16 Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

16 Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

So, if you are searching for the best jobs in Canada for immigrants, you will definitely discover many of them here. Canada continues to be the country where the most people move to, and it offers many job opportunities for immigrants.

There are many reasons why someone might want to move to Canada to work. One reason is that Canada is a more developed country where people can have a better life and fulfill their dreams, especially if they come from a less developed country.

In this article, we have studied and collected some of the top jobs in Canada for immigrants. These jobs are among the most common jobs available in Canada.

This article aims to provide you with a list of jobs that you should consider when applying for a job opportunity in Canada. Applying for jobs in the categories listed below increases your chances of being offered the opportunity to move to Canada through Express Entry for skilled workers.

If you have one of these jobs in Canada, it will make you more likely to be invited to move there. Canada prefers skilled workers to come to the country more than any other group of people.

To better your chances of moving to Canada, read this article to learn about Express Entry and the top jobs that can help you earn more points for a Canadian immigration visa.

Do I need a job to immigrate to Canada?

This article discusses the top jobs in Canada for immigrants. However, the main question is: is it necessary to have a job to immigrate to Canada. The answer is a definite no. However,
if you already have a job lined up in Canada, the process of immigrating will be much smoother.

People who want to move to Canada are assessed using a points system. If you have any of the jobs that are in demand in Canada, you will earn more points and have a higher chance of being allowed to move to Canada.

You can earn points based on your education, work experience, age, language skills in English or French, and a few other factors.

Data shows that 57% of immigrants in Canada were able to enter the country because they were skilled workers or business-class immigrants.

Some people come to Canada because their families invite them or because they are refugees.

Usually, Canada allows more immigrants compared to other developed countries based on the population size. They let in about 300,000 immigrants every year.

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Can I fast-track Immigration if I’m a Skilled Worker?

If you want to move to Canada quickly as a skilled worker, you should think about these jobs in Canada for immigrants.

You can get your immigration done in just 6 months or even faster through Express Entry, a program in Canada for skilled workers.

Remember, before you can complete the form and apply for Express Entry, you must ensure that you qualify under any of the federal programs for skilled workers listed.

If you find out that you are able to, you can go ahead and make your profile and pay the required fees. As we said before, one of the easiest ways to move to Canada is by using Express Entry for skilled workers.

Remember, you have to finish the language test and submit your education and experience credentials for us to check.

Once you finish this procedure, you will become part of the group of people waiting for the Express entry.

Being in this position doesn’t mean you have to stay in Canada forever. It depends on your Express entry score, which takes into account a few things. The higher your score, the better your chances of being invited to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Right now, it’s a good idea for you to start searching for the top jobs in Canada for immigrants on the official Canada job site or the job bank. This will also make your Express entry score go up.

What is a Canadian Work Permit?

Before you start looking for the best jobs in Canada for immigrants you should know what a work permit is. If you were not born in Canada and are coming from another country, you need a Canadian work permit to work in Canada. However, there are exceptions where you can still work without a work permit. It is recommended to get a work permit to work legally in Canada as someone from another country.

Canada is seen as a top country in economics. Over time, we have known Canada as a place where immigrants who want to work in another country can move to easily. They make it easier than most developed countries.

If you want to work in Canada as a business person, temporary worker, student, or permanent worker, you must have a Canadian work permit. Before you apply for the permit, make sure you already have a job offer.

General Requirements for Canadian Work Permits

Before you start checking out the best jobs in Canada for immigrants, first take a quick look at the general eligibility requirements for a work permit in Canada.

  • Provide proof to an agent that you will be moving out of Canada after your work permit expires
  • Have records showing that you have sufficient means to support yourself and your family while in Canada.
  • Do not have a criminal history and present a police clearance certificate as proof
  • Do not pose a threat to the security of Canada.
  • You must be in good health and, if necessary, undergo a medical examination.
  • You are not planning to work for an employer that is classified as ineligible by the government because they do not meet certain conditions.
  • You do not intend to work for an employer that offers erotic dance, escort, striptease or erotic massages.
  • You must be ready to provide any documents required by the officials to qualify for your entry into Canada

Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Here are a few great jobs in Canada for immigrants that you can learn about and get ready for if you’re planning to move to Canada. This list was made to show some of the most popular jobs that immigrants in Canada can apply for easily, either in Canada or from their home country, even before they immigrate.

These jobs can also improve your chances of getting an immigration visa. If you already have a job waiting for you, Canada is more likely to give you a visa quickly.

Electrical Engineers

This job in Canada is really great for immigrants and it is very important. There is a big need for industrial electricians. Between 2015 and 2024, there might have been around 2,300 job openings in industrial electronics because there weren’t enough skilled workers available.

This is happening because some employees are retiring, some are getting promoted, and some are leaving for other opportunities.

Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Canada relies on truckers for its economy, but there might not be enough young people entering the trucking industry to replace those who are retiring. In 2014, the everyday age of people who drive trucks was about 47 years old.

Therefore, almost 50% of the people who drive trucks are in the age range of 47 to 65 years old. This means that many workers will be leaving their jobs in the next ten years.

Truck driving is a very popular job in Canada. It is estimated that the province will need around 9,170 truck drivers from 2018 to 2028. And it’s only a region. Truckers typically earn $21 per hour on average.

Sales associate

It’s one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants that pay off. If you have good communication and persuasive skills, this is the best job for you. A good sales rep can make a huge difference in a company.

In Canada, there are lots of job openings for sales representatives at banks. A sales representative can make between $52,000 and $64,000, according to PayScale.

Software Engineers Jobs in Canada for immigrants

If you are skilled at programming, it will greatly increase your chances of finding a job as a software developer. It is a job that many Canadians and immigrants like to do. Don’t forget, a computer programmer can make between $83,000 and $99,000 per year.

Engineering Project manager

Being an Engineering project manager is a great job for immigrants in Canada, especially in cities like Ontario and Saskatchewan.

The job also pays a lot of money and offers good chances for growth. Currently, there are both public and private companies in the country that need people with this specific job skill. And the best part is that they give good money. This means that if you are a project manager, you can make between $74,000 and $92,000 every month.

Audiologists Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

This is one of the top jobs in Canada. It is found in many parts of Canada and allows progress at higher levels.

But, as an audiologist, your job will involve finding out what is causing problems with people’s hearing, speaking, language, and voice, and then trying to help fix those problems.
The pay for this job is usually quite good and can vary between $48,936 and $98,278.


Welding is a skill that immigrants in Canada can choose as a job if they have the necessary abilities. It is a well-paying job. It is in the industry that builds and puts things together.

What makes this job unique is that you need to receive a lot of training before you can earn
a significant amount of money. A welder in Canada earns about $2,402.

Accountant Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada that you can apply for. In fact, it is the second most requested job in Canada for immigrants or foreigners.

As you know, record-keeping is what every organization, large or small, looks out for. According to Payscale, accountants and auditors make between $63,000 and $75,000 per year.

Land Surveyor jobs in Canada for Immigrants

It is anticipated that there will continue to be a high demand for surveying engineers.

As a surveyor, your role is to find out the exact locations of points on land or in three-dimensional space. You also need to measure the distances and angles between these points.

There are currently job openings for surveyors throughout Canada. The job offers different locations depending on where you live. Please be aware that the salary falls within the range of $38,185 and $108,065.

Medical Sonographer Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

It’s one of the hottest careers in Canada any immigrant can build. This career includes an ultrasound technician and a diagnostic medical ultrasound instructor.

The average salary for a sonographer in Alberta is approximately $44.81 an hour. The lowest income for ultrasound technologists is in Ontario, where the median average wage is $32.00 an hour. Most employers may need to register with the Canadian Society of Diagnostic Sonographers to get jobs.

Business Analyst

This is one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Business analysts are constantly looking for ways to make a business run smoother and more efficiently. This shows that depending on the specifics of the job, a wide variety of technical skills and financial acumen are required.

Larger operations, however, may have multiple analysts in different business areas, and their salaries typically range from $73,000 to $87,000.

Registered nurse

When we think about the most important job in Canada, nursing might be at the top. There are two main reasons why we need more nurses. The main reason is that people born during the baby boom period are getting close to the age when they will stop working and start enjoying their retirement.

Therefore, many nurses from this generation are likely to leave their jobs soon. This job is considered one of the top jobs in Canada for people who have moved here from another country.

Dentists Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Many people in Canada need dentists, so there is a big need for them. To work in a medical place in Canada as an immigrant, you need to have finished college and have a degree from a recognized dental school.

Also, it might have to be accepted by a provincial or territorial supervisor. Preparing to move to the advanced dental office requires more getting ready. The average salary for a dentist is around $77,000.

Medical technology

The growing use of technology in medicine means that we now need people who know how to use computers and also have knowledge of the healthcare field.

Electronic health records, electronic exam records, and other new technologies are becoming more and more commonly used. This means that there is also a greater need for people who know a lot about these technologies and can provide information about them.

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists are considered as a top job in Canada for immigrants. They make lots of money in places like Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. Respiratory therapists help people who have trouble breathing, especially those with lung diseases.

They are called patient care managers as well. If you are a respiratory therapist with more than 5 years of experience, your salary can be between $44,769 and $87,897.


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