Costco Student Discount | How to Get Costco Discount 2023

Costco Student Discount | How to Get Costco Discount 2023

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These article is on Costco Student Discount. Costco offers student discounts that let you buy a laptop, MacBook, or computer at a lower price if you have a college student membership.

Costco gives a special discount to college students on computers and other gadgets to help make them more affordable.

However, if you have a student membership with Costco, you can buy a MacBook or any other type of laptop at a lower price.

In this article, we will provide you with all the details on how you can benefit from the discounted membership for students at Costco. We will explain how to use Costco’s educational discount to buy a laptop, MacBook, or any other computer easily. Before we begin, let’s provide you with the correct information to start.

About Costco Student Discount

Mostly, the store or company is famous for selling things like juice, cookies, coffee, household items, suitcases, clothes, and soap.

Costco has a big technology section with laptops and software that you can buy for less money than other stores.

Costco sells high-quality brands from all over the country and local areas, and they promise
you will be completely happy with your purchase.

Most of the things that Costco sells are made to be as good as or better than other well-known brands. That’s why Costco is known for being a great place to shop.

Besides selling products, Costco is a company in the US that runs stores where things are sold at lower prices.

This means that if you buy a lot of items at once from Costco, you can get them for a much cheaper price. However, you have to pay a yearly fee to become a member and get these discounts.

Does Costco Student Discount Offer An Educational Discount?

Even though Costco doesn’t have many discounts and deals, they offer a special discount for students. Costco has a special deal for college students to encourage them to join as new members.

This deal includes a Costco gift card. This special offer is only for students because Costco doesn’t give free or cheaper memberships to anyone else.

Is there a Student Membership At Costco?

Costco does not offer discounts for students. However, students have the opportunity to save money if they decide to get a regular Gold Star Costco membership at a discounted rate during a specific time period for promotions.

With this deal, students can enter a special code and receive a $30 coupon card for Costco.

How Much is a Costco Card for Student Membership?

All Membership Costco shop cards cost $60.00 annually. An Executive Membership will require an additional $60 upgrade fee a year.

Costco only offers two types of personal Costco card memberships:

#1. Costco Gold Star Member

The annual membership fee for the Gold Star membership is $60.

Applying for this will get you two membership cards and an option to shop either online or in-store.

#2. Costco Gold Star Executive Member  

If you pay twice as much as the Gold Star Member, you can have a Gold Star Executive membership which offers some additional benefits, like getting 2 percent of your purchases back.

Each membership comes with a free card for households. And you can find this at any Costco store in the world.

Is Costco Good For College Students?

Costco is a good store for students to leverage on.

This is true because college students can save money by buying laptops and software from Costco, where they are sold at a lower price compared to other stores.

How Do I Get a Costco Student Discount Card?

As we earlier stated, Costco welcomes students with a Costco shop card.

But the big question is how do you get this student membership educational discount?

By design, the Costco Shop Cards can only be purchased by current members at the nearest Costco customer service desk near you.

Is There A Costco Student Membership Discount? 

Yes, college students receive special treatment when it comes to Costco membership. Normally, the membership costs $60 for one person.

This part of the text provides answers to any questions you may have about becoming a member of Costco;

Can Anyone Be A Costco Member?

Too bad, not everyone can be a Costco member.

Yes, you have to actually qualify for a Costco membership before you’re allowed to pay the membership fee.

Here are the criteria to become a Costco member;

  • You’ll need to be a current or retired employee of the firms that fall under
    • Banking/finance.
    • Local government.
    • Fire/rescue service.
  • You’ll need to be a student to qualify for the student discount on Costco.

That makes you eligible to be up for a Costco membership.

Can I Get A Free Costco membership?

If you’re not a student, you can’t get a free or cheap Costco membership.

No matter how much you have to pay for a Costco membership, you can make up for it by saving a lot of money when you shop there.

Additionally, by
taking advantage of the discounts available on various Costco Services for both your business and personal needs, you can save a significant amount of money. This can ultimately offset the cost of your membership.

Can I Use My Mom’s Costco Shop Card Without Her?

You can’t use your family members’ Costco shop card to buy things at the store, whether it’s your mom, dad, or siblings. This is because you can’t give your Costco membership card to someone else.

Instead of using someone else’s membership card at the store, you can go with them while they shop and choose any product you want. If you have a Costco shop card, you can bring two friends with you each time you go to the store.

Can I Add My Son To My Costco membership?

Yes, rather than use a Costco shop card that’s not yours to shop at the store, you can ask the owner to add you as an authorized user of the card.

All you have to do to add a second user to your Costco shop card is this;

  • Sign in to your Costco account.
  • Click on “My Account,”
  • Go to “Account Details” to add the person you would like.
  • The person you added can pick up their membership card at the local Costco shop you choose.

Following these simple steps can help you add an authorized user to your Costco membership simply and easily.

What is Gold Star Membership on Costco?

Gold star membership is for people who spend around $250 at Costco.

If you have a Costco Gold Star Membership, you can get an extra card for your household for free.

The Costco Free Household Card lets you buy things for your home and family.

The Gold Star Membership lasts for one year and can be used at any Costco store or online.

Remember that once your membership expires, you have the option to renew it every year.

Do Costco Members Get Discounts Online?

Yes, Costco’s discount can be used at both their online and physical stores.

If you have a student membership at Costco, you can get discounts, special offers, and save money on different things.

Costco gives
students special prices on computers like MacBooks and laptops from various brands.

Students can save money on online items through the Costco Student Discount.

If you buy something online at a cheaper price, it will have a red icon that says “Shop Now. ”

To find these savings easily, scroll to the bottom of the collection on Costco’s website.

Is Costco Worth It For A Single Person?

For just $60, one person can easily buy a lot of things at Costco for less money.

Many people claim they can save items bought in large quantities. If you don’t have any extra room to store things, you should definitely consider getting some before becoming a member of Costco.

Why is Costco More Expensive Than Sam’s Club?

Fair so you know, Sam’s Club could be a comparative store to Costco but it’s a subsidiary of Walmart.

As a result Costco could be a freely exchanged company, the enrollment taken a toll is more costly than Sam’s Club.

But when it comes to item costs, Costco’s are somewhat lower than Sam’s Club. The reason for the moo taken a toll of items at Costco can be followed to its privately branded companies, such as Kirkland.

In comparison, Costco has more stores around the world than Sam’s Club, but Sam’s Club has more stores within the U.S than Costco

Frequently Asked Questions About Costco Student Discount 2022

Do Costco Employees Get A Discount?

Employees who work with Costco do not get any discount for the purchase of any product or service from Costco stores worldwide.
Instead of a discount, Costco Employees get these add-ons;
– Dental coverage
– Health insurance
– 50% 401(k) matching.
– Extended shopping hours
– 4 free annual memberships.
– Time and a half pay on Sunday.

Does Costco Offer Student Discount On Computers?

Since Costco does not offer a understudy rebate, you may not get computers, whether a MacBook or another tablet from other brands at a rebate.

Can I Get A Costco Membership As A Teacher?

Yes, instructors who shop at Costco get an instructive rebate from the company.
In the event that you’re a instructor, you’ll connect online for the Costco educator rebate on participation.

The teacher’s costco instructive rebate is over $60. These rebates are permitted to be utilized in-store. Because Gold Star enrollment is $60, instructors who apply for enrollment at Costco will consequently get a free participation.

Is Costco Worth It For A Family Of Two?

If Costco is good for one person, then it is also good for two or more people.
Costco is a place where single people, students, families, and couples can go to shop and buy things. If you want to save money while eating good food, then Costco is the place for you.

Even regular families can save money by carefully planning and thoughtfully buying household items.

How Much Is A Membership At Costco Per Year?

A Costco membership is $60 a year.
An Executive Membership will require an additional $60 upgrade fee a year.

What is The Number One Selling Item at Costco?

Costco has many products and services, including gadgets. But what may surprise you is that the most popular thing at Costco is toilet paper.

Yes, the most popular item that Costco sells is toilet paper.
Costco sells more than one billion rolls each year. Costco’s Kirkland brand toilet paper is the best option for many people because it has good quality and is available at a lower price.

How Much Do You Have To Spend To Make The Costco Executive Membership worth it?

You need to spend $250 a month to make your Executive Membership worth it.

Does Costco Have A Student Discount In Canada?

Costco does not give special price deals for students in Canada or any other place.
But, there are other ways you can save money at Costco Canada.
Join Costco and get up to $100 off on

Which countries does Costco operate in?

Costco quality and value have been spread across the world in countries such as
United States
Puerto Rico.
The United Kingdom


Costco does not give student discounts. But, students can save 30% on items they buy online or in a physical store with their special offer.


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