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Review of the best Universities in South Korea seoul for international students; South Korea, fully becoming a country of its own after separating from North Korea in 1984, is without doubt, a thriving nation and retains a high spot for international students seeking to study abroad.

The country is recognized throughout Asia as a technological hub, tourist attraction center, and home to advanced educational amenities. Since 2017, over 124,000 international students have taken an undergraduate study in South Korea, although half of them are from their continent neighbour, China.

In the preceding year, Korea’s government has proposed an exceeding growth in the number of international students studying in Korea to a whopping 200,000 by the year 2023. South Korea is taking measures to focus on internationalization, and many universities in the country have adopted this model.

Universities like Yonsei are working toward building fully functional campuses to accommodate the ever-increasing numbers of international students.

In this article, we will look at some of the most prestigious universities in South Korea seoul, in no
particular order.

Review of Universities in South Korea Seoul

There are more than 370 officially recognized education providers in South Korea, which
inherently implies that there are myriad options provided to students. According to the QS world, there are more than five top-20 delegates and over 50 representatives, according to the QS Asia University Rankings in 2019 and the top 29 institutions.

When we look closely at the South Korean top universities following the QS South Korean
Institutions ranking, we have made this list;

1. Seoul National University, South Korea

The Seoul National University in South Korea tops in number 36 and ranks first in the South
Korean QS world university ranking and the QS South Korean University Ranking.

SNU was founded in the year 1946, and it became the first University in South Korea. The
university makes a trio of the most prestigious universities in the country, providing research
-aided education to more than 25,000 students from undergraduate studies up to the Ph.D.
degree level.

The Korean Educational Development Institute states that Seoul National University spends a
high amount of money per capita on its students than other institutions in the country, having numbers higher than 10,000 students.

2. KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, South Korea

In the new QS South Korea University Ranking, the KAIST came out top. Being heavily tilted as
a public research university, and having a collective student population of more than 10,000 international and national students, this was the first established science and engineering institution in South Korea.

The QS world university ranking places this institution number 40 on the list and third in the QS top 50, under 50 (under 50 years of age).

KAIST offers Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the STEM program.

3. Korea University, South Korea

Korea University, located in South Korea, Seoul, is divided based on departments and spread
across the city. The main university campus is not so far away from the city centre, attraction
sites and the Buddhist temple. According to locals, there’s been a long-standing rivalry between the Korea University and Yonsei, and sparking competition in sporting events.

In social policy and administration, chemical engineering and other account-related courses, the university ranks well in the country.

These are some of the best universities in South Korea seoul. While you are looking to get admitted to a South Korea school, you should be on the lookout for these names.


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