18 Cheapest PT Schools In USA (Physical Therapy)

18 Best Physical Therapy Schools in USA (Physical Therapy)

In the US, you can enroll in a physical treatment program without becoming bankrupt. Want to know how? Join me as I go over the list of best physical therapy schools in USA.

Physical techniques, such as exercise and massage, are used in the discipline of best physical therapy schools in USA, often known as physiotherapy, to cure and prevent illnesses, injuries, and deformities. Physiotherapy is used to treat individuals with a variety of joint, muscular, and nerve issues in order to improve their physical health.

Physical therapists provide care to patients by assisting with pain management, movement enhancement, and injury and sickness prevention. Physical therapy or massage therapy education, training, and certification are all prerequisites for becoming a physiotherapist.

Consider becoming a physical therapist if you enjoy helping others. If you can’t stomach seeing blood, you can think about becoming a physiotherapist as they don’t perform any kind of surgery.

I would suggest doing some online massage therapy courses if you want to test the waters before entering this area. This will help you prepare for your physical therapy program since, although physical therapy and massage therapy are quite similar, the latter is much more comprehensive than the former.

The sole method to become a physical therapist is to complete a physical therapy education, but you can also become one by completing a sports medicine degree. However, sports medicine school is more expensive than physical therapy education, but the payoff is that you will have access to more chances and earn more money than a conventional physical therapist.

One of the advantages of becoming a physical therapist is that there are many community colleges and vocational schools that provide physical therapy programs. These programs often award a certification or associate degree and take one to two years to finish. One of the quick courses that can get you a decent job. Consider getting a physical therapy associate degree if you want to start working right out of high school. This article is still on best physical therapy schools in usa.

It depends on what you want, but 4-year universities offer physical therapy bachelor’s degrees as well as doctoral degrees. As comparison to an associate degree in physical therapy, a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy will undoubtedly give you more career options.

Due to its promising job security and high levels of job satisfaction, physical therapy is one of the health sciences professions with the quickest growth. Statistics, however, indicate that PT programs are expensive. It would be advisable to disregard the rankings at first and focus instead on the price when looking for a PT school. And, believe me, you don’t want your student loan debt to grow.

Instead of enrolling in an expensive PT program, look for institutions with reasonable PT tuition. I’ve put up a list of the most affordable physical therapy colleges in the USA so you can start working toward your ambition. And aside from being incredibly cheap, these schools also hold a national reputation for the quality of their academics, so, it’s a win-win for you

Best Physical Therapy Schools in USA

You might think about submitting an application to one of the following relatively affordable physical therapy schools in the US. Furthermore supplied are specifics about each institution and the associated fees for the PT programs. Let’s begin…

The cheapest PT schools in USA are:

  • East Carolina University (ECU)
  • Northern Arizona University (NAU)
  • The University of South Florida (USF)
  • The University of California – San Francisco (UCSF)
  • The University of Rhode Island (URI)
  • Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
  • Texas Woman’s University (TWU)
  • US Army – Baylor Program at Baylor University

1.  East Carolina University (ECU)

The first school on the list of cheapest PT schools in USA is East Carolina University. The location of this public research university is Greenville, North Carolina. The physical therapy program at this location is especially affordable for residents; your total program tuition will only cost you $21K. That’s not all, either.

The National Physical Therapy Exam is completely passed by ECU graduates, who find employment within six months of graduation. The inexpensive tuition also benefits out-of-state students, who only have to pay $8,949 per year for ECU’s PT program.

2. Northern Arizona University (NAU)

This esteemed college was established in Arizona in 1899 as a public research university. Both residents of the United States and non-residents can enroll in Northern Arizona University’s recognized and reasonably priced physical therapy program. Students will profit from NAU’s award-winning physical therapy staff, which has a 100% employment rate after graduation, in addition to the affordable tuition.

There are 98 credits in Northern Arizona University’s physiotherapy program. Residents pay $5,084 in tuition each semester, while out-of-state students pay $10,342 in tuition each semester. The physical therapy program at NAU lasts for approximately 7 semesters.

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3. The University of South Florida (USF)

Tampa, Florida-based USF is a renowned public research university with campuses in St. Petersburg and Sarasota. If you’re looking for a PT program in the US that is both affordable and respected, this university is another choice to take into account.

For in-state students, the cost of the PT program was $6,410; for out-of-state students, it was $17,324. 75 percent of PT students at USF graduate.

4. The University of California – San Francisco (UCSF)

Add UCSF to your list of possibilities if you live in California and are wanting to enroll in a PT degree program that is regarded as credible. Anatomy, evidence-based procedures, therapeutic modalities, physiology, and clinical experiences are all included in the PT program. The curriculum has 115 credit hours and cost $33,660 in total.

5. The University of Rhode Island (URI)

For both citizens of Rhode Island and non-residents, URI provides a special three-year DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) curriculum that is inexpensive and accessible. Graduates who successfully complete this program will have the chance to practice in a developing nation.

The 112 credit hour, 3-year DPT program costs $14,096 per year for Rhode Island residents, $21,114 per year for those in New England, and $27,214 per year for those from outside those states.

6.  Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Another renowned university where you can enroll in a low-cost PT degree program is Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences. The university has received the Carnegie R1 research university rating, which is given to doctoral institutions with a high level of research activity.

OSU’s PT program has an in-state tuition fee of $5,220 and an out-of-state tuition fee of $21,985, with a graduation rate of 76%.

7.  Texas Woman’s University (TWU)

This is the biggest women-focused higher education institution in the Country. TWU should be at the top of your list if you are a woman seeking a PT degree from a prestigious university without going broke. Even though the school is now coed, women are still given preference.

Whether you live here or not, the PT program is quite reasonably priced. The curriculum can be finished in 8 semesters and has 98 credits. Out-of-state tuition is $689 whereas in-state tuition is $280 per credit hour.

8. US Army – Baylor Program at Baylor University

The most affordable physical therapy program in the US, which is actually free, comes in last but certainly not least. Here’s how. The Baylor University in San Antonio offers a DPT program that can be completed while serving in the military without cost or debt.

You can receive free training and a 100% employment rate through the Army-Baylor program. The standard DPT curriculum at Baylor University, nevertheless, costs over $100,000.

Cheapest PT Schools in Texas

If you want to pursue a PT program in Texas, the following schools offer the cheapest tuition:

  • The University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP)
  • The University of North Texas
  • The University of Texas, San Antonio
  • Angelo State University
  • Texas Tech University

1. The University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP)

You can pursue a DPT degree at UT, El Paso, a renowned university in Texas, for a cheap price. All applicants who meet the prerequisites will be accepted into the program, which is offered through the College of Health Sciences. The cost of the program for the three years it takes to complete is roughly $32,100.

2. The University of North Texas

Another respectable and reasonably priced university in Texas that offers a top-notch DPT program to local, out-of-state, and foreign students is the University of North Texas. Eight semesters, 18 clinical credits, and 36 weeks of clinical rotation make up the 33-month DPT program. The entire cost of tuition is $27,662.

3. The University of Texas, San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antonio is one of the least expensive PT programs in Texas, charging a total of $23,384 in tuition. The institution provides a DPT program that trains students through clinical, laboratory, and research experiences.

4. Angelo State University

Both Texas citizens and non-residents can enroll in an affordable DPT program at Angelo State University. Only 28 students are accepted into the program each year, out of 300 applicants. The DPT program at Angelo University is a legitimate one, in my opinion, with a graduation record of 91.9% and a licensing pass rate of 100%.

Texas citizens must pay a total of $38,238 in tuition, textbook costs, and other expenses. Non-residents must pay $79,323 in fees.

5. Texas Tech University

One of the top universities for science and engineering in the country is Texas Tech University. The university also offers a DPT curriculum that is reasonably priced and well-regarded, with a 94% graduation record, a 99% pass rate on license exams, and a 100% employment rate. Tuition will cost you $26,100 in total.

Cheapest DPT Programs in New York

If you are thinking about enrolling in a DPT program in New York, you will undoubtedly burn a major hole in your wallet because the city is home to some of the most costly colleges in the Country. There are, however, a few institutions there that provide affordable DPT programs, and I have provided a list of them below.

School Total Tuition
Upstate Medical Center $98,570
Stony Brook University $99,586
University of Buffalo $73,170
Hunter College $72,280
College of Staten Island $72,280

Even while it may still seem pricey, you’d be surprised to learn how inexpensive these schools are when compared to others in the area. In addition to having pricey programs at top-notch universities, New York is an expensive city to live in.

You now have a variety of colleges to choose from to get your DPT degree thanks to this post. You also have the benefit of being able to compare prices and choose the option you can afford.




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