Top Audio Bible Apps for 2023

Top Audio Bible Apps for 2023

Hello bible scholars, am writing in an amazing Article which is solely about top Audio Bible Apps for 2023. If you are tired of reading the Bible, this apps is for you which you can use to listen to your favorite portion of the Bible without actually opening the bible. These apps are for Android version and iOS. These great apps also are used with Amazon fire tablets plus Samsung Galaxy tablets.

These audio bible apps are tested also in both Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra 5G and Samsung Galaxy tab S7. Do actually read through this article and download them for free.

Best Audio Bible Apps 2023

I will not waste time but go straight and give you this great Audio Bible Apps now.

1. Bible Offline- KJV Holy Bible

This is the first audio bible apps on our list. If you are too busy to read the bible, well what if your bible reads itself to you. Well that is exactly what this app will do, it gives you the option of listening to the bible when you are online or offline, it even has quizzes that will help deepen your knowledge of the scriptures so you can grow in it. You can download at Google playstore today.


This is one of the best audio bible apps for Android version 2023. audio bible apps makes you listen to the bible on your android phone without you opening to read the Bible. There can also be downloaded in the iOS apps. If you want to listen to the bible go and download app now on playstore and iOS apps.

Features of the

  • You will listen to the bible with hundred of languages with more coming
  • Create your own listening plans
  • You can share plans with the users
  • Read along with audio bible
  • Using keywords to search the bible
  • Watching Jesus films in the app

3. Olive Tree Bible App

Olive Tree audio bible apps are available in Android and iOS. It has tools for advance learning study, bible dictionaries, commentaries,media tools and many more. There have library of audio books.

Check the image below for sample of the Olive Tree Bible App for Android.

Audio Bible Apps

Open audio books using library buttons on the top toolbars. Check audio books with a phone icon. Open Olive tree and find library to see your audio books. The books with audio show a headphone icon, tap to open it, it will show the Audio controls to go back, play and go forward. You will also see play speed, driving mode and Bluetooth connection.

The control let you change volume, speed, enter driving mode or connect to a Bluetooth devices. The headphone inside a bookmark icon crate a bookmark so you can quickly go back to the spot in the bible.

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4. Logos- Best for Android Apps

There have the best advanced learning mobile app. It has audiobook too. Open menu button in the lower right hand corner of the app. Find a book in the library and open. It has a download button which you can use to download from the library. The app play bible and other books too.

Audio Bible Apps

You will open an audiobook in the lower right corner of the app. When you open it, you will see all the control at the right hand corner.

When the audiobook is open you will see playback controls as seen above on the right. In 30 seconds interval you can go back and forward by chapters.


Playback in logos gives most option and control to choose from. Moreover, it is also complex of the apps and will overwhelm those who wants to download bible study. is simple for people and is perfect for those who just wants to listen to the bible. The best apps comes from Olive Tree, it is not complex as Logos, it has more bible study tools than simpler apps.


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