4 Best Countries to Study Medicine For International Students

4 Best Countries to Study Medicine For International Students

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This article is on Best Countries to Study Medicine For International Students. One of the most popular fields of study for undergraduate and graduate students worldwide is medicine. More and more students are gravitating toward studying medicine in a nation other than their own country with each passing academic year.

Students who want to pursue a degree in medicine must attend medical school for about 5 to 6 years, during which time they will receive extensive instruction in both clinical medicine and clinical training.

Europe is currently one of the most sought-after locations for students who want to study medicine. However, there are many possibilities for study, including medical schools, all over the world that provide reputable instruction and effective training for their pupils. Given the length of time required to study medicine, the cost of tuition and fees is a major concern for both students and their families.

This post will discuss the top nations for medical school.

Tips for Medical Students Planning to Study Abroad

The cost and time required to study medicine at the institution are significant. When submitting applications for courses at various colleges, students are encouraged to bear a number of considerations in mind. The following are some essential factors that students should remember to take into account when submitting their applications.

1. Length of Program

One of the longest undergraduate programs is medicine (and postgraduates, depending on the university). In nations like Malaysia and the UK, students pursuing an MBBS degree can often plan on spending 5 or 6 years in school, plus an additional intercalated program. In certain countries, like Russia, students might anticipate spending up to 7 years in school.

2. Cost of Study

The price of studying medicine will vary depending on the nation and the particular university. Given the excellent levels of academic education and the UK’s stellar reputation for medical registration, most universities in the country charge overseas students between £25 and £30,000 per year, with few scholarships being available.

However, there are many other nations that provide affordable programs and a sizable number of scholarships. For instance, Russia will provide programs that cost as little as US$2000–US$5000 annually. Similar to this, Asian nations like Malaysia and China provide comparably affordable medical plans.

3. Languages of Instruction

Taking into account the language of education in medical schools is equally crucial. The majority of medical schools in the world today provide instruction in English. Some nations do, however, demand that pupils be proficient in the native tongue as well. For instance, Chinese medical schools require that students learn or speak Mandarin or Cantonese in order to graduate.

As an alternative, some colleges in Russia mandate that students take Russian language classes while they are there. Since separate language training may be required, it is important to examine the language of instruction whenever students apply to medical schools.

Countries to Study Medicine For International Students

Due to its rising popularity, prospective students have a wide range of medical school options to choose from depending on their preferences. The following list includes four of the numerous nations that are among the most well-liked study abroad locations and are also the locations of some of the world’s top medical universities.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the best places to study medicine, despite not being a nation. They offer minimal GPA and MCAT requirements, low tuition costs, and good placement rates in the US and Canada. These medical colleges are also in a fantastic location, close to sandy beaches and a pleasant temperature. Here are our recommendations for the top three medical schools in the Caribbean.

1. Saba Medical School

The Caribbean’s Saba Medical School is a top-notch medical institution. It boasts great placement rates in Canada and the US and a high first-time USMLE Step 1 pass rate of 99%. The ability to practice medicine in the United States and Canada is a fantastic choice for students with lower MCAT and GPA scores.

2. St. Matthew’s Medical S

Another excellent medical school in the Caribbean is St. Matthew’s Medical School. It offers an impressive placement performance for residents at institutions including Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and McGill University, with a first-time USML Step 1 pass rate of 95%. Additionally, it is 30% to 40% less expensive than American medical schools! Visit this school’s website to learn more about it.

United Kingdom

International students today have access to more than 30 different medical schools that provide undergraduate (as well as some postgraduate) courses in medicine. The UK is a prestigious and excellent destination to study medicine. Some of the top universities in the world, including the Oxbridge universities, are located there. Additionally, each of the UK’s medical schools have tight ties to the National Health Service, which is among the largest public health systems in the world.

Students should be aware of the various academic criteria for studying at medical schools in the UK due to its strong academic standing. To consider and expedite admissions into medical schools, colleges can also conduct aptitude tests like the UKCAT, BMAT, and the GMAT. Applications submitted through the UCAS application system are normally taken into consideration for undergraduate and graduate study in medicine.

The university’s admissions procedure may also include an interview stage as part of the application process. One benefit of attending a UK medical school is that graduates, including those from abroad, are granted a work permit good for up to two years to work in UK hospitals.

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Below, we have listed 3 of the universities in the UK that offer medicine for students.

1. University of Cambridge

One of the top medical programs in the world is offered by the University of Cambridge. The six-year undergraduate program in medicine has a very tough admissions process. Prospective students must pass the BMAT exam as well as a demanding interview process. Up to 21 foreign students may enroll in the course.

2. University of Nottingham

Another illustrious university that provides an excellent Medicine program for both undergraduate and graduate students is the University of Nottingham, which is situated in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom. The medical school provides a 5-year program and requires applicants to take the UKCAT exam (or the GMAT for postgraduates). The Queen’s Medical Center of Nottingham, one of the biggest teaching hospitals in the nation, and the medical school are connected.

3. Keele University

Another example of a medical institution of higher learning that provides an undergraduate study in medicine is Keele University’s School of Medicine. International students must take the BMAT exam in place of the UKCAT, which is required of local students. In addition, the course provides a framework for problem-based learning rather than simply using lectures. PBL is reportedly a revolutionary and more effective teaching program for medical students that is now being investigated at a few medical colleges.


One of the most popular places for overseas students to study medicine is Malaysia. Furthermore, it is growing in popularity as a study location for those interested in studying medicine. The nation is home to a number of universities as well as exclusive colleges that only offer instruction in medicine and health-related fields. Additionally, Malaysia has relatively inexpensive tuition prices for its courses, which complements its extremely affordable cost of living.

In contrast to other institutions in alternative countries, Malaysian medical schools require considerably fewer academic criteria from applicants and often only a second interview. Numerous scholarship and financing possibilities are available to international students as well. International graduates also receive elective years to work in Malaysian hospitals following their degree, if they so want.

1. Monash University, Malaysia

A branch of the Monash University of Australia, this truly international university is the perfect study destination for any international student. The bonus of studying Medicine at Monash University is the opportunity to practice medicine in Malaysia as well as Australia and New Zealand. The course is 5 years long and offers world-class training in clinical, biomedical and social sciences, enabling the university to create globally reputed doctors. Students are required to take the International Students Admission Test prior to applying in order to be considered for admission.

2. International Medical University

The International Medical University of Malaysia is one of the premier institutions of higher education that offers education in medicine and healthcare. This private university offers an elite course in Medicine which is run in partnership with numerous international universities across the world. The IMU programme focuses on Medical Sciences for the first 2.5 years, after which medical students then proceed to undertake their clinical training either at IMU’s Clinical Campuses in the southern part of Malaysia or at a Partner Medical School (PMS) overseas.

3. Newcastle University (NUMed Malaysia)

NUMed Malaysia is the international medical campus of Newcastle University in the UK. The MBBS programme offered by NUMed is an integrated course of 5 years and is recognised by the Medical Councils of Malaysia, the UK, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India. This programme is identical to that of Newcastle University’s UK provisional course. It will provide a general yet integrated medical education, suitable for all types of doctors and serve as the foundation for later career specialisation. Additionally, medical students may also have the opportunity of studying for an extra year in the UK for an intercalated research qualification at the Bachelors or Masters level


Russia is among the most affordable and popular destinations for international students across the world. Russia is one of the top countries to study medicine for international students. For example, the Indian Embassy confirms that up to 99% of Indian students in Russia study Medicine. The reason as to why Russia is a common destination is that the government’s policy of subsidising tuition fees for international students makes studying here extremely cheap and cost-effective. The majority of courses in medicine are also taught in English although Russian language training is also offered. Currently, more than 50 universities and institutions in Russia offer globally-recognised degrees in Medicine.

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

The university’s School of Medicine was founded in 1992 and offers an undergraduate programme in Medicine (MBBS) which takes up to 6 years to complete. Applicants enrol to the undergraduate Medical program according to the results of the entrance examinations in (1) Russian language and (2) specialty. Students are required to take a preparatory course in Russian as well, alongside their studies.

2. Russian National Research Medical University

Officially known as Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, this elite institution is based in Moscow. The 6 year Medicine (MD) program is offered in both Russian and English and trains its students in fundamental and clinical medical disciplines as well as humanities and natural sciences.

3. Kursk State Medical University

Based in the city of Kursk in western Russia, the university offers a general medicine program. The curriculum offers six-year program and the graduates will receive a Degree in General Medicine (MD) and offers an integrated approach to medical education with a combination of clinical and research training.

I hope that this article on the best countries to study medicine for international students was helpful.


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