Top 10 Good Universities With Highest Acceptance Rate

Top 10 Good Universities With High Acceptance Rates

World-class institutions with admission rates between 60 and 85% are considered good universities with highest acceptance rate, which also makes them competitive. This blog post covers these universities and offers practical advice on how to apply.

Ivy League institutions, for example, have a stellar reputation but also one of the lowest admission rates of any university. Other prestigious universities also have relatively low acceptance rates. The reason for this is that they make the admissions process difficult so that only the best students can get in because they have a reputation as a top-tier institution.

Although it is uncommon to find such good universities with high admission rates, this blog post demonstrates that they do exist. They won’t be much, and even though it boasts “high acceptance rates,” don’t anticipate a rate of up to 100%. Although if you want to apply to a college where you are 100% certain of admission, we do have an article on institutions with 100% acceptance rates.

Expect the proportion of admission for these good universities with high acceptance rates to be between 60% and 85% at most, which, to be honest, is high enough. This indicates that the school will admit between 60% and 85% of its students, giving hopefuls more of a chance to get accepted than at colleges like Harvard and Stanford, where acceptance rates are only about 5%.

Additionally, these respectable universities with highest acceptance rate are recognized globally and have their strengths and specialties in many ways. Having said that, let’s examine these schools and their operations now.

Good Universities With Highest Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of the selected institution(s) to which they want to apply is only one of the many things that I would urge college applicants to look into. You will be able to make smarter decisions, understand the degree of competition at the school, and determine whether you have a chance of getting accepted.

In addition to acceptance rate, you should consider the school’s admission standards, graduate success at that particular institution, graduation rates, financial options like scholarships, and its reputation to ensure that you graduate with a respectable degree.

With these in mind, let’s get down to the list of good universities with highest acceptance rate.

  • The University of Colorado Boulder
  • The University of Utah
  • The University of Exeter
  • The University of Texas at Arlington
  • The University of Kansas
  • The University of Portsmouth
  • Auburn University
  • The University of Cincinnati
  • Newman University, Birmingham
  • Colorado State University

1. The University of Colorado Boulder

Public research university The University of Colorado Boulder was founded in 1876. Being the only university in the Rocky Mountain Region to be admitted to the Association of American Universities, an exclusive organization of 62 research universities, makes it a distinguished institution. In addition to its fame, it has five physics and chemistry Nobel laureates.

These accomplishments have earned it a spot on our list of top institutions with high acceptance rates, along with its high acceptance rate of 84%. Both undergraduate and graduate academic programs are available at the institution. Business, management, psychology, computer and information sciences, journalism, marketing, and engineering are some of its well-liked majors.

2. The University of Utah

With a high acceptance rate of 79.4%, this esteemed public research university is another one. Due to its strong emphasis on research, the University of Utah was ranked 105th out of 443 national universities by US News & World Report. Because students can conduct independent research in a lab of their choice while being guided by a professor, undergraduates select The U.

The University of Utah also offers graduate programs and other professional certification programs. Exercise science and kinesiology, registered nursing, computer science, research and experimental psychology, and speech communication and rhetoric are some of the well-liked degrees offered here.

3. The University of Exeter

Let’s look at UK universities instead of US ones for a moment, and the University of Exeter soon rises to the top. It is a top-tier public research university in England that ranks second in the UK for areas of study with a strong international reputation. It is a part of the Russell Group of universities known for their emphasis on research.

Modern classrooms, labs, and facilities for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine, and the humanities are spread throughout all of its sites. The University of Exeter has an admittance rate of 87.5%. Students with superior communication abilities and solid relationships with both peers and adults are admitted to the school.

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4. The University of Texas at Arlington

One of Texas’ top online nursing degrees is offered by the public research university University of Texas at Arlington, which also ranks highly among the state’s top colleges for aerospace engineering. UTA has been given the prestigious designation of Tier One research university “R-1: Doctoral Universities-Highest Research Activity” by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, according to US News & World Report.

With an admission rate of 88% and a stellar reputation, the University of Texas at Arlington easily achieves the #1 spot among the best universities in the US with high acceptance rates.

5. The University of Kansas

This college ranks among the top institutions with high acceptance rates, boasting an acceptance rate of almost 100% and a solid reputation as the state of Kansas’ premier research university. It is well-known for its basketball squad and broad range of courses. Petroleum engineering, physical therapy, education, public administration, and special education are some of its top programs.

The University of Kansas has an acceptance rate of exactly 93.4%, which indicates that out of every 100 applications, 93 or so get accepted. The majority of the time, you only need to submit an application to get in because they accept practically all students.

6. The University of Portsmouth

Another good university in the UK with a high acceptance rate is listed here. The University of Portsmouth is a well-known institution in the country with an acceptance rate of 79%. As a testament to the institution’s excellent teaching, it is one of just four universities in the South East of England to receive a Gold rating from the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework.

Geology, mechanical engineering, software engineering, law, criminology and criminal justice, forensic studies, pharmacy, sports science, and earth and environmental sciences are the academic strengths of the University of Portsmouth.

7. Auburn University

Top US universities with high acceptance rates include Auburn University. It is a public university with land, sea, and space grants that offers prestigious engineering, agricultural, natural resource, life, and physical scientific programs. It has been included in US News & World Report’s list of the top 50 public universities in the country for 20 years running.

Auburn University has a 71% acceptance rate, and it is renowned around the country for its dedication to academic quality, student participation, and experience on campus as well as its welcoming workplace culture.

8. The University of Cincinnati

Since it began operating as a public research institution more than a century ago, the University of Cincinnati has made contributions to a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, medicine, and social sciences. The university is ranked at no. 68 for most creative universities in the US by US News & World Report, which also places it in the Top Tier of America’s Best Colleges.

The University of Cincinnati definitely deserves a spot in our top 10 list of good universities with high acceptance rates given its reputation and acceptance rate of 76%.

9. Newman University, Birmingham

In Birmingham, England, Newman University was founded in 1968 as a public institution of higher learning. One of Birmingham’s top universities, it is renowned for its high caliber academic offerings and for having one of the highest graduate employment rates among UK colleges and universities. 62% of applicants are accepted at Newman University.

10.  Colorado State University

Colorado State University is the last but certainly not the least on our list of the top 10 good schools universities with high acceptance rates. It is one of the top research universities in the US and has been designated as a Carnegie R1 (extremely high research activity) institution, according to US News & World Report.

The institution focuses on environmental science, infectious illnesses, clean energy technology, and atmospheric science. Colorado State University has an admittance rate of 83.5%.

This concludes the post on good universities with high acceptance rates, and from this point on you should be well directed in selecting the colleges you will be applying to.


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