persuaded by its graduation rate.

17. Florida Memorial University

In Live Oak, Florida, Florida Memorial University was founded in 1879 as the Florida Baptist Institute. Currently, the historically black private university is situated in Miami, Florida.

There are 1,800 students enrolled at the university right now, and its graduation rate is 32%. The average cost of attendance at this university is over $22,000 a year, and the average student loan debt after graduation is over $30,000.

16. Grambling State University

One of the worst universities in the country is Grambling State University. The university, a public institution in Grambling, Louisiana, was founded in 1901.

The University, which is located in Louisiana, has approximately 5,000 enrolled students and a 37% graduation rate. The tuition at Grambling State University is $17,489 per year.

The typical debt of Grambling State University graduates is over $25,000. For university students who found work after graduation, the median starting salary was around $43,000.

15. Columbia College Hollywood

Columbia College Hollywood is the next school on our list of the worst colleges in America. The private college Columbia College Hollywood was founded in 1952 and is located in Los Angeles, California.

The film school Columbia College Hollywood is not Grambling State University. After graduating from Columbia College Hollywood, students have a substantial debt. At Columbia College Hollywood, the loan default rate is greater, and it can be challenging for graduates to find work.

14. St. Augustine’s College

Raleigh, North Carolina is the home of St. Augustine’s University. The university has a graduation rate of about 28%, and its graduates leave with debts of over $22,000.

St. Augustine’s University graduates have a low job rate and struggle to pay back their loans.

13. California State University Los Angeles 

One of the worst universities in the country is California State University, Los Angeles.

Recent news stories have focused on this institution’s free speech policies. According to the allegation, the administration levies a tax on contentious speech.

12. Black Hills State University

Due to its negative return on investment of $24,000, Black Hills State University was ranked as the 12th worst university in the country.

The price to attend Black Hills State University is quite high. At Black Hills State University, a bachelor’s degree costs $72,400 to complete. Black Hills State University graduates typically have loan debts of more than $25,000.

11. Nazarene Bible College

The private Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs was established in 1964 and granted its charter in 1967.

Over 1,300 students are enrolled at the institution, a Nazarene bible college. Nazarene Bible College has a graduation rate of 14%, and as of the time this article was written, it was not known what percentage of applicants were accepted.

If earning a Philosophy degree is something you’re interested in, Nazarene Bible College is the ideal institution for you. However, Nazarene Bible College alums have trouble finding employment as philosophy professors in colleges.

10. Mount Sierra University

The next school on our list of the worst in America is Mt. Sierra College. The facility was situated in the California city of Monrovia. “Was,” as Mount Sierra College ceased operations on June 24, 2019.

The institution has been around for 29 years, and as of 2019, it had between 200 and 500 students enrolled.

9. California State University Long Beach

Another California State University is included in our ranking of the worst universities in the country.

Among the 23 institutions that make up the California State University System, California State University, Long Beach has the second-largest campus. The university is on our list because it forbids racial expression in the classroom.

Students at California State University, Long Beach, are not permitted to speak out against racial injustice. As a result, California State University, Long Beach, is listed on our list of universities that don’t permit free expression.

8. Georgetown University

A private research university founded in 1789, Georgetown University is situated in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The university is on our list of the worst colleges and is one of the most selective in the country.

One of the best private universities in the US is Georgetown University. Currently, Georgetown University boasts a 94% graduation rate and provides the top legal and medical courses.

Georgetown University also forbade students from exercising their right to free expression, same like California State University Long Beach. Students who wanted to campaign for American Senator Bernie Sanders were blocked by the institution.

Georgetown University asserted that because the students were free from paying taxes, they had to stop them.

7. Stratford University

Private Stratford University was founded in 1976 and closed on September 26, 2022.

The university’s graduation rate was 29%, and tuition was typically $25,000 a year. Stratford University provided students with a part-time curriculum before it closed.

6. District of Columbia University

The University of the District of Columbia is a public historically black university in Washington, D.C., and it was established in 1851.

Over 3,700 students are enrolled at the University of the District of Columbia as of the 2018 fall semester. The University of the District of Columbia has an unknown acceptance rate, although it has a 10% graduation rate.

In-state students must pay $23,000 and out-of-state students must pay $29,000 to attend this university. Over $22,000 in debt is typical for University of the District of Columbia graduates.

5 Shaw College

One of the worst universities in the country is Shaw University. In Raleigh, North Carolina, the university is a private historically black Baptist institution.

Only 15% of students graduate from Shaw University. Shaw University graduates may expect to start out with an annual salary of $36,900. Shaw University’s tuition is more than $24,000, and students leave with an average debt of $28,000.

4. Fayetteville State University

An other historically black public university can be found in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This university was founded in 1867 and had 6,000 students enrolled as of the fall 2017 semester.

At Fayetteville State University, the graduation rate is now 51%, and the median starting salary for graduates is $38,000.

3. Lindsey Wilson University

Private Lindsey Wilson College was founded in 1903 and is located in Columbia, Kentucky. The average cost of attendance at the college is approximately $34,000, and the graduation rate is 37%.

This college’s graduates had an average starting income of $38,000 and average student debt of $21,000.

2. Morris College

Morris College is another historically black Baptist college on our list. The college has a 30% graduation rate and is situated in Sumter, South Carolina.

Morris College has a yearly tuition rate under $20,000, and its graduates leave with an average debt of $26,000.

1. DeVry University

Our ranking of the worst american colleges is completed by DeVry University. The university’s main campus is in Naperville, Illinois, and it is a private for-profit organization. There are campuses for the university all around the country.

This university’s graduates have an average debt of $43,000. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against DeVry University because of their low graduation rate.

You should stay away from this college because it is among the worst in America.

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You now know which colleges in the US are the worst and why you should steer clear of them.

I hope you found this post about the 20 worst american colleges useful.


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