Review of 9 Best Universities in Germany Including Rankings and Programs

Review of 9 Best Universities in Germany Including Rankings and Programs

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Read our detailed review of the best universities in Germany with recent ranking information, tuition fees in German Universities, cost of living in Germany and programs offered.

About Studying in Germany

Germany is one of the best places for an international student wanting to study abroad to think of, it is a nice place you can ever imagine to go.

It is the best and popular country for studies if you want to study at abroad, with quality and good reasons. It is one of the countries that offer support for student opted to study in their country. when talking about cost of study in Germany, it is inexpensive compare to other countries of the world, that is to say it is affordable for international student. student going there as an international student pay same tuition fees as indigenous student and most of the universities in Germany don’t charge on tuition fees at all.

English nowadays is taken over as the most preferred primary language for courses in Germany universities, meaning that you can earn a degree without studying German language. But there are enough classes offered in local language.

Germany have alot of very many universities scattered around the country and a lot of them are rank in the top 200 in the world university ranking. Wherever and whenever that will come into your mind if you want to study abroad should be one of the universities in Germany.

Top reviewed 9 best universities in Germany are the most popular universities you can think of when opting to study in Germany

1. Technical University Munich

We cannot underestimate Germany when talking about best and top ranking university in the world currently, Technische Universität München, are ranked in 53rd position on the World University Rankings, above Heidelberg University. Its major disciplined is in Engineering field and other technical field also. About 16% of it student population are made up of international students approximately 5000 students.

It has partnerships relationship with a number of top class universities, including schools in U.S such as MIT, Stanford, Cornell, because of its strength in research and Engineering field. It also has a relationship in top countries in Asia and Europe.

2. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

This university is ranking in the top 60th in the QS World University Rankings and is one of the oldest universities in Germany, the rival universities that follow Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is TUM and Heidelberg. International student population is about 15%. Most of the classes are being taught in English to attract the interest of international student and the university study field is 100, field of business, physics, psychology and management are being taught in English.

3. Heidelberg University

The university was founded way back 1386 and it is ranked 55th in the World University Rankings released, Heidelberg University is one of the ancient universities in the region of western Europe. It has a good performance in the area of sciences. It has more than 20% of international student studying in the university.

International students doing doctoral program, one-third are of the population are international students. You must take note of the fact that most of the university classes are taught in German language, that means you must have German-English Dictionary if you choose this university.

4. Schiller International University

Schiller International University campuses are located in US and Europe and they also have their main campus located in Florida city but its first and the largest campus is situated in Heidelberg and Germany. American system of education is operated in the university. All classes are taught in English. There have a program ranging from Two-Four years program.

5. Hochschule Furtwangen University

HFU is located in Baden-Württemberg, it is a small but important university and it has its own focus on the areas of applied sciences. It is also known in the field of computer science and engineering programs and it is ranked second in the country in the aspect of International Business Management, considering the point that it is small.

It comprises of about 13%-14% of international student and the university is value at first position among all the universities in Germany. It is small but mighty. Alot of universities are in partnership with them as well.

6. University of Freiburg

University of Freiburg is made of 16% of international students. It is located in Baden-Württemberg. The number one aim or primary aim of the university is to build more important structures educationally to attract more international student to study. It offer courses in popular German languages at its Language Teaching Centre there which draws the attention of international student to learn German during semester breaks.

7. Leuphana University Lüneburg

Leuphana University deals mostly with the study of German language and history so international student interested in German history should make these university make these university their choice. It may not draw attention of most international student as others universities.

Lüneburg is a fascinating place and also an easy train ride and tour away from Hamburg. But German language is not too hard to learn, with a maximum of 6 months interval you will be able to get along with the languages.

8. Freie University of Berlin

In Berlin, research showed that Freie Universität Berlin is the top out of the four largest university in Berlin and one-third of the student in the university will be made up of international students in years to come. It is the state of the art when talking about universities in the world. It is a nice place to study and courtesy of the beauty of the city which may also serve as a center for tourism for international students.

The Freie University of Berlin was ranked 87th on the QS World University Rankings last year. The university has top branch offices scattered in top countries like in Belgium, Russia, China, Egypt India and United state of America.

9. Humbolt University of Berlin

Humboldt University is one the university located in the city of Berlin and research shows that it is one of the oldest universities you will think of in Berlin and it is made up of international students. When the ranking of universities in the world was released in 2012-13, the university was ranked 99th in the world best universities.

Humboldt when talking about research, there are the best with opportunities to work with world important faculty in fields like quantitative economics, history of science and climate. Local and international Students interested in scientific research field are advice to make Humboldt University as a top priority.

Cost of Living in Germany

Is not easy to study as an international student in another country though it will cost you much, you must have an idea and pre-knowledge of the cost of living in that particular country. This article will get you to know and how to plan when you have an admission to study as an international student. If you have admission in Germany, you need to know the cost of living in Germany before getting into excitement.

Transportation Costs in Germany

First thing I guess will be coming into your mind should be transportation. Normally being a student you will be going through the stress of moving around, rushing to attend lectures on time, getting back to your apartment after the stress of rushing to attend lectures. Sometimes going to meet your colleague maybe for assignment and other things and also moving to shop to buy something, it will be really stressful I guess.

Making a choice and the means of transportation will save the stress but you must make provision for the money that you will be using for paying up and down, though it might not be high. Sometimes some universities will make provision for student to be making semester contribution and it will cover your university bus ticket, but if in the other way round and maybe with one reason or another you take another means of transportation you might appreciate knowing how much you are going to spend. Considering other travelling option public transport is the cheapest.

In Germany currently a one-way ticket on the local public transport will costs you 2.00 € on average but if you are always going on the same rout, then a monthly purchase of ticket which costs 70€ on average is advice. A kilometer varies between 1.55€ and 2.50€. If you owned a car, you must know the prize of gasoline which will ranges from 1.25€ to 1.49€.

Cost of Food in Germany

Food will be the next thing to consider, If you’re not conversant with the kitchen, is advisable for you to better start learning how to cook on your own, it will do you good than eating at German restaurants and be wasting money. At an average restaurant a meal for two may cost you on average €45.The price for a meal may range from 8 to 14 euros at a small restaurant. But sometimes you can go for a better option if you think you want to eat at a restaurant sometimes, the universities cafeteria have food at a low cost.

Utilities and Bills Cost in Germany

It is not only you being bent on paying for house alone, other bills like electricity, water, garbage and heating will be paid monthly too. The electric bill in Germany is a little high. in Germany, a kilowatt/ hour (CT/kWh) is 29.42€. the cost of a low standard apartment is 85USD, the total cost monthly is 215.21 €. Sometimes living with a roommate is advice so that the expenses will be divided and shared. In some cases the bills are included in your rent.

Cost of Health Insurance in Germany

Cost of health insurance is another important aspect and in Germany health insurance is mandatory regardless of your income and is part of their law. You will have it in your finger tips that you will have your insurance plan right from the very first day you enter the country.

In Germany, their two basic insurance plans are;

  • Private health insurance
  • Public health insurance

You will choose from any one of the two insurance plans.

Tips for Reducing Cost of Living for international students in Germany

The location that you will be living mostly will determine the cost of living and the level you spend money as in transportation aspect too. Moreover, the university location may not allow you to lived in a better location. Sometimes when you are lucky you may see a good living place in and around the school premises where you can live in.

living cost are much in big cities like Hamburg, Munich or Berlin, you will have difficulties in saving and managing money but if you are in less populous places like Leipzig and Karlsruhe it wont be much. It may be a good idea in choosing a place that best suits your own standard.

In terms of renting an apartment you can search for people you can share apartment with and the cost of renting an apartment will be reduced. Normally most of the student will go for this option. In Germany, you will have other option and you will find some that will match with what you can afford.

Getting information on the cost living in each particular town or city is always time consuming and can be fruitless and also stressful because sometimes prices will not be at a fixed price and may change at a large scale from place to place within the country.

German Universities’ Tuition Fees

Majority of the university still carry free-tuition in higher education while some will asked international students to pay. You only need to take care of so called semester contribution as an international student in Germany. You will pay a special amount of money to cover for specific university services like bus traveling, administrative assistance, sports facilities and such.

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Though studying in Germany without paying for tuition fees alleviates a much burden in terms of finances. Depending on the way you planned and managing your expenses well you will save alot of money while studying.


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