List of Air Force Bases in Texas in 2023

List of Air Force Bases in Texas in 2023

Interested in learning about Air Force Bases in Texas? Read this excellent article to find out where they rank in the Lone Star State.

The United States Air Force (USAF) is the second smallest branch of the United States Armed Forces. It was incorporated on September 18, 1947 and currently has more than 300,000 active employees.

The US Air Force maintains bases in 37 of the 50 states, including Bowling Air Force Base in Washington, DC. Although California has more military installations than any other state in the country, Texas is home to seven Air Force bases.

We will learn about Air Force Bases in Texas, their locations and the year they were established. So buckle up and hang in there while we talk about these military installations in Texas.

But first let’s talk about the US Air Force.

Air Force Bases in Texas

The United States Air Force (USAF)

Originally created in 1907, the United States Air Force (USAF) is the second youngest branch of the US Armed Forces. It was originally founded on August 1, 1907 as part of the US Army Signal Corps.

Many years later, in 1947, the United States Air Force was created as a separate service from the United States Army.

The US Air Force maintains a large number of active duty and reservist personnel. Currently, more than 320,000 active duty personnel serve in the USAF. The Air Force also has more than 69,000 reserve personnel and more than 100,000 Air National Guard personnel.

The current President of the United States, Joe Biden, is the Commander in Chief of the Air Force. The Secretary of the Air Force was Frank Kendall III.

The headquarters of the United States Air Force (USAF) is located at the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. The Air Force has a variety of aircraft including fighter jets, helicopters, bombers, transports, trainers, drones and more.

Air Forces Bases in Texas

Texas has more Air Force bases than any other state in the country. Texas’ location and size make it an ideal state for training.

The Lone Star State is a strategic location for the United States to protect its southern border. Texas is a state with a large area and is the second largest state in the United States after Alaska.

Here are the Texas Air Force bases and their exact locations

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#1. Dyess Air Force Base (AFB)

Dyces Air Force Base, established in 1942, is located 150 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas and 7 miles southwest of downtown Abilene.

The air force base was originally established in 1947 as Abilene Air Force Base. The airbase was renamed in honor of the American soldier Lt. Col. William Edwin Dyce who survived the Bataan Death March.

Dyes Air Force Base is a 6,409-acre home to the 7th Bomb Wing. The 7th Bomber Wing, based at Dyce Air Force Base, is part of Global Strike Command’s eighth air force.
is a B-1B district level Lancer strategic bomber wing for the USAF. The other is the 28th Bomber Wing, which is based at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

The deputy commander of Dyce Air Force Base is Colonel Kevin Kibby, while Master Sergeant Matt Coltlin is the commanding officer.

Below are the units stationed at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas.

  • 7th Bomb Wing
  • 307th Bomb Wing
  • 317th Airlift Wing
  • 53rd Wing
  • 57th Wing

#2. Lackland Air Force Base

Lackland Air Force Base is a military installation in Texas. Located in Bexar County, Texas, it is part of the Air Education and Training Command’s (AETC) 802d Mission Support Group.

This Air Force Base is part of Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA). Lackland Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, and Air Force Randolph merged in 2010 to form Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA).

Below are the units stationed at Lackland Air Force Base.

  • 502d Installation Support Group
  • 37th Training Wing
  • Inter-American Air Forces Academy
  • Defense Language Institute
  • Twenty-Fifth Air Force
  • Twenty-Fourth Air Force

#3. Goodfellow Air Force Base

Goodfellow Air Force Base is a US Air Force base in Texas. This is a non-flying air force base located in San Antonio, Texas.

Established in 1940, this air base is part of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC). The primary mission of Goodfellow Air Force Base is to provide cryptographic intelligence and training for the US Air Force, Marine Corps, US Army, Space Force, US Navy, and Coast Guard.

The military firefighters of the 312th Training Squadron also train at this airbase. Goodfellow Air Force Base is named after John J. Goodfellow, an Air Force lieutenant in World War I.

Here are the units stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base.

  • 17th Training Wing
  • 111th Military Intelligence Brigade (US Army)
  • US Army Engineer School
  • Center for Information Warfare Training Detachment (US Navy)

#4. Laughlin Air Force Base

One of the Air Force bases in Texas on our list is Laughlin Air Force Base.

Located in Del Rio, Texas, Laughlin Air Force Base is a United States Air Force facility. It was built in 1943 initially as Laughlin Army Air Field.

As of when this article was written, the commander at Laughlin Air Force Base is Colonel Kevin Davidson.

Laughlin Air Force Base is the largest pilot training base in the United States Air Force. It’s home to the 96th Flying Training Squadron of the USAF Reserve Command and the 47th Flying Training Wing of the Air Education and Training Command.

In the entire United States, Laughlin sees more take-offs and landing on weekdays than any other airport.

  • 47th Flying Training Wing
  • 340th Flying Training Group

#5. Sheppard Air Force Base

Located in Wichita County, Texas, Sheppard Air Force Base is one of the Air Force bases in the lone star state. Sheppard Air Force Base is renamed after John Morris Sheppard, a Democrat and former senator from Texas.

This Air Force base was built in 1941, initially as Sheppard Field. The host unit at this Air Force base is the 82d Training Wing (82 TWR). They provide specialised technical training, as well as field training for airmen, officers, and civilians serving in the United States military.

The commander at the 82d Training Wing is Brigadier General Lyle K. Drew, while the commander of the 80th Flying Training Wing is Colonel Brad E. Oregon.

The 80th Flying Training Wing (80 FTW) oversees and conducts the Euro-NATO Joint Pilot Training program.

Here is the unit stationed at the Sheppard Air Force Base.

  • 82d Training Wing

#6. Joint Base San Antonio

Joint Base San Antonio is under US jurisdiction. 502d Air Force Base Wing, Air Education and Training Command.

In October 2010, Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, Fort Sam Houston, and Martindale Army Airfields were merged into Joint Base San Antonio.
Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) also provides housing to assist recruits in their transition to the Air Force.
Lackland Air Force Base is a Texas Air Force base that is part of Joint Base San Antonio. Fort Sam Houston, Randolph Air Force Base and Martindale Army Base are part of JBSA.

#7. Randolph Air Force Base

The Air Force base was originally founded in 1928 as Randolph Field in Universal Studios, Texas. Officially opened in 1931, it is the United States Flight Training Center. Army Air Corps and US Army Air Corps.

Merge Randolph AFB, Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston, and Martindale Army Bases to form Joint Base San Antonio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions regarding the Air Force bases in Texas.

What is the number of military bases in Texas?

There are several military installations across the United States and Texas is home to some of them. Currently, Texas is home to 25 active military bases, which include 12 Army bases, 6 Air Force bases, 5 Navy/Marine Corps bases, as well as 2 major Coast Guard stations.

Is there any military base in Dallas, Texas?

Unfortunately, there is no military base in Dallas, Texas. The nearest base to Dallas is the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint reserve base. This military base is located in Carswell, 42 miles from Dallas.

What is the largest military base in Texas?

The largest military base in the lone star state is Fort Hood. It spans over 214,000 acres in Killeen, Texas. Fort Hood is considered one of the largest military bases worldwide.

How many military bases are closed in Texas?

According to reports, there are 98 decommissioned military bases in Texas as of January 2021.


A country with a large military tends to build more military facilities. The United States has one of the largest military forces on Earth, with several military installations spread across the country.

We hope this article on Air Forces bases in Texas was helpful.

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