9 Cheapest Universities In Turkey For International Students

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This article is all about cheapest universities in Turkey for international Students. The majority of people are familiar with Turkey. When one thinks about Turkey, images of its famous tourist attractions, breathtaking landscapes, breath-taking coastal regions, magnificent clothing, and regional cuisine spring to mind.

Additionally, it serves as a crucial link that connects the continents of Europe and Asia, and the nation takes great satisfaction in creating a remarkable link between the modern world and a vibrant cultural mosaic. Its import costs include holidaymakers, and the nation receives almost 40 million visitors each year from all around the world, making it one of the most well-liked vacation spots on the planet.

Turkish people are renowned for being among the world’s friendliest people. Turkey is increasingly becoming a well-liked study location as well because of the genuine multicultural life there and the breathtaking natural beauty of the nation.

The Turkish government, which hopes to have some 350,000 students from abroad, is largely responsible for the country’s significant advancements in luring foreign students to its colleges.

Over 8 million students are currently being educated in Turkey’s 206 higher education institutions. Furthermore, over ten universities have constantly been listed among the top 500 universities worldwide. Aside from its excellent education, the nation is renowned for its affordable and simple way of life.

With this affordability in mind, we present a number of the best and most affordable institutions in Turkey in this post, along with some of the most affordable tuition rates. If you’re interested in a distinctive educational opportunity that is completely free, we urge you to continue reading.

What are the requirements to study in Turkey?

Strong extracurricular involvement and a strong academic record will strengthen your application. Additionally, as most students are aware, obtaining a student visa is a strict necessity. The procedure for applying for a visa is often simple and takes place at the Turkish embassy or consulate of the host nation. In addition, you will need to have IELTS or TOEFL to study in English medium.

The whole process of applying to universities in Turkey is difficult, especially for students with little or no information.

Are universities in Turkey free? If not, how much does it cost to study there?

There are several institutions in Turkey with extremely low tuition costs, but they don’t function tuition-free. The nation is not often known for its expensive degrees, and Turkey has some of the least expensive colleges in the world.

Tuition costs, in particular, can range from $600 to more than $1500 when looking at an average amount. Students should anticipate spending $300 to $400 per month on living expenses, given the comfortable living arrangements.

You can cover this cost through many different ways.

What are some of the best programs in Turkey?

There are numerous great programs for international students in Turkey. Some of the most popular ones are:

Nursing, Student and Business

Do I have to learn Turkish language in order to study in Turkey?

A few degrees are offered by some universities that are administered and taught in English. However, as would be expected, Turkish is the primary language of instruction. But fear not—universities provide thorough Turkish training to ensure that students are ready.

Cheapest Universities in Turkey For International Students

1. Kadir Has University

This is the first on our list of cheapest universities in Turkey for international students. A publicly funded institution of higher learning, Kadir Has University is located in the Istanbul municipality’s Fatih city. This Turkey’s least expensive university was established in 1997, making it a relatively new yet potent addition to the country’s university system. Since then, it has grown to become a significant institution.

The university has also made a name for itself as a significant supporter of the nation’s advancement in scientific research, education, and development. One distinguishing quality of the university is that its main campus in Cibali is a significant repository of Turkish Byzantine architecture. Students are consequently immersed in the nation’s rich tradition and history.

The university’s six main faculties handle the academic disciplines of economics, communication, art and design, engineering, management, and law. The academics of postgraduate students are managed by a different graduate school. These faculties provide more than 50 different degrees.

In contrast to the majority of Turkish universities, the majority of degrees are awarded and instruction is provided in English. Additionally, it has over 200 students from over 40 different nations who are international.

2. Izmir Institute of Technology

This is the second on our list of cheapest universities in Turkey for international students. The public research university Izmir Institute of Technology, or IYTE in Turkish, is located in the historically significant city of Izmir. It is a more recent addition to the network of Turkish universities, having been founded in 1992. One of the few universities in the nation with a focus on scientific research, the IYTE bases its academic mission on a strong emphasis on engineering and the natural sciences.

The institution has 16 academic departments organized into 3 main faculties. Each of these departments is in charge of supervising and awarding undergraduate degrees to students. For postgraduate students, the Graduate School of Engineering and Technology administers the academic degrees.

Over 3500 students receive degrees from the university collectively, 500 of whom are international students studying there from other countries. English is used as the primary language of instruction at the IYTE, which is a benefit for prospective international students.

3. Ege University

  • Tuition fees: from USD 3000
  • Link to the university website

This is the third on our list of cheapest universities in Turkey for international students. The Ege University is the next affordable Turkish institution for foreign students. The university is one of the nation’s earliest contemporary higher education institutions, having been founded in 1955. It was first founded as a facility that offers training in both medical and agricultural fields.

It is also a renowned research organization. The university uses a number of faculties to run its courses and degree programs.

These cover a wide range of academic specialties, including agriculture, engineering, communication, dentistry, and pharmacy.

For students who are interested in embracing the practical parts of their studies, cutting-edge research centers like the Institute of Solar Energy and the Institute of Nuclear Sciences provide the best research options. The university also has a robust student union that gives access to several possibilities for students to engage with student life and grow outside of their studies through student organisations and organizations.

4. Middle East Technical University

Ankara, the nation’s capital, is home to the Middle East Technical University (also known as the METU). The university, which was established in 1956, is another organization that prioritizes delivering education and research in the domains of engineering and natural sciences. More than 30,000 students are enrolled there at the moment.

The university offers degrees in a variety of academic fields through its 42 primary departments and 5 faculties. These are all included in the categories of education, architecture, engineering, and the arts and sciences. Postgraduate Masters and doctoral degrees are offered by graduate departments like the school of applied mathematics and the school of natural and applied sciences.

The university offers almost 200 majors in total, with English serving as the primary medium of instruction. The institution also maintains other campuses in Erdemli, a town in southern Turkey, and in Northern Cyprus.

5. Uskudar University

The renowned Uskudar University may be found in the neighborhood of Uskudar in the legendary city of Istanbul. The Human Values and Brain Sciences Foundation was the driving force behind the establishment of the university, the most recent institution to be created in Turkey, which opened its doors in 2011.

It is the first institution of its kind in the nation to offer behavioural sciences research and teaching. But the institution offers a variety of degree programs for its students, such as those in engineering and communication. Graduate institutions are more narrowly oriented and include graduate programs in social sciences, health, and science.

This low-cost university in Turkey also contributes significantly to the improvement of the local area and offers a variety of vocational schools of instruction for potential students interested in short-term courses and diplomas for their professional development. The university currently has approximately 17,000 students enrolled, and a significant portion of them are from other countries.

6. Cankaya University

Ankara is home to the foundational university known as Cankaya University. The institution was founded in 1997 by a private consortium and has expanded to house over 8000 current students who receive a top-notch education. There are around 20 academic undergraduate departments within Cankaya University’s five main faculties.

The graduate schools also include two institutions that provide master’s and doctoral degree programs. Although Turkish is the primary language of instruction, the university does provide extensive language training to guarantee that all new students begin their studies at the same proficiency level. The college holds a prominent position in the Caucus University Association.

7. Yasar University

  • Tuition fees: from USD 9500
  • Link to the university website

The Selcuk Yasar Sports and Education foundation established Yasar University in 2001, with its headquarters in the Turkish city of Izmir. It was a part of a plan to expand the number of private universities in Izmir and put more of an emphasis on distinctive academic trajectories open to potential students. Despite its youth and limited size, the university takes pleasure in being a “boutique university” and is regarded as being of the highest caliber.

Seven undergraduate faculties, ranging from communication and architecture to physics and economics, make up the university’s academic structure. These faculties collectively provide about 25 undergraduate degrees. The university’s postgraduate division is managed by two different graduate schools, which also provide students with 22 Master’s and Doctoral programs.

The institution also runs a vocational college with nine associate degree programs. The fact that English is the primary language of instruction benefits international students by facilitating simple access to the courses.

8. Bogazici University

Istanbul-based Bogazici University is a significant research institution. The institution was first established in 1863 as American-owned Robert College before being completely administered by the Turkish government. Over 20,000 students are now enrolled at the university.

Bogazici has six campuses in the main Istanbul region. Because of its extensive educational system, it has a number of faculties and other academic departments that cover a wide variety of subjects.

The university also provides a variety of student organizations and societies. English is the primary language of instruction at Bogazici University.

9. Sabanci University

Sabanci University is the last institution on this list of inexpensive universities in Turkey. The university was founded in 1994, saw the matriculation of its first students in 1999, and has since grown to become a reputable institution of higher learning in the nation.

Additionally, it is one of the few colleges in the nation to offer a foundations/development year, which enables any essential prospective students to acquire the requisite abilities prior to enrollment.

Sabanci University delivers a top-notch academic experience for a reasonable cost and is listed among the top 500 universities in the world despite its recent establishment (according to the QS and Times Higher Education Rankings).

I hope you found this post on Turkey’s affordable universities useful. Gratitude for reading


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