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Can I study psychology in Germany in English, you may be asking. What must I do to pursue my studies in Germany? and a plethora of additional queries that may be circling in and out of your head.

Although German is the most widely spoken language in Germany, there are universities where you can study psychology in English. At onlinestudyingservices, we have provided you with all the information you require as an international student or scholar for your studies.

A satisfying and mind-expanding experience is earning a degree in psychology. The field offers you a variety of fundamental skills and fosters a level of autonomous and critical thinking that is highly regarded and in demand in a wide range of professions. Germany is a great place to study.

Here are some reasons why you should study psychology in Germany.

10 Reasons To Study Psychology in Germany

  • Excellence in Research and Teaching
  • Cheap or low tuition fees
  • Safe and economically stable location
  • Top ranked psychology universities
  • Development of personal and intellectual potential
  • Affordable costs of living
  • Wide range of courses on offer
  • Work Opportunities For International Students
  • Close links between theory and practice.
  • You get to learn a New Language.

As we move forward in this guide, we’ll give you a list of some universities where you can study psychology in Germany in English.

Universities To Study Psychology in English in Germany

  • Berlin International University of Applied Sciences
    ULM University
    University of Mannheim
    University of Stuttgart
    TU Dresden
    HTW Berlin
    University of Hamburg
    University of Freiburg
    Jacobs University Bremen
    University of Hohenheim.

Steps To Take To Study Psychology in Germany in English

  • Find a good psychology school in Germany
  • Meet All Requirements.
  • Find Financial Resources.
  • Apply For Admission.
  • Get Your German Student Visa.
  • Find Accommodation.
  • Enroll At Your University.

Find a Good Psychology School In Germany

You should study English-language psychology. You must locate a reputable school in Germany where you can enroll. You can select any of the schools from the list above.

Meet All Requirements

The next step is to fulfill all the requirements of the university you have chosen, having chosen from the list above which one you want to attend for your studies. You can do this by looking at the university’s website’s section on admissions requirements. Never be reluctant to contact the university directly if there are any questions.

Find Financial Resource

After completing all prerequisites, the following step is to make sure you have the necessary financial resources to live and study in Germany. Every international student who is not an EU or EEA member is required by law to have adequate financial resources to support their stay in Germany while pursuing their studies.

Apply For Admission

Make sure you are financially prepared after choosing a reputable university to attend, then submit an application for admission. Through the schools’ websites, which are listed above, you can do this.

Get Your German Students Visa

You need a German student visa if you’re an international student from a non-EU or non-EEA nation. Visit the Germany visa website for comprehensive instructions on how to obtain a student visa for Germany.

You must fulfill all criteria outlined in the aforementioned procedures before applying for a visa.

Find Accommodation

After being accepted as a student in Germany and receiving your student visa, you must choose a place to live. Although the cost of housing for foreign students in Germany is not prohibitive, it is expected that they will look for the most affordable options available to them.

Enroll in Your University

You must personally appear at your university’s administration office and present the following paperwork in order to enroll in psychology classes there at your accepted university in Germany:

  • Your valid passport
  • A passport photo
  • Your Visa or Residence Permit
  • Completed and signed Application Form
  • Degree qualifications (original documents or certified copies)
  • The Letter of Admission
  • Proof of health insurance in Germany
  • The payment fee receipt.

Following your enrollment in the university administration will issue you a registration document (ID card) which can later be used for residence permit application and attendance of your classes.

Note: Each semester after the previous one has ended, you must re-register, and you will once more be responsible for paying the same registration fees. Good luck student!!!

Conditions For Psychology Students To Get The Best out of Their Studies 

The following are some prerequisites for every psychology student hoping to maximize the value of their education. These are some significant points to remember:

Contact to Students: Students were graded interaction with other students and collaboration with them. An indication of the faculty’s culture.

Citation per Publication: Per publication average number of citations. The amount of citations per publication indicates how frequently on average other academics cited the faculty members’ works, indicating how important the published contributions were to research.

Study Organization: Students evaluated the courses given in relation to the study regulations, the chances for attendance at required events, and the alignment of the courses offered with the examination regulations.

Research Orientation: Which tertiary institutions, in the view of the research professors, are the best? No thought was given to naming the own tertiary institution.

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Despite the fact that Germany is not an English-speaking nation, over 220 German universities offer master’s and undergraduate degrees in English. You can already access some of these Universities through the links provided in the article, which lists some of them.

In Germany, there are around 2000 Master’s programs taught in English.


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