A must read information for Nigerians who want to study abroad

A must read information for Nigerians who want to study abroad

Last Updated on September 22, 2023 by Akwaowo Akpan

Based on my numerous research as a Travel and Education expert, it has come to a conclusion that many Nigerians are looking for opportunities to study abroad if not migrate; this advice is for you.

I mean the country is getting harder and its more difficult to get the necessary connections to live as a first class citizen in one’s country.

I had a review with a 2017 graduate of mechanical engineering who hasn’t been able to secure a job in Nigeria since 2017 till this moment and as a result he has option to proceed to get his masters after which he is looking to migrate abroad to apply for Doctorate, and i was like even if one did not to fine a good paying job be it private or government, instead of staying home all day and night or doing some meager income work one can easily decided to further more and advance in his field of study.

With the above being said, it is not as easy as ABC to just travel abroad as one wishes to, there are lot and lot of things one have to put in place before one can think of going to study abroad or migrate, in this aspect i will be discussing on what Nigerians who wants to study abroad need s to do; So, before you make up your mind to travel study abroad as a Nigerian in diaspora, please read the tips below and make sure to understand every aspect of what it entails.

Fields of Study that You Should Consider as a Nigerian Student Wishing to Study Abroad

If your choice of field  of study is Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, etc, don’t be quick to travel abroad to study because those courses i mentioned above are well-tutored here, and mostly based on Nigerian business environment. Most of the facilities for tutoring those courses are here in Nigeria, so consider Nigerian universities than going abroad to waste a whole lot of money only to come back with same probability of securing a job like those who studied here in Nigeria, although you can decide to further more to have a foreign degree in the above mentioned, but make sure to study them in Nigeria first before going abroad because you tend to get to know more about Nigeria’s economy and business settings.
If your choice of course is Engineering, foreign universities will be a better option because most Nigerian universities don’t have the necessary facilities to ground its students in this field of study.

Which Programs Sell More?

If you want to stand higher chances of securing a job after graduating from a university abroad, then you must be an engineering student (mechanical, electrical, etc). in you also fall in the category of STEM degree holders then you wont have problems getting a job abroad after study, STEM degrees are college programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, you should have a Degree in STEM.

There is something you need to know before deciding to travel abroad to study. You need to know if there are no local Nigerian universities offering your course of choice in the first place, and if they are offering it, enquire to know if graduates from there work in famous companies in the country. Do their graduates make a difference? after graduation? Get to know how employers treat graduates from the school. There is no point wasting money on overseas education if your findings are positive.

For instance, Nigerian higher institutions don’t have good facilities to train graduates in Mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, biomedical technology, etc, so it a good decision to travel overseas and study such programs.

Don’t think by going for your studies abroad, when you come back employers will rush you for that, times has changed, you need to earn that respect. You are going there to gain practical knowledge which you can even use to establish your research center or industry as the case maybe. Do not let employers joke with what you have acquired, it is very priceless and uncommon especially in Nigeria.

Lastly, don’t use your last card or last penny to further YOUR studies abroad, it is more advisable to even use half of it to acquire a higher certificate from a reputable Nigerian institution and then invest the remaining one in a viable business that you can be running while furthering your studies, if you don’t have someone to sponsor study abroad plan then it is advisable you start a business here, make sure you are leaving your business with a responsible someone before moving to study abroad, by doing so you wont get stranded abroad you’ll always get some cash being converted and sent to you via western union. you can even startup a business over there as well.

More so, if you want to study computer science abroad, make sure you are going there to learn truly and not just to get a certificate in order to stand a greater chance of getting a job in a big firm here in Nigeria because it is very difficult to succeed otherwise, reason being that employers that offer jobs to computer scientists look for their practical knowledge, how they can use programming and all of that to debug their company problems and bring more solutions, and not just to have you for nothing.

Remember, we have few successful dotcom companies here in Nigeria that can pay you huge salary, so have it in mind that you will either be working independently or as a contract staff, and your success will be highly determined by your high level programming expertise and not your class or kind of certificate or degree. India and United States seem to be a good destination for computer scientists and aspiring tech-developers.


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