Best 1 Year PhD Programs Online 2023 | Apply Now!

Best 1 Year PhD Programs Online 2023 | Apply Now!

These article is on 1 Year PhD Programs Online. Getting a PhD can open doors for you to advance in your current job or switch to a different career. Nowadays, you can find Online PhD programs at various universities around the world. These programs allow you to continue working while acquiring useful knowledge and skills that you can apply right away.

A PhD is a type of degree that a university gives you after you finish studying there. It is the top level of success in a subject.

Earning an online PhD can greatly improve your chances of getting a job. Having a PhD degree can help students or professionals who want to become leaders, work in academia, consulting, research, or start their own businesses.

But, there are many online PhD programs to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Don’t be discouraged. Start by looking at the most popular online PhD programs mentioned in this article.

Obviously, the material below contains the most accurate and up-to-date information about Top 10 1 Year PhD Programs Online doctorate degree and doctorate degree online without a dissertation.

Why choose a 1 Year PhD Program Online?

Many students wonder about this important question. Why should I pursue my PhD. Why is online education so popular and considered high quality.

First, more and more people are choosing to enroll in online PhD programs every day. This is causing more schools to become approved to offer these programs. That means there are more special reasons why students decide to go there.

In addition to a flexible way of learning that includes training and professional development requirements, there are more reasons why you should think about pursuing a one-year online program for your PhD.

Below are some reasons you should consider 1 Year PhD Programs Online

  • Flexible with your schedule, as there is no need to make a physical appearance in class to meet the professors, supervisors, or other students. Attending class does not mean stopping what you are doing. It is easy to combine work and learning.
  • You can study anywhere. This learning method allows you to study anywhere in the world. Moreover, you do not have to be physically in that country to learn there because online programs used online platforms and forums to connect with the professors.
  • You can also connect with other students from different parts of the world
  • Improves your self-discipline and motivation skills, as no one will know whether you attended the class or not. It is within the discretion of the students to do so.
  • It is a cheaper learning method because some costs, such as transport to and from school and hostel accommodation, are avoided.

Best 1 Year PhD Programs Online

Getting a PhD takes a lot of time and effort. Most PhD programs take more than five years to finish. You can find quick PhD programs at many universities globally that are officially recognized.

#1. Evolutionary Biology, PhD.

This official one-year PhD program in the United States aims to provide students with a broad knowledge of principles and research methods in ecology and evolution.

To achieve this, people attend workshops, classes, and study deeper into specific areas of a subject.

To join this program, you need to have a basic understanding of how living things interact with their environment, how species change over time, and the study of living organisms.

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#2. Business Administration, PhD

This is one of the top online PhD programs. If you want to have a job in business, this degree is for you. This is one of the best PhD programs you can complete in just one year. This is a really good program that you can do all the time and live at the same place. It helps you learn a lot and become a professional researcher or teacher at a university. It also aims to help students get ready for teaching jobs in business schools worldwide..

#3. Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctorate

Basically, this is one of the top one-year PhD programs for nursing students in America. This program is designed to help you as a nurse with clinical preparation, teaching based on evidence, improving quality, and thinking about how organizations work, among other important things.

This program can be useful for many people in different roles in healthcare, such as nurses, managers, executives, and educators.

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#4. Economics, PhD.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Economics is one of the greatest one-year PhD programs in the United States.

Health economics, international economics, monetary economics, public economics, regional and urban economics, and resource economics are all covered in this short curriculum for PhD students.

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#5. Communication and Information, PhD

After finishing this degree program, students will be ready to work as teachers, researchers, and managers in communication and information fields. The curriculum has some basic classes covering many different subjects, and also lots of other classes you can choose from in different areas.

#6. PhD in Instructional Design & Technology

With a PhD in Instructional Design & Technology, you will gain a solid understanding of how to create effective lessons, how people learn, conducting research, and applying these concepts in real-world situations. If you join this course, it will help you handle challenges in different job sectors like the military, healthcare, and education, both now and in the future.

After you finish this PhD program in the United States, you will get a PhD degree in Education that specializes in Instructional Design & Technology.

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#7. PhD in Educational Management

This program lasts for nine weeks and focuses on specific training. Therefore, it focuses on giving students the needed hands-on experience and fundamental leadership skills, attitudes, and practical research that executive educational leaders need to succeed in schools or educational environments.

Accelerated doctoral programs online

Below are the most popular online PhD programs listed below. The list ranges from phd programs online in psychology, business, and education

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Counseling & Therapy
  • Criminal Justice / Homeland Security
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Services
  • Information Systems / Technology
  • Management

a. Online PhD in Accounting

If you like working with numbers and finance, getting a PhD in accounting might be a good choice for you. This degree can help you become a top financial officer in a company, a person who checks financial records, a teacher of accounting in college, or a person who leads a group of accountants.

During your study, you will learn about statistical analysis, financial research methods, and accounting theories in your classes. Public accounting and forensic accounting are two areas of focus or specialization. If you want to graduate quickly, you can choose to earn a DBA degree with a focus on Accounting.

b. Online Doctorate in Business Administration – DBA & PhD

A doctorate in business administration is a degree program that prepares you for leadership positions in different companies and teaches you how to successfully manage the market. People who have a DBA often have important jobs in businesses, charities, and government groups. They can also work in education, either as a teacher or as someone in charge.

In education, you may learn about different ways to study and understand things, like using numbers or studying people’s behaviors. You may also learn about economics, how to manage organizations, and theories about how people behave in groups. All of this can help prepare you for certain jobs.

A DBA is a higher level of education than an MBA, and having it can make you unique and increase your chances of getting important leadership positions. Moreover, the amount of courses needed is often decreased, making it one of the fastest PhD programs accessible.

c. Counseling & Therapy

A counseling or therapy doctorate helps you learn how to help people with their mental health or relationship issues, and how to manage a counseling department. You can choose to work in social work, have your own private practice, or manage programs as your career options. You can add subjects like Counselor Studies and Supervision, Art Therapy, and more to your education.

In our class, we learn about different topics like counseling sessions for both groups and individuals, how people react to traumas, the importance of being ethical, and the value of diversity. Some places require you to have permission from your state before you can join their counseling program. If you want to become a professor at a college or university or if you want to become a leader in the field of counseling, it would be helpful to get a PhD in Counseling.

A PhD in Counseling online might help you achieve your career goals if you’re already a counselor and want to train other counselors or manage counseling programs.

d. Online PhD in Criminal Justice & Homeland Security

You could work in law enforcement, government, or private practice if you have a doctorate in criminal justice or homeland security. Your chosen profession may allow you to protect your town, conduct investigations, collaborate with criminals, or gather intelligence. Doctoral graduates frequently advance to positions of leadership, such as head of police.

You may take classes in psychology, emergency and disaster circumstances, the legal system, and victimology as part of your PhD program.

Terrorism, criminology, information assurance, security, and emergency management are all possible concentrations in your study.

e. Phd online programs in education – EdD & PhD

A doctorate in education can help you realize your goals whether you desire to teach in a classroom, work in school administration, support teachers through an outside organization, or train the next generation of educators.

Many graduates stay in the classroom and advance to positions of leadership, such as becoming a principal. Others choose positions such as principals, superintendents, professors, policymakers, curriculum specialists, or educational consultants.

A PhD in Education and an EdD are quite similar degrees. Both programs focus on education and prepare you for leadership roles. PhD programs, however, are more research-based.

A PhD is typically more research-based and might be a better match for someone looking for a career in research, publishing, and teaching at the university level. It focuses less on application than an Ed.D., but the same types of careers would be possible with either of these two degrees.

f. Finance

Getting a PhD in finance is a great option for those who are good with numbers and handling money. A lot of people who have graduated with a doctoral degree work as leaders in investing companies, big banks, hedge funds, colleges, or government organizations. Some individuals climb up the corporate ladder to become CEOs or other high-ranking executives.

Getting a doctorate in finance can help you become qualified for a job that allows you to travel and work in different countries. While you are studying for your degree, you might learn about market research, worldwide markets, managing money, finance theories, taxes, and leadership.

g. Online Doctorate in Healthcare Administration

You will be well-suited for a leadership job in a healthcare or medical context if you have a doctorate in healthcare administration. Hospitals, nursing homes, medical records firms, political think tanks, government agencies, and colleges are all possible places to work.

Global health, business, law and policy, finance, and organizational leadership are all topics covered by students in this program. Public health, leadership, and health policy are all available concentrations in many DHA programs.

Earning a DBA with a focus in Healthcare Administration, which is accessible at some schools and universities, is an alternate academic path that can provide the quickest road to a doctorate.

h. Human Services

If you have a PhD in human services, it means you can be a leader in a group that helps lots of different people. Places like schools, clinics, community projects, and charities are all different types of work settings. Some individuals who earn this degree are approved counselors who want to be leaders in a mental health setting.

Some people want to be teachers at universities in the field of human services. A PhD degree includes studying grant writing, leadership, communication, financial management, and ethics. You can choose to focus on mental health, aging, relationships and families, or leadership and managing as special areas of study.

People who have graduated with a PhD in Human Services are ready to take on important roles as leaders and policymakers in public and human services organizations.

A PhD in Human Services offers many opportunities to have different options and choices in your career. This degree is suitable for students who have completed undergraduate and master’s degrees in public services like social services, child welfare, criminal justice, and healthcare.

i. Information Systems/Technology

Companies and organizations need systems to keep their information and records safe and easy to find. If you want to be up-to-date in this field, you should think about getting a doctorate in information technology. With this degree, you have the opportunity to work in high-level positions such as being a top executive, a leader in the technology department, a consultant, a government agency head, or a strategist.

In your classes, you will learn about collecting and studying data, managing threats and risks, making policies, planning strategies, and conducting research.

j. Management

If you want a top job in a company, you might need a doctorate in management. This degree is a requirement for some people who want to be in high-ranking positions like chief operating officers. Others become school principals or university leaders or choose to work as teachers or researchers in higher education.

You will learn about leadership, ethics, consulting, decision-making, innovation, and research in order to earn this degree. Many students choose to focus on Technology, Homeland Security, Non-Profit Organizations, and Healthcare. Some schools also have a DBA program that focuses on Management. When compared to a PhD, which usually requires writing a long research paper, this option allows more freedom in the program and can be completed faster.

One-year PhD Programs in USA?

The United States is becoming more and more popular as a place for international students to study abroad, compared to other countries. This means there are stronger reasons for students to choose there.

Here are some more reasons why you should think about doing your PhD in the United States. Apart from the strict methods they use, which give you more training and professional development opportunities than other countries, they also have higher standards than the minimum requirements for traditional research focused PhD programs.


Do you agree that anything valuable needs hard work. Choosing the right doctoral program is one of the most important decisions you will make in your academic life. Some PhD programs online can be very costly, but there are a few that are easier, take less time, and cost less money.

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