All Free Military Schools in Georgia

All Free Military Schools in Georgia

Dear readers! This article you just discovered has a lot of information to share about free military schools in Georgia and free military schools for troubled youth in Georgia. Don’t overlook this, but read it carefully!

Georgia is well known in Eastern Europe for the quality of its education. There are good cooking schools for food lovers, for those interested in beautifying others, there are cosmetology schools for them as well as others for different careers . Besides these vocational schools, there are programs that one can join in Georgia, such as the accelerated nursing program for nursing students who want to earn a nursing degree at an accelerated pace.

For students who want to take advantage of online learning opportunities without spending too much, there are online colleges with no registration fee that can enroll from the comfort of home and study at their own pace. your own, as well as integrate with other life priorities.

Of all these schools, this article will focus solely on the free military schools in Georgia. There are military boarding schools in the state that you can apply for if you want to experience life as a boarding school. Without further ado, dive into these Free Military Schools in Georgia.

Free Military Schools in Georgia

There are free military schools for troubled youth in Georgia that you can enroll in and not bother about the cost. They are as follows;

  • Georgia Military College
  • Miller’s Military Academy
  • Riverside Preparatory Academy
  • Benedictine Military School
  • Shepherd’s Hill Academy
  • Fort Stewart Youth Challenge Academy
  • Pine Mountain Boys Academy
  • Brandon Hall School

1.  Georgia Military College

This is the first free military school in Georgia on our list. It is located in Milledgeville and is a public college. Since 1879, Georgia Military College has turned its students into effective leaders and engaged citizens, rooted in courtesy and respect for others. Their age-old values ​​of duty, honor, country and dignity above all are passed on to those they serve. Attending GMC isn’t just about earning a degree; Their graduates are ready to make a difference in the world.

This is a small institute with 1,336 registered university students. Their acceptance rate is 100% and they graduate 37% of students.

2.  Miller’s Military Academy

Founded in 1998, Miller Military Academy offers young men the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Young men serve as role models to their friends and communities and most importantly receive a quality education in a supportive environment.

The all-boys Miller Military Academy proved to be an opportunity for young men to grow and, in some cases, restore hope to their lives. They also have the opportunity to meet positive male role models. Boarding space is available to a limited number of students.

MMA welcomes applications from students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and nationalities seeking a challenging program of study and active participation in a unique environment. unique.

The all-boys Miller Military Academy proved to be an opportunity for young men to grow and, in some cases, restore hope to their lives. They also have a chance to meet positive male role models.

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3.  Riverside Preparatory Academy

Riverside Prep is a private boarding school located in Gainesville, Georgia, near the beautiful mountains of northeast Georgia and just an hour north of Atlanta. They serve middle school boys in grades 6-8 and high school in grades 9-12.

At Riverside Prep, they proudly deploy a military education model, refined and focused to bring out the best in your neighborhood. The same principles that apply in the development of great soldiers are carefully used and optimized for the specific purpose of building GREAT SIMPLE MEN.

This experience is designed to define the height and breadth of potential, unleash and maximize strengths, create exemplary character, and prepare students for leadership, achievement, and success. Lifetime perfection.

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4. Benedictine Military School

The Benedictine Military School is a private, all-boys Catholic preparatory school that trains and educates young men in grades 9-12 from a variety of backgrounds, supporting a deeper commitment to their faith. , prepare for life through a quality curriculum, and instill leadership skills through JROTC, athletics, extracurricular activities, and community service. Through education and discipline, we seek to build men of morality and integrity who are ready for lifelong learning and service to their faith and civic community

Military School Benedictine is a highly regarded private Catholic school for boys located in SAVANNAH, GA. The school has 413 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1. Tuition is $13,450 for the highest grade offered. After graduation, 90% of the students of this school go on to a 4-year university.

5. Shepherd’s Hill Academy

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a God-centered therapeutic boarding school that will provide your family with holistic healing. We offer a unique wilderness-style environment without sacrificing the accessibility of a fully accredited college campus. Along with this, their experienced team works deliberately to facilitate weekly therapeutic activities that foster a change of heart and personality development. After your journey with us, your child will be positioned for success.

The team at Shepherd’s Hill Academy have experience successfully treating adolescents with addiction and behavioral disorders. They provide a safe environment for youth to learn and heal.

Their Therapeutic Boarding School offers a holistic solution to recovery where students can thrive in an unconstrained environment, pursue a college education, and benefit from support Therapy has been shown to achieve mental and emotional growth.

Their holistic approach is based on four concepts:

  • Nature-based therapy immerses teens in an unplugged environment
  • Academics challenge teens and keep them on track to graduation
  • Residential year-round programs lead to lasting change
  • Clinical Therapeutics include individual treatment plans, group therapy, and equine therapy

6. Fort Stewart Youth Challenge Academy

The National Guard Youth Challenge Program was established by Congress in 1993 to change the lives of young men and women between the ages of 16 and 18 who are struggling to complete a traditional secondary education. . This is a free program for Georgia residents.

By intervening in the lives of troubled youth, Challenges make a difference. It is the only program of its kind that offers graduates a personal mentor for one year to help them transition into adulthood.

7. Pine Mountain Boys Academy

Located 50 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia, Prayer Mountain Boys’ Academy is a year-round faith-based program for teens ages 13-17 who are struggling with anger, opposition, and points. low or negative choices.

Pine Mountain Boys Academy (formerly Prayer Mountain Boys Academy) offers life change for boys struggling with life-affecting behaviors, addictions or attitudes. They want to see every boy reach his God-given potential. Their program has several components, but our overall goal is to get boys ready for a successful transition to a normal, healthy lifestyle, whether in college, ministry or work. labor volume. Ideally, we would like to see every young man following the Lord.

They believe that developing healthy interests, caring for animals and emphasizing education will make a significant difference in the lives of adolescents who are overcoming life control issues. While attending Pine Mountain Boys’ Academy, boys enjoy nature, tending animals, gardening and all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports while training their attitudes and education.

Pine Mountain Academy is a year-round boarding school that transforms and nurtures youth (12-17 years of age) who have struggled with life-threatening behaviors, rebellion, academic failure or indifferent attitude. We help every boy reach his God-given potential. The year-round program includes 24/7 care, guidance and counseling with the overall aim of helping each boy prepare in all areas of life for a productive and fulfilling future.

They believe that developing healthy hobbies, caring for animals, and an emphasis on education and life skills will make a significant difference in the lives of teenagers who are overcoming problems with childhood. life control. While attending Pine Mountain Boys’ Academy, boys love nature, animals, and strive to study at our accredited private school. The boys work under the direction of a certified teacher. Their fun program also offers:

  • Wilderness Adventure
  • Lifeskills Training
  • Mission Trips
  • Leadership Training
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Mentoring
  • Vocational Training

8. Brandon Hall School

This free military school in Georgia was founded in 1959 by Theodore and Shirley Hecht, Brandon Hall School is located on a pristine 24-acre campus on the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta, Georgia. This campus was formerly the summer estate of the famous Atlantan Morris Brandon and his wife, Harriet Inman, and includes the original 1920s residence. His Brandon Hall School has tutored boys from around the world. place in the country. scholarships and services. Their community celebrates learning, promotes global citizenship, embraces diversity, encourages sport and artistic expression, and inspires students to find their way and lead the way. head. As Atlanta’s only international boarding and day school, Brandon Hall is committed to providing a unique approach to learning and delivering unforgettable experiences.


After checking out these free military schools in Georgia, you can start applying as soon as possible before the application deadline expires. Good luck with your subscription!

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