Best 10 Canadian Art Schools with Scholarship

Best 10 Canada Art Schools with Scholarship

This article is about Canadian art schools with scholarships. Do you wish to improve your abilities or maybe seek a career in one of the arts because you have such a strong interest for them? You ought to enroll in a Canadian art program that will aid in the development of these abilities and help you become a professional.

This article provides comprehensive information about art schools in Canada that offer scholarships and other forms of financial aid to domestic and foreign students seeking training in the arts.

As old as mankind, art has experienced many changes over the years and continues to do so as a result of in-depth study and thorough investigation. Digital technologies’ development gave up new avenues for artistic expression, including photography, animation, game creation, and virtual reality art, among others.

You can read the article I made earlier on the greatest art schools in the world for both domestic and international students.

You can look at our list of foreign institutions with full scholarships if your interest is not limited to art schools but also universities domestically or overseas.

Canada is one of the best places in the world to study because of its excellent teaching standards, low crime rate, pleasant climate, and cozy environment. The Canadian art schools provide excellent facilities and qualified tutors to help you improve as an art student.

To help students financially and motivate them to become better students, I have produced a list of the top Canadian art schools that provide scholarships and other types of financial aid.

Canadian Art Schools (With Scholarships)

I therefore managed to gather 10 art institutions with scholarships accessible in Canada after conducting in-depth research on all of the Canadian art schools.

Alberta University of the Arts
Concordia University, Department of Visual Arts
Emily Carr University of Art & Design
George Brown College, Center for Arts & Design
Nova Scotia College of Art & Design
Ontario College of Art & Design University
Yukon School of Visual Arts
New Brunswick College of Craft & Design
Ottawa School of Art
Sheridan College, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design.
Alberta University of the Arts
Established in 1926, Alberta University of the Arts is known as the largest art school in Canada, able to nurture creativity and drive innovation, AUArts has inspired thousands of students to pursue and achieve their artistic goals.

The college offers financial aid to students every year, including scholarships, bursaries, prizes, and awards, to enable them further their education and realize their aspirations.

Each year, AUArts offers a variety of prizes that may be used by both international and Canadian students who want to major in any area of the arts. It’s vital to be aware of these award categories so you can choose which ones to apply for. These honors include;

When freshmen or first-time students at AUArts submit their portfolios, they are eligible for Entrance Scholarship Awards, which are given as tuition credits.

With an automatic scholarship grant, students are automatically chosen based on their academic performance from the previous academic year or the quality of their work, without having to submit an application.

In order to be considered for a competitive scholarship award, students must fill out and submit an application form and meet specific requirements before the faculty or award committee may make a decision.

Bursaries are financial aid packages given to students in need.

Students receive prizes as recognition for their achievements. These can take the shape of books, supplies, medals, plaques, subscriptions, and gift cards.

Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts

The faculty, made up of eminent researchers, artists, and scholars who provide top-notch education and act as a source of inspiration and motivation for students, has more than 3,800 students enrolled in 60 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, reflecting the openness and diversity of contemporary culture.

One of Canada’s best art schools is the college of fine arts at Concordia University. Its nine departments and four cutting-edge research institutes are devoted to fusing modern technology, conventional media, and classic fine art techniques.

For students who wish to enroll in one of these nine departments, the institution also offers scholarships.

The two scholarships offered by the institution to the faculty of fine arts are;

The faculty of fine arts established the Heather Walker Memorial Scholarship in 1995 thanks to contributions from friends and coworkers. It is given each year to full- or part-time students enrolled in one of the Cinema or Photography programs. The scholarship recipients are chosen based on their devotion to humanitarian causes, academic prowess, and artistic accomplishments.

The Heather and Erin Humanitarian Award, which is given yearly to a full-time or part-time student enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program, was also established by the faculty of fine arts in 1995 with the help of donations from friends and coworkers. Candidates are chosen based on their contributions to society, academic prowess, creative talent, and volunteer work.

NOTE: The scholarships are for undergraduate students only

Emily Carr University of Art & Design

The Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD), founded in 1925, is one of Canada’s top art universities, offering a welcoming learning environment dedicated to excellence and innovation in the visual, media, and design arts. Students who choose to study any type of art at ECUAD receive top-notch instruction in both theory and practice, preparing them to become professionals in their fields of study.

As a student, ECUAD is a famous school of the arts that may assist you in achieving your artistic goals. Through the years, the university has helped many students realize their dreams by offering annual scholarships and other financial aid that are available to all students.

ECUAD offers a sizable amount of financial aid each year to help students, and these include;

Financial help for undergraduate students includes financing support for incoming, continuing, and graduate students who may qualify.

About seven more scholarships are available to both domestic and international students via the Entrance Scholarships program. These scholarships are given to new students with outstanding academic records and artistic promise. The first year’s tuition will be largely covered by these scholarships.

With more than a dozen scholarship grants available to first-, second-, and third-year students enrolled in 12 or more credits at ECUAD, tuition scholarships are given to students in the form of a tuition reduction in the ensuing autumn and spring semesters. At the time of application (March), only students who maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.33 are eligible to apply.

Any type of financial aid that students get outside of ECUAD and choose to use there may qualify as an external scholarship.

Graduate Students Funding is given to an ECUAD graduate student who has demonstrated excellence and artistic potential. Various applications are accepted for these scholarships.

As part of the school’s commitment to supporting their academic achievement, Aboriginal Students Funding is a sort of financial help given to just aboriginal students.

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George Brown College, Center for Arts & Design

The George Brown College, Center for Arts and Design is where you need to study to gain practical skills in any form of art or design of your choice and prepares you for the employment journey. It is stacked with top-notch art research facilities and situated in the heart of a richly diverse and vibrant city.

The school, one of Canada’s top art universities, offers a number of scholarships each year to both domestic and foreign students who wish to enroll in this esteemed art college. These scholarships include;

Awards for degrees and diplomas. For qualifying returning students enrolled in full-time diploma or degree programs, 31 scholarships are given out. Applicants must have taken part in activities that benefited other students, their academic department, or the school as a whole in order to be eligible for the scholarship application.

Additionally, before the current semester, the student needed to have finished at least two semesters of study in a row with a minimum CGPA of 3.5.

For eligible returning students enrolled in the full-time postgraduate certificate program, there is a scholarship known as a certificate. The candidate must be actively involved in the school community and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5.

For qualifying returning ESL students, there are 18 scholarships available through the EAP program. The candidate must have successfully completed at least one level of the English for Academic Purposes Program with a grade A average and must have taken part in initiatives that benefited other students, their academic division, or the school as a whole.

Three scholarships—the Kimokran Scholarship, Assist-on Scholarship, and Woori Education Scholarship—are classified as “externally funded scholarships” and come from sources other than George Brown College’s Center for Arts & Design. Applicants must have a CGPA of 3.3 and be actively involved in the school community in order to be considered.

Nova Scotia College of Art & Design

The Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD), which has a long history of successful art production and is situated in a coastal city with a vibrant art community, is home to many internationally renowned artists, designers, researchers, and scholars who provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to succeed both inside and outside of art schools.

Scholarships are given annually by NSCAD to students with financial need who wish to enroll in the institution.

Applicants should submit their applications by the early deadline of March 1 to be automatically considered for the Entrance Scholarship. Additionally, NSCAD offers more than 90 internal scholarships and bursaries to deserving candidates each academic year, allowing them to major in any program of their choice.

Ontario College of Art & Design University

The largest and most comprehensive university for art and design in Canada, Ontario College of Art & Design University was founded in 1876 and is recognized as the top art school in Ontario.

The Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD U) is committed to the study, practice, and research of art and design in a wide range of fields. Along with scientific, theoretical, critical, and historical knowledge and techniques, the students also receive technical and aesthetic education.

OCAD University is highly equipped with cutting-edge infrastructures so that students can further explore their creativity, conduct research, and engage in other activities. You should be in this institution if you want to maximize your artistic ability and accomplish your goal.

OCAD U annually awards financial aid to students who could face financial difficulties in an effort to entice them to enroll.

The financial aid that OCAD University provides is meant to acknowledge students’ accomplishments. It is given out annually for each program major and year level based on grades or through a jury competition.

Before the start of the following academic year, scholarships are awarded as tuition credits. Students are not required to apply; instead, they will be chosen based on their outstanding academic performance in their chosen program of study. Scholarships may be one-time or renewable depending on the student’s work.

The schools of art, design, liberal arts & sciences, and interdisciplinary studies offer scholarships for first-, second-, and third-year students.

Awards are offered at the 4th-year level typically through a juried competition at the conclusion of each academic year and are monetary in nature. They reward students’ academic success and artistic talent equally.

Both the scholarship and awards programs give out prizes, which may have a monetary or non-monetary value.

Yukon School of Visual Arts

The Yukon School of Visual Arts (SOVA), recognized as Canada’s most northern post-secondary fine arts institution, was founded in 2007 with the mission to provide a dynamic visual arts education in a town rich in culture. One of the newest art schools in Canada is Yukon School of Visual Arts.

Despite being a young organization, the school has succeeded in having its students carry out its vision. In order to develop their artistic potential and get them ready for the path ahead, students are trained with both theoretical and practical skills.

Each year, YSOVA awards scholarships to students who want to enroll in the program but are having trouble paying their tuition. The candidate must maintain a B average in the autumn semester while enrolled full-time in the Visual Arts Program.

WhiteHorse Motors presents a $1000 grant to a student enrolled full-time in a visual arts program at YSOVA. WhiteHorse Motors is the official Ford dealership servicing WhiteHorse and the surrounding area. They are active sponsors and volunteers in the community.

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design

The only Canadian institution dedicated solely to fine crafts and design was founded in New Brunswick in 1938.

One of Canada’s top art colleges, the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (NBCCD) offers a wide range of academic programs, from traditional craft studios to modern digital design, as well as an Aboriginal Visual Art Program.

In order for students to discover their unique creative potential, turn their passion, dreams, and talents into a career, and also be a part of the expanding community of craft and design specialists, NBCCD offers an excellent foundation for professional practice, personal development, fostering creative enterprise, and applied learning in the art of craft and design.

The following financial aid programs are available to both part-time and full-time students who wish to attend the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design:

A chosen applicant who has always wanted to study at NBCCD may now do so with the help of the Renewed Tuition Bursary, a sort of financial aid created to assist students with severe financial limitations.

As many students as the budget will allow are supported by the New Brunswick Community College Foundation Awards. The foundation offers NBCCD students bursaries, scholarships, and rewards so they can major in a subject of their choosing.

A student in the Advanced Studio Practice Program who has demonstrated exceptional talent in crafts or design and has an outstanding academic record will receive the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation Award.

A limited number of students who meet the requirements of the Training Skills and Development (TSD) program are eligible for PETL Training Skills and Development, a sort of financial help.

Ottawa School of Art

With a wealth of multipurpose art facilities, Ottawa School of Art, one of the greatest Canadian art schools, focuses more on practical work to help students develop their artistic abilities from an early age to an adult stage and prepare them for life outside of the classroom.

Students who want to follow their academic dreams at Ottawa School of Art can apply for scholarships that are funded by private donors, and those who are chosen can enroll in any course they desire.

Sheridan College, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design

Sheridan College, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, was founded in 1967 as a Canadian art school. With its creative campus approach, which is intended to equip you with problem-solving and critical thinking tools, and extensive program offerings across the creative spectrum, Sheridan College offers students an amazing learning experience that equips you for work and life.

For those who choose to attend Sheridan, the college provides a number of financial aid alternatives, including the following:

Scholarships are awarded in accordance with standards including academic excellence, involvement in the community, leadership ability, and financial necessity.

Selected applicants who wish to major in any of Sheridan University’s degree programs may apply for entry scholarships.

Students who have significant financial difficulties yet wish to enroll in the Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design at Sheridan College are given bursaries.

Sheridan University offers academic awards to students who excel in their studies. Faculty members propose individuals for these awards.

You may get completely up-to-date information about the best Canadian art schools there, along with scholarships that will help you realize your artistic potential, improve what you’ve always loved to do in the arts area, and provide you with the skills you need to succeed in the creative profession.

I appreciate your time.


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