University of Northwestern Ohio

University of Northwestern Ohio

Degrees and programs offered at University of Northwestern Ohio include those in specialist areas such as technology, business, and various professional fields. Colleges operating within the university include the College of Business, the College of Health Professions, the College of Graduate Studies, the College of Applied Technology, and the Career College.

Students can pursue an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, online MBA or diploma upon registration. A variety of associate degree programs are available including agricultural equipment technology, high performance motorsport, diesel engine technology, robotics and automation technology. The university also offers associate degrees in marketing, accounting, specialized studies, and business administration.

Many college degrees are offered online without any on-campus study requirements. Not only can students complete the entire admission and registration process online, but they can also purchase textbooks and take courses over the Internet. The university offers associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and online MBAs.

Areas of study for students interested in earning an associate’s degree include accounting, automotive management, health information technology, medical practice management, sports management and marketing. Associate degree seekers can also earn degrees in tourism and hospitality management, specialized studies, office management, marketing, legal aid, and business administration.

For those choosing an online bachelor’s degree, options include programs in many of the same areas as associate degree pathways. However, there is an additional bachelor’s degree in accounting that includes courses that prepare students to work as Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

There is also a special diploma in health administration, designed as a 2+2 program. Students will first earn an associate’s degree in health information technology, medical assistant, or medical practice management. Students will then go on to study a bachelor’s degree program that grants a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management.

Business-oriented students who already have a bachelor’s degree can consider Northwestern Ohio University’s MBA program, which offers four courses per year and is 100% online. The MBA program requires students to complete 48 credit hours in courses such as Managerial Accounting, Managerial Finance, and the Capstone Management course upon completion of the course.

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About the University of Northwestern Ohio

The University of North western Ohio is located in Lima, Ohio, and has been in operation since 1920. The university has approximately 4,500 students, about 150 academic staff and several hundred additional administrative staff. The official university colors are gray and burgundy, and the school’s teams compete as Racers.

When the university opened as the Northwestern School of Commerce in 1920, it was located on North Elizabeth Street in Lima. In 1972, the campus was moved to Cable Road and renamed Northwestern Business College. It would become Northwestern Ohio University in 2000. The university also has a track called Limaland Motorsports Park and provides financial aid to motorsport students.

University of Northwestern Ohio Accreditation Details

Regional accreditation for the University of Northwestern Ohio has been granted by the Higher Learning Commission.

In addition to institutional accreditation, the university is also approved by the Ohio Department of Education for the purposes of granting undergraduate degrees in the state of Ohio. Permitted degrees include associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The University also participates in a State Authorization Reciprocal Agreement, which allows students from other states to earn an undergraduate degree on campus. The Ohio Department of Vocational Rehabilitation has approved the college to train students with disabilities, and the Department of Education has licensed the college to train Armed Forces veterans.

University of Northwestern Ohio Application Requirements

Applying to Northwestern Ohio University requires a $20 application fee, submission of high school or college transcripts, and an official application. Students must be notified of the status of their application within four weeks of the university receiving all documents. The admissions department sends an official letter of acceptance to the student. Students must have a high school diploma or GED before enrolling in classes, unless taking the College Credit Plus option.

Students must take a placement test to determine which courses they are eligible for in English and Math. Some students may need to sign up for math and English prerequisite classes if placement tests show they need extra help. All students must attend a formal orientation session prior to the start of class. Orientation usually takes place about six weeks before classes start

Tuition and Financial Aid

University of Northwestern Ohio describes itself as one of the most affordable private universities in the state and charges tuition based on a student’s program of study. Those enrolled in the College of Applied Technology will pay $1,700 per six-week course with eight courses available each calendar year. The duration of the programs varies depending on the level. The Colleges of Business, Health Professions, and Professional Vocations offer tuition of $230 per credit hour.

Students who wish to enroll in online courses will pay $275 per credit hour for enrollment in the College of Business, Career, and Health Professions programs. Students can pay a different amount per credit hour for an online MBA program or if they qualify for a reduced military and veterans tuition fee. Additional costs may include housing costs for students who plan to live on campus.

Students must complete a FAFSA with the federal government before they can be eligible for federal financial aid at University of Northwestern Ohio. Students must submit prior year income records and W2 taxes, as well as parent income information when data is requested. The university recommends that the FAFSA be completed no later than mid-February in each year of a student’s degree pursuit.

After submitting the FAFSA form, students will receive a Student Aid Report which must be verified for accuracy. Once the report is determined to be accurate, the applicant will receive information about the financial aid awarded. After that, you can start applying for federal student loans to pay for your tuition at University of Northwestern Ohio.

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