Know The Minion Name – Complete List – Suki Desu

Know the Names of Minions - Complete List - Suki Desu

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The Minion name are popular characters that many people like all around the world. Some people want to know about the people in the story and what they are called. We wanted to write an article about the names of minions and interesting facts about them.

Minions are cute and helpful characters that appear in the Despicable Me movies and related
stories. They can also be silly at times. There are lots of minions, but they each have their own special name.

Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud made the minions. The minions are usually voiced by Pierre Coffin. They got ideas from characters in the Chocolate Factory and Star Wars.


Kevin is the most liked minion. He is a minion who loves bananas and has big eyes. He is one of the three main minions.

Stuart and Bob are also famous minions. Stuart is the littlest minion and has a squeaky voice. Bob is a minion who is a bit round and has only one tooth. He likes to eat a lot.

There are lots of different minions with special names like Jerry, Phil, Dave, and Tim. We have many people like Phil, Tim, Jerry, Carl, Lance and more.



Dave is a two-eyed minion, main character in Despicable Me 2. He is smart, loving, kind, and of course, very funny.


Kevin is the boss of the minions and is the most wise out of the three. People think he is the smart one who comes up with bad ideas.

This little creature is always teasing Jerry for being scared. His name is Golfy and he always wears clothes for playing golf. He really loves playing golf. He has two eyes and a head that looks like a potato.


Stuart is the shortest of the minions and is the most childish. He is often seen causing mischief and getting into trouble.


Bob is a minion with two eyes and each of his eyes has a different color. One is the color brown and the other is the color green. He is the smallest minion and has no hair.

He likes to have fun and is a bit childish. He easily gets attracted to many things he sees.

Kevin went on an adventure with two other minions, and one of them was called
King Bob. He won Scarlet’s challenge by mistake because he swallowed the ruby at Villain Con.


Jerry is a small Minion who has spiky hair and two eyes. He gets scared easily. Once he heard some strange noises that scared him. Kevin makes fun of him for being scared, but he doesn’t appear to be upset about it.

He sang a calm song
to the young girls at Minions Beach after he was taken away by force. He likes music and can play the guitar.


Carl is a small, yellow creature with only one eye and a short hairdo. He is friendly and enjoys having fun. He likes being with other people and making loud sounds. He enjoys skating too.

He was at the ice cream party with Dave and Stuart because Gru called him. He is seen in the part where there is a fire. He and Josh enter a room to put out the fire.


Mark dresses up as a mother often. He is also seen singing Copacabana when discovering Karaoke. He also likes to look at Dave.


Note that the names chosen for the minions portray some characteristic of them, perhaps a play on words. It is interesting to see how assertive the choice of names is. If you are fluent in English, you will easily understand your personality.

So there it is! These are just some of the minions’ names and their quirks. Do you have a favorite?


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