10 Cheapest Universities in Canada for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs

10 Cheapest Universities in Canada for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs

The majority of the time, you will hear that Canada is the home of foreign students. This is due to the universities’ inexpensive tuition prices and slightly higher entrance and accommodation rates for international students. Lets look at the cheapest universities in Canada.

About Low Tuition Universities in Canada

When I say “low tuition universities,” I mean “cheap universities.” I use the term “low tuition” to assist you realize that when I say “cheap universities in Canada,” I don’t mean “poor-quality schools,” but rather “schools with affordable tuition costs.”

One thing to keep in mind about this list that I’m going to reveal is that some of the institutions on it aren’t among Canada’s most well-known or well-known colleges, but they are the universities with the lowest tuition prices.

School fees in other countries are always an issue for students who desire to study outside of their native country, particularly when they travel to places like Canada, Australia, China, the United States, or other popular study-abroad locations.

Based on my own research, I’ve decided to compile a list of some cheapest  universities in Canada to assist international students looking to save money on tuition.

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Cheapest Universities in Canada ( Low Tuition Universities in Canada )

Brandon University

For both Canadian and international students, Brandon University is now the cheapest university in Canada for undergraduate degrees.

For Canadian citizens and permanent residents, the university offers undergraduate degree programs with tuition ranging from $1,700 to $4000.

Brandon University’s undergraduate degree programs include tuition rates ranging from $7,203 to $7,968 for international students.

Brandon University’s full school fees and other information may be found on their official website.

Université de Saint-Boniface, Canada

This is one of the known cheap universities in Canada that primarily teaches in the French language.

This university offers roughly 14 undergraduate degrees, including nursing, information technology, business administration, and many others, and is known for having the lowest undergraduate programs in Canada.

For international students, the Université de Saint-Boniface charges a reasonable tuition price that starts at roughly $7,500 and does not exceed $9,000 for all undergraduate programs.

At this university, Canadian citizens and permanent residents pay substantially cheaper tuition costs, with the simplest degrees charging as little as $3,000.

You can find out more about the Université de Saint-Boniface full program and their corresponding tuition fees on their official school website.

University of Alberta

With tuition fees ranging from $5,000 to $7,000 for both international and domestic students, the University of Alberta is one of the cheapest universities in Canada . In fact, as mentioned above, this is Canada’s most popular low-cost university.

Though your tuition and fees will vary depending on your program, the majority of this school’s undergraduate programs are quite reasonable.

Apart from tuition, you are required to set aside a sum well in excess of $5000 for personal expenses such as clothing, food, entertainment, and so on.

The university pays for your transportation for eight months, from September to April, but you must pay for the remaining four months out of your own pocket. On Albert Universities’ official website, you can learn more about tuition and other fees.

Indicate whether you are a Canadian or international student while on the site to receive information tailored to your needs.

Canadian Mennonite University

Tuition and the comprehensive meal plan at Canadian Mennonite University are both around $7000 per semester and $14000 per year. This is one of the most cheapest tuition fees in the country.

As if that weren’t enough, the university offers so many scholarships and financial aids to students that nearly half of its students receive some form of financial aid each year.

CMU offers a variety of housing options at various price points, all of which are located on campus. While students are not required to live on campus, it is highly recommended, and the institution makes every effort to promote this atmosphere.

You can find out more about tuition fees and other complimenting fees at CMU for both domestic and international students from their official website.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

If you’re looking for a cheap university in Canada, Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of the best options, with international undergraduate students paying as little as $2,550 in tuition.

It’s worth noting that this is the only university in the country that has both undergraduate and graduate degrees on the list of cheapest universities in Canada.

Although the tuition rates for overseas students are somewhat more than those at other colleges on this list, they are still quite economical and inexpensive when compared to several other Canadian universities not included on this list. International students are assessed a tuition fee of $11,460.

You can find out more about scholarships, tuition fees and other fees at the Memorial University of Newfoundland from the school’s official website.

Cheapest Universities in Canada for Undergraduate Degrees

Brandon University

Location: Brandon, Manitoba
Tuition: $7,203
Degree Programs: BA, BBA, BEd, BFA, BM, BN, BSc

Université de Saint-Boniface

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tuition: $7,482
Degree Programs: Bachelor’s Degree.

University of Alberta

Location: Alberta
Tuition: $9,730
Degree Programs: Bachelor’s Degree

Canadian Mennonite University

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tuition: $10,003
Degree Programs: Three- and four-year BA, BSc, BBA, and Master’s Programs.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland
Tuition: $11,460

Degree Programs: Bachelor’s and Masters.

NOTE: The costs listed above are for Bachelor’s degree programs only, not Master’s degree programs. We’ve also included a list of the cheapest master’s degrees in Canada below, which will be very useful for individuals considering pursuing a Master’s degree.

Master’s Degrees at the Cheapest Universities in Canada (Canadian Master’s Degrees with Low Tuition)
The universities listed below provide the most affordable Postgraduate programs in Canada, including Master’s, Doctoral, and Post Doctoral degrees, but the prices listed are primarily for Master’s programs.

Universities for Cheap Master’s Degree in Canada

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland
Tuition: $3,222

University of Northern British Columbia

Location: Prince George, British Columbia
Tuition: $3,297

University of Calgary

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Tuition: $3,693

Simon Fraser University

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia
Tuition: $3,743

University of Saskatchewan

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Tuition: $4,358

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland, which offers master’s degree programs for as little as $3000, is also located in St. Johns, which is one of the most affordable cities in Canada.

In the fields of Humanities & Social Sciences, Professional Programs, Interdisciplinary Programs, and Sciences, the institution offers a wide range of Master’s and Doctorate programs, both in-person and online.

University of Northern British Columbia

The University of Northern British Columbia comfortably ranks among the best affordable universities in Canada, allowing both Canadian and international students, with a masters degree tuition charge as low as $3,000 per year.

Though tuition rates are reviewed and occasionally revised yearly at this institution, you can always check the official postgraduate program page on their school website to see what has changed.

The university provides a variety of postgraduate degrees and certificates, including the MBA, MSc, MEd, MEng, MScN, MSW, Graduate Certificates, and Doctorate programs, all at very low costs.

University of Calgary

With tuition fees starting at little over $3,500 for postgraduate degree programs and a range of master’s degree programs, the University of Calgary is pleased to be one of Canada’s most affordable universities for postgraduate degrees, particularly master’s degrees.

The institution offers Master’s and Doctorate degrees in a number of areas spanning various sensitive sectors of study, as well as course-based and research-based Master’s and Doctorate degrees.

Simon Fraser University

Despite being one of Canada’s most well-known universities, Simon Fraser University is still one of the most affordable master’s programs in the country.

The university has a very low tuition fee, which is quite accommodating for international students’ budgets.

The tuition charge for a Master’s program at Simon Fraser University starts at $3,743, but varies significantly depending on the curriculum. Without a question, SFU offers some of the most affordable master’s degree programs in the country.

The university has a variety of graduate programs cutting across the fields of Applied Sciences, Arts & Social Sciences, Business, Communication, Art & Technology, Education, Environment, Health Sciences, and Science.

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is undoubtedly one of the cheapest universities in Canada for postgraduate programs, with master’s degree tuition starting at $4,358.

Over 80 Master’s and Doctorate degrees are available at the university. Specializing in the realms of research and medicine.

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