10 Things You Should Avoid While Studying Abroad 2023

10 Things You Should Avoid While Studying Abroad 2023

Today am going to educate and enlighten you on the “Don’t” while Studying abroad; your studying abroad should be an experience you won’t forget in a long time as long as you enjoyed it.

Life abroad is good and enjoyable if you know how to lived and know your Do and Don’t. Doing something that will make the Embassy deport you is one of the worst experiences you can think of in life.

I have take time to study what a student should avoid while studying in a foreign country. This article will educate you on why you should avoid a lot of things while studying abroad; this reason is applicable to every country you want to study, whether in Europe, Asian, Australia, or even Africa.

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Don’t mean something you should avoid doing while you are studying outside your own country, this article will put you through on that and how you can go about it.

The 10 “Don’t” You Should Avoid While Studying Abroad

1. Don’t Overspend Too Much

Some people while studying abroad think that they are still living in their country; they don’t know that cost of living is higher when travelling to study abroad. Some people are given scholarship to study and they will be placed on a monthly pay to make their stay in abroad impressive. Avoid spending too much when studying, don’t buy things that don’t matter to your education, avoid eating too much in a restaurant that is meant for people working because you are a student, always cut you coat according to your size.

2. Don’t go to too many Parties

Some people while studying abroad think that they went there to enjoy their life and forget what they went there for. Going to one party from one city to another in the name of enjoyment is what a reasonable student should avoid totally while studying because for me it makes you spend too much and these is not good for your stay in abroad. People think is good to enjoy life but for me I think there is time to do that, not while studying abroad. Going from one party to another will exposed your life to danger as well and this is not good for your stay abroad.

3. Don’t make too much Friends

Making friends while studying has it own limitation and sometimes is good. But making too much friends is not advisable. You may not happen to know some of your friend’s intentions toward you whether they want you to progress or not. The pressure of peer group sometimes is bad because they can make you to do something that is illegal while in school like they can teach you to smoke that it is part of life abroad. Making too much friends may not give you time to read because every time they may want you to come out so they may take you out for one thing or the other which may not even contribute to your education.

4. Don’t skip lectures

Some students are always skipping their lectures which are not good while studying abroad. No matter the situation a good student that knows that he went to study should not skip classes no matter the excuses you may think of, this attitude contribute negatively and not positively. You can skip food but don’t skip lectures you always be a slogan in your mind while opting to study abroad. You will miss important information a lecturer will give which is not even in the lectures note and going to classes will enable you to ask question where you don’t actually understands in any area. Asking a fellow student to explain what you don’t understand may not be as clear and understanding as the way the lecturer would have explain to your own understanding if you were in class.

5. Don’t dress anyhow

There is one important adage that says “you are address the way you are dress”. The way you dress as a student matters alot to your personality. You can’t be a student and dress like you are in the motor park, if you dress like a conductor in the motor park people will address you to be a conductor not a student. Barbing your hair neatly will attract you to important dignitaries in you school and these will attract people to be closed to you. Some people think that having too many cloths contribute to you dressing well because you will have what to wear from Monday to Saturdays, you can still have little cloth and wash them neat with proper ironing and go to school neatly. You are not going there to show your cloths but to acquire knowledge.

6. Inferiority complex

Don’t think that were you come from is a local place, don’t feel inferior because your country is not developed or whatever. Be bold to tell people if you are ask where your country is, be proud of your country don’t think that people will look down on you if there know you are from any country apart from theirs. Tell people about your country and these may even interest them to visit your great country someday.

7. Don’t let one habit matter you

Some people can’t do without doing one particular thing in their life. Some people while in their country were used to a life without hanging out with girls in the club or going to parties with their girlfriends. If you think you won’t be able to do away with this kind of lifestyle please this will affect you while studying abroad. This will impact more bad than good to your studying life because all your concentration will be to hangouts with girls all the time. When you go for studies always focus on your studies and leave enjoyment life because there is time for everything and if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

8. Don’t dwell in the Past

Always don’t let your past affect your present. Don’t think of the friends you will lose while studying abroad, concentrate because this is your future and you will meet new people. Always remember that the world you left will be proud of you when you come back victorious.

9. Don’t sleep too much

Student always think that sleeping too much is a good thing. If you have 24hrours in a day and you sleep for 8hours, if you calculate this hours in a week you will see that you are just sleeping for nothing sake. I don’t say that sleeping is not good but as a student you must try and reduced the number of hours you sleep in a day.

10. Don’t forget your Journal

When you want to travel don’t make mistake to forget your journal at home, you will need it to write down some of the experiences you archived or went through in life while studying abroad. You may write down new things you learn in life in your adventure to a foreign land. This also contributes greatly in learning.

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There are things you do as a student and you will benefit greatly while studying abroad and there are things you should avoid while studying too. If you adhere to the above the “Don’t” in your stay abroad you will benefit greatly. I hope this advice will help you in life too.

Akwaowo Akpan
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