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Studying at one of the best business schools In California, universities, or colleges is one of the biggest investments any business enthusiast can ever make.

Are you a business consultant looking to advance your career?

Did you choose to read the article in order to find out whether a business consultant is required to have a formal education or a higher degree?

Let’s assume you’ve been considering studying business in Florida, but you don’t know which universities would be the best fit. If you fall into one of the aforementioned groups, this essay is unquestionably for you. But it’s best if you understand who this post is for before you explore these best business schools In California.

The audience for this article is business aficionados who desire to climb the corporate ladder.
prospective California-bound undergraduate business students.
Management experts want to advance their careers.
Business consultants are the last.

There are various undergraduate and graduate business programs offered in California.

This resource aims to put the best business schools In California at your fingertips.

Why Should I Attend best business schools In California?

Simply put, one of the most sought-after undergraduate degrees in California for college students is business administration.

Many best business schools In California have coordinated their curricula to provide the finest in that discipline in response to this argument.

In addition, earning a business degree from one of the California institutions positions you for success in the employment market.

What is the typical first-year salary for a business graduate student in California?

Any schools of business In California graduate’s typical first-year pay will depend on a variety of criteria.

Such elements consist of;

#1. high school graduation

How much you make after graduation greatly depends on the business school you attend.

In light of this, it is clear that your potential earnings are influenced by the business school you chose to attend.

Because of this, if you live in California, we advise you to enroll in the best universities for business degrees.

What factors should be taken into account when choosing a best business schools In California?

The following criteria need to be taken into account before selecting a business institute to attend:

SAT results
rate of graduation
Rate of acceptance
education rating
first-year salary for alumni
school’s potential for a career.
Cost of tuition and additional costs.

You may choose the best option for your budget by keeping these considerations in perspective.

You can raise the stakes though and get a scholarship to cover the costs.

What are the 10 Best Business Schools In California?

We have compiled a list of universities that will adequately prepare you for the corporate world based on our study.

Our ranking is based on a number of factors, such as tuition, graduation rates, and admittance rates.

Additionally, we considered the school’s ranking, pupil polls, interviews with college graduates, and editorial reviews.

The best business schools In California include;

#1. California State University

Tuition: $36,161
Rate of Graduation: 92%
13% acceptance rate
1350–1530 on the SAT
Starting pay for alumni is $53,800.
Los Angeles, California is the location.

USC also offers the World Bachelor of Business Program in addition to a bachelor’s degree program.

In essence, the USC campus, Hong Kong University of Science, and Università commerciale Luigi Bocconi all host this curriculum.

Participants receive 3 degrees from these 3 universities at the conclusion of the program.

All of USC’s business schools place a strong emphasis on fostering entrepreneurial attitudes through cooperation, innovation, research, and responsibility.

#2. California State University, Berkeley

$17,862 for tuition
Rate of Graduation: 92%
15% acceptance rate
1350–1520 on the SAT
Start-Up Pay for Alumni: $48,700
Berkeley, California is the place.

The University of California provides its students with a worldwide perspective on business through its Haas School of Business.

The Haas School of Business provides its students a degree that is completely unique and will launch them right into the business world.

Students gain knowledge about how to make commercial decisions in an original manner while yet having a social conscience here.

Undergraduate options include organizational behavior, corporate communications, and accounting and finance.

#3. college in San Francisco

$34,475 for tuition
Rate of Graduation: 71%
Ratio of Acceptance: 63%
1120–1350 on the SAT
Start-up Pay for Alumni: $95,000
Location: California, San Francisco

One of the top universities in California to study business at the undergraduate level is University of San Francisco.

This institution teaches its students to adapt in private, public, and non-profit parastatals through its School of Management.

The phrase “From City Hall to Fortune 500 firms to Silicon Valley startups” perfectly describes this.

#4. University of Pepperdine

$40,941 for tuition
Grade-Point Average: 87%
36% acceptance rate
1220–1420 on the SAT
Start Salary for Alumni: $47,800
Malibu, California.

One of the universities in California with an undoubtedly outstanding undergraduate business program is Pepperdine University.

However, this university’s con is its constrained selection of majors.

Only management, accounting, finance, or marketing are available as options.

However, the university is a religious institution.

The students have the chance to develop a strong commitment to ethical business operations thanks to this.

#5. San Jose State University

$41,545 for tuition
Grade-Point Average: 89%
50% acceptance rate
1270–1440 on the SAT
Start-up Pay for Alumni: $61,100
Santa Clara, California is the location.

A business school called Leavey is located at the Catholic university Santa Clara University.

There are numerous business curriculum options available to students at Leavey.

Economics, accounting, finance, accounting information systems, management, management information systems, and marketing are some of the key courses.

However, students may choose to add a minor in areas like business analytics, real estate, or retail management.

The community services offered by the business students at Leavey are another major draw.

#6. College Loyola Marymount

$43,779 for tuition
Grade-Point Average: 84%
Acceptance Percentage: 47%
1210-1390 on the SAT
Starting Salary for Alumni:
Los Angeles, California is the location.

Another Catholic university that excels in business degrees is Loyola Marymount.

This university uses the CBA Advantage app in a unique way.

This software is used by undergraduate business students to network and obtain internship and employment applications.

In addition, students are taught how to manage “people, planet, and profit” as part of their university studies.

#7. California State University, San Diego

$13,452 for tuition
Grade-Point Average: 87%
30% acceptance rate
1260-1470 on the SAT
Start Salary for Alumni: $43,400
San Diego, California is the location.

Are you trying to find a school that will teach you how to apply business principles to all of your professional endeavors?

The Rady School of Business is the place you need to go.

The Rady School of Business offers supplemental business courses in areas such supply chain management, general business, accounting, and entrepreneurship and innovation.

However, major courses are offered in either international business or business psychology.

One benefit of attending the Rady School of Business is that your leadership abilities will be improved.

#8. California State University, Los Angeles

Fees: $15,002
Rate of Graduation: 91%
14% acceptance rate
1290 to 1520 on the SAT
Start-up Pay for Alumni: $44,500
Los Angeles, California is the location.

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One of best business schools In California is UCLA.

They are among the top business universities in California because of their distinctive approach and unmatched business program.

UCLA’s undergraduate curriculum teaches students how to comprehend and fit into the corporate world.

Students are also prepared for UCLA’s further MBA programs.

#9. College of the Pacific

$47,480 for tuition
Rate of Graduation: 71%
Ratio of Acceptance: 63%
SAT scores are not necessary.
Starting Salary for Alumni:
Stockton, California is the location.

Students who have been accepted into the University of the Pacific’s business degree program will have access to administer a $1 million investment fund.

In essence, the money will assist students gain practical experience in the stock market.

Students are then ready to enroll in an MBA program to supplement their undergraduate accounting education.

In essence, UOP creates certified professional accountants.

#10. Chapman College

$41,463 for tuition
Rate of Graduation: 79%
50% acceptance rate
1190-1370 on the SAT
Start Salary for Alumni: $43,900
Orange, California

Chapman University offers undergraduate business degrees.

The possibility to obtain a BS in Accounting, BS in Business Administration, or BA in Economics is unique to this university.

There are also additional minor courses, such as “humanomics,” “business analytics,” and “entrepreneurship.”

#11. Irvine University of California

Fees: $15,014
Grade-Point Average: 87%
29% acceptance rate
1190 to 1410 on the SAT
Start-Up Pay for Alumni: $41,100
Irvine, California .

UC Irvine undergraduate business students major in seven business courses in addition to five other courses.

A BA in business administration and a BS in business information systems are both offered by this institution, one of California’s business institutions.

The likelihood of underrepresented students being admission to UC Irvine is high.

#12. Pitzer University

Fees: $30,013
Grade-Point Average: 88%
13% acceptance rate
1300–1450 on the SAT
Starting Salary for Alumni:
Claremont, California is the location.

One of California’s top universities for a business curriculum is Pitzer.

Business students at Pitzer receive degrees from two different universities.

Initially, from the second university, a BS in engineering and a BA in management engineering.

Columbia or the University of South Carolina are typically the second institution.

#13. University of California, Polytechnic (Cal Poly)

Fees: $20,036
83% of students graduate.
30% acceptance rate
1230 until 1420 on the SAT
Start-Up Pay for Alumni: $52,100
California’s San Luis Obispo is the location.

Cal Poly is the best business school for you if consumer packaging is your area of study in a business program.

Cal Poly primarily provides three packaged programs that lead to degrees in real estate finance, HR, and accounting.

It is among California’s top business schools thanks to its triple degree program.

#14. California State University, Davis

Fees: $15,724
85% of students graduate.
Rate of Acceptance: 41%
1160 to 1400 on the SAT
graduates’ starting pay:
Davis, California.

A bachelor’s degree is the only option available to prospective business students at the University of California-Davis.

Energy science and technology as well as energy efficiency are a few of the niche small business programs.

On the other hand, it might also apply to technological management, professional writing, and energy policy.

#15. National College

$23,232 for tuition
Rate of Graduation: 13%
100% acceptance rate
SAT scores are not necessary.
Starting Salary for Alumni:
San Diego, California is the location.

The National University extends a warm welcome to you if you want to circumvent the SAT score requirement.

One of California’s top business schools is National University.

Additionally, a passing SAT score is not required.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Schools in California
Which Californian business schools are the best?
There are numerous possibilities when it comes to California business colleges, as you can see from the list above.

The top 5 business schools in California, however, are;

California State University
The California University
college in San Francisco
University of Pepperdine
San Jose State University

Which Californian undergraduate business programs are the best?

You must enroll in an undergraduate business program to earn a bachelor’s degree in business.
You need to enroll in an undergraduate business program to do it successfully.
In addition, California boasts a huge number of them.
In reality, California is home to some of the nation’s top undergraduate business schools.
They consist of;
Chapman College
San Jose State University
University of Pepperdine
College of San Diego
School of San Francisco
College Loyola Marymount
The Pacific University
California State University
Berkeley’s University of California
Los Angeles University of California

What are California’s top graduate business schools?

An undergraduate program is not what you need if you’re looking to get your MBA.
The next step for people who currently hold a business bachelor’s degree is to pursue an MBA.
You might choose to enroll in one of these California graduate business schools to obtain an MBA;
Biola College
Chapman College
Cal State San Bernardino
UCLA, California Baptist
University of Claremont Graduates
College Loyola Marymount
University of California, East Bay
California State University, Polytechnic
State Polytechnic University of California
The Stanislaus campus of California State University

Do Californians have access to online business schools?

Absolutely! In California, there are 42 universities that offer online business courses.
Some are affiliate programs, while others are community colleges.

The top 5 online colleges and universities in California where you can earn a business degree are listed below;

University of Pepperdine
College of La Verne
Golden Gate College
Pacific Azusa University
UCLA, California Baptist

What is the typical price of an MBA in California?

The cost of graduate school is high.
In California, an MBA will set you back about $51,330.
The California State University, Northridge’s MBA program was the least expensive in California, costing about $11,310.
The University of Southern California, however, charges $116,229 for the most expensive program.


You are now familiar with California’s top undergraduate and graduate business schools.

So, if you’re interested in a business degree, look over these institutions once more and choose the one that best aligns with your career goals.


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