How To Write A Scholarship Acceptance Letter

How To Write A Scholarship Acceptance Letter

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Just like when someone gives you something or offers you help, you always say “thank you”, that is exactly what a scholarship acceptance letter is all about.

You could remember how it took you so much time to write a compelling scholarship application so that you can study that program on sponsorship. Now that you have gotten that scholarship, do not run off to celebrate yet. Just as you wrote that compelling scholarship essay, write a very compelling thank you letter to show gratitude to the sponsors of the scholarship.

If you do not know how to go about this, we will guide you carefully on how to write a compelling scholarship acceptance letter in this article.

What is a scholarship acceptance letter?

A scholarship acceptance letter, also known as a thank you letter, is a letter that you write to a scholarship awarding body or institution indicating that you accept the scholarship that they have given you.

Beneficiaries write this letter to show that they have decided to accept the offer to pursue their degree under that financial aid at their choice of institution.

When should I write a scholarship acceptance letter?

You may be wondering when is the best time to pen a heartfelt acceptance letter to your sponsors. Well, the best time to write this letter is immediately after receiving an official letter notifying you that you have been selected as a beneficiary of the financial aid.

Do not send a thank you after sending your application. You may think that it will convince the school or scholarship organization to consider but this is not true. Ensure that you wait for the school or organization to consider and select you for the award first before writing them a thank you letter.

On the other hand, writing a scholarship acceptance letter once you receive the award serves as the best time to determine whether you are still interested in the financial award or not. By writing the thank you shows that you have accepted the offer.

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How To Write A Scholarship Acceptance Letter

If you want to write a compelling acceptance letter for financial aid that an institution or organization granted you, there are certain steps you should take to write such a letter.

To write a heartfelt scholarship acceptance letter, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Type the letter

Write your thank you letter first on a piece of paper with a pen, read it over and over again, and then type it using a computer. Make sure that you use the proper format and phrases to express your gratitude.

While typing the letter, watch out for errors, paragraphing, and spacing.

Step 2: Ensure that the letter is addressed to the scholarship sponsor

While writing the thank you letter, ensure that you address the letter to the scholarship awarding school or organization.

You can address the letter by using Dear Scholarship Donor or Dear (name of the scholarship sponsor).

Step 3: State the scholarship you were given

The same way you write the name of your scholarship sponsor during the salutation is the same way you should mention the name of the scholarship you were granted in the body of the letter.

By mentioning the name of the scholarship you were given, the sponsors will know the schemes that granted you the financial ward. Additionally, it will let the sponsor know that you are very dedicated.

Step 4: Mention the importance of the scholarship to you
During your scholarship application, you stated the reasons why you need the award. Well, you should equally mention the same reason again.

This time, you will tell the scholarship body how they have landed you on the path to achieving your career dreams.

Step 5: Let your letter show gratitude

Now that you have received the scholarship to study your dream course, make sure that the tone of your letter will show deep gratitude and joy.

Keep in mind that most scholarships are need-based, thus benefactors give financial aids to students that will appreciate the assistance.

So, while writing your thank you letter, pour out your heart to the sponsors.

Step 6: Show honesty in your letter

While expressing gratitude in your thank you letter, make it to be very sincere. Do not fake it.

Remember that it is very difficult to win a scholarship. So, express that joy you had when you received the scholarship letter.

Step 7: Proofread the letter

Once you are done typing the letter, make sure that your friend, teacher, or guidance counselor proofreads the letter before you send it out to the scholarship organization.

Giving it to someone else will help you detect if the letter conveys gratitude or not.

What should I add to a scholarship acceptance letter?
While writing a compelling scholarship acceptance letter, there are important pieces of information that your letter should convey to show that you understand the terms of the scholarship.

Therefore, the following are the details you should include in your thank you letter:

Your academic background and how it made you seek the scholarship.

How you plan to use the financial award to fund your choice of program and course.
Why you want to pursue your choice of program and course in a particular institution and how you will make good use of your sponsor’s financial award throughout the duration of your study.
How well you understood the terms of the scholarship and what you will do to meet the terms (if any).
In a situation that you are a bit confused, ask the scholarship body questions for more clarifications.
Format for a scholarship acceptance letter
Every letter has a format for writing it. Remember that your scholarship application letter had a format, that is the same way your acceptance letter will have a format too.

So, as you are writing your scholarship acceptance letter, maintain the format that we will provide for you below.

The Beginning
Step 1: Your Address

Start writing the letter by putting your address. This will help the receiver to know who the sender is and where it is coming from. Your address should appear

Step 2: Your Name
After writing your address, include your name. Remember that it will let the donor know who the letter is coming from. Ensure that you identify yourself.

Step 3: Receiver’s Address

This is very important in your scholarship thank you letter. It will enable the posting agency to know where the letter is going.

If you are sending the letter using the email address of the sponsor, you will not include the address of the receiver. Make sure that the receiver’s email address is correct before sending your letter via email.

Step 4: Receiver’s Name

Do not forget to include the name of the receiver (scholarship donor) while writing your thank you letter. You can address the letter to the organization or institution if you do not know the name of the sponsor.

This will help anyone who receives the letter on behalf of the sponsor to know who the letter is addressed to.

Step 5: Mention Your Name And The Scholarship You Received

As you are about to start the body of the letter, make a brief introduction of yourself. In the introduction, let the sponsor know that you are a beneficiary of their award. Endeavor to state the exact scholarship.

Afterward, tell the sponsor that you have received the scholarship and you are writing to express your acceptance and gratitude for the financial award.

The Body
Step 6: Give A Brief Summary About How The Scholarship Has Helped You

While showing gratitude with all honesty, mention your reason(s) for applying for the financial aid and how the award has helped to set you on the path to achieving your career dream.

Here, you give a brief summary of your background, the reasons for your choice of program and course, and how the scholarship will help you achieve your career dream.

Step 7: Confirm Your Acceptance Of The Scholarship

Do not complete the letter without confirming again that you have accepted the scholarship wholeheartedly. This will show the sponsors that you are set to begin your studies under the financial award.

Step 8: Conclusion

Conclude the letter by thanking the donors and repeating the terms of the scholarship or any further activity that you may have to conclude to honor your acceptance of the scholarship.



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