20 Best Banks in the US in 2023

20 Best Banks in the US in 2023

The best banks in the US are covered here. The United States has the greatest economy in the world. The United States is one of the greatest banking nations in the world as it has the largest economy. According to tier 1 capital, American banks are the largest. This article is about the best banks in US.

But let’s speak about how the best and most dependable financial institutions in the United States can keep your money secure.

You may take advantage of the best services and more by keeping your money in one of the biggest banks. For example, you will have access to a vast network of ATMs, experience in-person services at branches, and much more.

The largest banks in the United States are also some of its best. The size of the institutions that serve small businesses and consumers, as well as domestic assets, decide which banks are the biggest in the United States.

Credit card accounts, mortgages, and the total amount of loans are taken into account when determining a bank’s assets. Some of the top American banks on our list have thousands of locations around the nation, while others only operate online.

We will soon present a ranking of the top twenty best banks in Us.

How to Locate the Top Banks

When looking for the finest banks, many different things are taken into account. The ideal financial institution for you personally will often depend on your situation in life, where you live, and how much money you have saved.

But you can also think about other things when selecting the best banks.

What are my financial goals, which bank is nearby, and do I want to bank online or in person? are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Choosing the best banks will be simpler for you once you have these things figured out.

Everyone wants to bank with a company that offers something. Millions of Americans favor banking with companies that offer high APYs or interest rates.

Nevertheless, whether you want to bank in person or online, the goal is to save money with the finest banks.

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20 Best Banks in the US

Here, we’ll examine the top twenty banks in the US and the services they provide. Some of the banks on our list are only accessible online and provide competitive APYs.

1. Ally Bank

Ally Bank is the ideal option for you if you prefer conducting your banking online rather than in person. It is an online-only bank that provides investment products in addition to mortgages.

Checking, savings, money market, individual retirement, and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts are all offered by Ally Bank. Customers of Ally Banks have access to a wealth of resources.

Owners of online savings accounts can earn 3.30% APY and pay no monthly maintenance cost. However, Ally’s online savings account carries a $10 excessive transaction fee in addition to a $25 overdraft cost.

Ally Bank offers consistent customer service assistance, and both Android and iOS customers can access their mobile app online. You may carry out transactions and deposit checks anywhere you are using the Ally mobile app.

One of the top banks in the United States is Ally Bank. But be aware that Ally charges for expedited shipping, account research, outbound domestic wires, and returned deposit goods.

2. Chase Bank

You can create an account with Chase Bank with just $25. For Americans who like in-person banking, Chase Bank provides the greatest services.

This bank is widely spread all across the country. You can find Chase Bank branch offices in a number of states, including Texas, California, Georgia, New York, and Florida.

Currently, Chase Bank operates 17,000 ATMs and more than 4,000 branches around the country.

Chase Bank has operations outside of the United States as well. Additionally, the bank has operations across more than 100 nations.

Chase operates tens of thousands of ATMs throughout the United States. You may find the closest Chase Bank ATM in your area using the over 17,000 that are currently in operation.

One of the best banks in the country is Chase Bank. Your money is accessible to you easily when you bank with Chase. If you have an account with Chase, you will be able to take advantage of free withdrawals, particularly if you live in Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles.

Users of Android and iOS devices can download the Chase mobile app online. You can manage your credit cards, mortgages, bank accounts, and savings accounts with the Chase mobile app.

 3. Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU)

One of the best credit unions in the country is Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU). Customers of this financial institution can take advantage of something.

For instance, you can obtain a 6.17% APY if you open a Primary Savings account. Once you apply for the first $1,000 that you deposit into the account, you will be eligible for this promotion.

You may start an account with Digital Federal Credit Union for as low as $5. (DCU).

An Advantage Savings Account from Digital Federal Credit Union pays 0.75% APY. Aside from that, Advantage Savings and Primary Savings Accounts don’t charge monthly fees.

Along with financial advising services, DCU also provides student loans, auto loans, rewards, and real estate services.

4. UFB Direct

UFB Direct is one of the best banks in the US.

You can sign up for an account with UFB Direct for nothing. At the moment, UFB provides one of the finest savings rates available. The bank’s savings accounts have an APY of 3.8%.

By banking with UFB Direct, you may take advantage of a lot more things. For instance, you won’t have to worry about minimum deposits or monthly maintenance fees if you open a UFB high-yield savings account.

The UFB high-yield savings accounts additionally include a free ATM card. Customers of UFB Direct can also reach a customer support hotline around-the-clock.

Across 90,000 UFB Direct ATMs are located all over the United States. Therefore, if you are someone who travels across the nation, a UFB Direct ATM will probably be nearby.

5. Wells Fargo

One of the well-known and most dependable banks in the United States is Wells Fargo.

No bank in the nation is more involved in SBA loans than Wells Fargo. These financial aids have helped thousands of Americans. Small company support is something Wells Fargo is passionate about and has provided over the years.

There is some competition between Chase Bank and Wells Fargo for small business checking accounts. Although some people think Chase Fargo’s small business checking account is superior to Wells Fargo’s, it is good nonetheless.

The three accessible types of accounts are Initial Business Checking, Navigate Business Checking, and Optimize Business Checking.

Even though these accounts’ monthly fees can be a concern, customers with Navigate Business Checking and Initial Business Checking accounts can avoid them.

You will also receive an earnings allowance that you can utilize to cover your monthly Optimize Business Checking account expenses.

6. Harmony

One of the greatest financial institutions in the country for students is Synchrony. Students can earn a 3.00% on all balances with no minimum requirements through its high-yield savings account.

The three deposit tiers offered by this bank are $0 to $4,999, $4,999.01 to $24,999, and $24,999.01 and upwards. The APY for these three tiers will be 3%.

Due to the fact that Synchrony does not impose ATM withdrawal fees, it is the ideal option for students. Additionally, access to Synchrony’s high-yield savings account is only possible online.

7. Integrity

The greatest bank for ATMs is Fidelity Bank. It is a trustworthy financial organization that engages in numerous financial activities.

For those who like and require inexpensive access to ATMs, the Fidelity Cash Management Account is the ideal choice. Customers of Fidelity can take use of a special service.

For instance, the bank will cover any fees levied by the ATM operator when you use a Fidelity debit card bearing the Visa®, Plus®, or Star® brands at any ATM.

However, there will be a 1% international transaction fee applied to debit transactions conducted outside of the US.

You should realize that Fidelity does practically all of its business online. You will have the best online and mobile experiences with Fidelity.

8. Bank of America

One of the top banks in the United States, Bank of America has assets of over $2 trillion.

It is the second-largest bank in the country, having a number of branches spread out across the several states. In the United States, Bank of America now operates approximately 15,000 ATMs.

A branch of this bank can be found in thirty-seven of the fifty states in the union, including Washington, D.C.

9. Citibank

One of the American banks having a sizable domestic network of ATMs is Citibank. Washington, D.C., is one of the eleven states where it has branches.

Citibank has a substantial presence in both New York and California.

10. US Bank

A reputable financial organization with locations across the United States is U.S. Bank. This bank has locations in 26 states, particularly in places like Illinois, California, and Ohio.

11. PNC Bank

Consider PNC Bank if you’re looking for a bank that provides a variety of personal banking services. PNC provides credit cards, mortgages, bank and savings accounts, and much more.

Washington, D.C. is one among the twenty-eight states where PNC operates more than 2,500 branches.

You may find a branch in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas with ease.

12. Truist Bank

SunTrust Banks and BB&T (Branch Banking Trust Company) amalgamated to create Truist Bank in 2019.

Truist Bank has thousands of branches spread throughout 17 states and more than $500 billion in assets. Additionally, there is a branch in Washington, D.C., and other states with additional branches include Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

13. Goldman Sachs

The next greatest bank in the United States on our list is Goldman Sachs.

Despite having a reputation as an investment bank, Goldman Sachs also provides wealth management services and consumer banking products.

Additionally, Goldman Sachs provides CDs and high-yield savings accounts with attractive interest rates.

14. TD Bank 

TD Bank now has $405 billion in assets. The bank has operations in 15 different states, including Washington, D.C.

One of the biggest banks in the country, TD Bank has over a thousand branches spread throughout 15 states and over 700 ATMs.

15. Capital One Bank

With $388 billion in assets, Capital One is one of the biggest banks in the country.

This bank has more than 700 branches across the country, including 30 coffee shops and more than 2,000 ATMs. Additionally, Capital One Bank provides CDs, checking, and savings accounts.

16. Citizen Bank

The Midwest and Northeast are regions where Citizen Bank is widely present. In these areas, there are about a thousand branches.

Citizen Bank, like the other banks on this list, has a location in Washington, D.C. In total, the nation has more than 3,000 Citizen Bank ATMs.

17. Third Fifth Bank

The asset size of Fifth Third Bank exceeds $200 billion. You will probably locate a branch if you live in the Midwest or frequently travel to the South, particularly in Florida.

Numerous ATMs, including those in the Allpoint, Presto, and 7-Eleven networks, are available from Fifth Third Bank.

18. First Republic Bank

Specifically in California, First Republic Bank has over 80 locations spread across ten states.

First Republic Bank is among the greatest and biggest banks in the United States, with assets of $198 billion.

19. Huntington National Bank 

There are many Huntington National Bank locations around the United States, particularly in the Midwest. You’ll most likely discover a branch in states like Michigan and Ohio.

With more than 1,600 actively operating ATMs, the bank also has a sizable ATM network across the United States.

20. HSBC Bank

Beginning in early 2022, HSBC sold Citizen and Cathay Bank the majority of its U.S.-based business. The bank, which is still among the biggest in the nation, presently exclusively provides premium deposit accounts.

The top ten American banks by total assets

The top ten American banks by total assets are listed below.

  • JPMorgan Chase: $3.38 trillion
  • Bank of America: $2.44 trillion
  • CitiBank: $1.72 trillion
  • Wells Fargo Bank: #1.71 trillion
  • U.S Bank: $582 billion
  • PNC Bank: $534 billion
  • Truist Bank: $532 billion
  • Goldman Sachs: $502 billion
  • TD Bank: $405 billion
  • Morgan Stanley: $391 billion


The United States is one of the greatest banking nations in the world as it has the largest economy. According to tier 1 capital, American banks are the largest.

You now are aware of the biggest and best banks in america and the services they provide.

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