15 Websites Where You Can Download a Book For Free

15 Websites Where You Can Download a Book For Free

This article is on website where you can download a book for free. Books that you can hold in your hands and read can be costly. So, it’s no wonder that many people prefer e-books, which are getting more popular. If you’re a student who wants to save money and find free books to read, we can help you with that. You can download fiction or non-fiction books without spending money.

If you like to read or can’t afford expensive college textbooks, there are 15 websites where you can download a book for free.

Platforms where you can download a boo for free

PDF Books World

The website says that PDF Books World has good books in PDF format that you can download for free.

You will find good books that are not just basic PDF files. They are made by professionals and have easy-to-read font sizes and extra features.

Planet ebook

This is a websites where you can download a book for free. People who love old books can go to Planet ebook. They only publish PDFs of some books. Their website says they have designs that work well on phones and different types of e-books.


This is a websites where you can download a book for free. Do you want to listen to audiobooks? LibriVox has free audiobooks that you can listen to on your computer or phone.

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You can find lots of books on Free-eBooks.net that are grouped into sections like academic, fiction, children’s books, and even textbooks.


This is a websites where you can download a book for free. If you want to read real-life books, eBookLobby is a good website to search. They have books for grown-ups about being healthy, doing art, and cooking, and more.


This is a websites where you can download a book for free. OnlineProgrammingBooks is a website that brings together books about computer stuff like programming, web design, and more. These books are made by authors and publishers and can be accessed for free on the website.


ManyBooks has over 50,000 free books. It’s called the “friendly neighbourhood library”.


OpenCulture is a website where you can find free digital books, classes, certificates, audio books, podcasts, school books, language lessons and more.


KnowFree has good stuff for people who want to learn about professional things and technical research. You can find papers, studies, magazines, and books there. It’s great for people who work because it helps them find what they need easily. The things are separated into groups like Human Resources or Management.


GetFreeEbooks is not just a place to get books without paying. You can watch helpful videos about reading and writing here. They will teach you what to read, how to read, and how to write. This website helps you find good books to read by suggesting them based on the type of story you like.

Free Computer Books

This IT-based website lets you download books for free.


O’Reilly teamed up with Creative Commons and Internet Archive to give people access to free books. Books with different types of copyright that can be freely downloaded by anyone are available without charge.

Internet Archive

Another website you can get books without paying is the Internet Archive. This is a library that doesn’t make money. It has lots of things you can use for free, like books, videos, computer programs, music, websites, and other stuff.

Open Library

Open Library began online as a way to keep important websites, e-books, and other computer files safe.

The people who made it wanted to make a website for all the books that were ever written. People can now read millions of e-books for free by borrowing them. Just make an account and search the Open Library. You can put new books into the collection.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a website where you can download a book for free. They have more than 60,000 books to read.


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