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Are you looking for the top colleges, universities, and schools in Florida that offer computer science programs?

Do you wish to attend school in Florida?

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Computers and other technological equipment are all around us in our technology-driven environment.

Additionally, the fact that newer technologies are developing quickly necessitates the need for additional news for tech fans.

Being a part of this group guarantees financial security due to the promising job market for those in these fields.

More people with digital abilities will be required by most enterprises, government organizations, and many corporations to resolve any issues with their hardware, software, or websites.

In response to this claim, Stay Informed Group brings you an up-to-date guide based on information on the institutions in Florida offering computer science programs.

A computer science degree or certification will provide you with the programming skills necessary to be a problem-solver.

The list provided below can help you if you want to learn from the best and are prepared to apply to computer science programs in Florida.

Why You Should Think About a Career in Computer Science

It’s not out of place to argue that only related occupations will grow better in this era given how digital the world is becoming.

If you’re unsure whether a career in computer science is best for you in Florida, you should know that this field has a rising job market.

Second, according to data from the US BLS, job prospects are predicted to improve by 11% between 2019 and 2029.

The pay scale is another reason why enrolling in a computer science course at one of Florida’s top universities is a good idea.

The average monthly salary for those working in the field of computer science is around $91,250.

Which GPA is suitable for computer science?

You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be admitted to any of the top computer science universities.

However, the likelihood of acceptance increases with greater GPA.

What Positions Are Available for Computer Science Majors?

Depending on his or her area of expertise, an educated computer scientist can find employment in many different industries.

The top 7 positions for computer science majors are listed below;

Website Designer
IT professional.
Administrator of databases.
Analyst for computer systems.
network architect for computers.
Analyst for information security.
a hardware engineer for computers.
Florida’s Top 15 Computer Science Universities

We created a comprehensive list of the top colleges offering computer science degrees in Florida based on factors including annual in-state tuition and graduation rates.

#1. Florida State College (FSU)

Location: Florida’s Tallahassee
83% of students graduate.
36% acceptance rate
Range for SAT: 1200-1340
In-state tuition for one year is $5,656.
21 students for every faculty member

One of the Florida colleges with a number of computer science programs is FSU.

The university confers both doctoral and bachelor’s degrees.

The institution provides courses in information assurance and cyber security in addition to its extensive course selection.

#2. College of Florida

Gainesville, Florida is the location.
Grade-Point Average: 88%
37% acceptance rate
Range for SAT: 1310-1470
In-state tuition for one year is $6,381.
17 students for every faculty member

The University of Florida is one of the top colleges in Florida for computer science programs.

The University of Florida’s computer science degree requires at least 39 credits to finish.

Basically, Data Structure and Algorithms is their main program.

You can take this course on-campus or online, which is also an intriguing information.

#3. Central University of Florida

Florida’s Orlando is the place.
Rate of Graduation: 72%
Ratio of Acceptance: 44%
Range for SAT: 1170-1340
$6,368 for in-state tuition per year
30 students for every faculty member

Studying at UCF is incredibly engaging and educational.

The university is equipped with cutting-edge machinery like 3-D printers and laser cutters, which is the reason.

Graduates of the computer science programs at UCF can get employment at famous businesses like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others.

#4. University of Florida at Fort Myers

Location: Florida’s Boca Raton
% of graduates: 50%
Ratio of Acceptance: 63%
SAT 1080-1240 Range
$4,879 for in-state tuition each year
21 students for every faculty member

A college extension for engineering and computer science exists at Florida Atlantic University.

One of Florida’s top colleges or institutions for computer science continues to be this college.

This institution’s excellence in creative research and high-quality teaching is another distinguishing trait.

The following courses may be of interest: Analytics, Data Science, and AI.

#5. Miami University of Florida

Location: Florida’s Tampa Bay
Rate of Graduation: 75%
Acceptance Percentage: 48%
Range for SAT: 1170-1330
$6,410 for in-state tuition each year
23 students for every faculty member

One of the top universities for computer science is the University of South Florida.

A sizable university, USF provides numerous bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in computer science.

It ranks as the 34th-best computer science department in the entire United States when it comes to public schools

#6. University of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical

Location: Florida’s Tallahassee
Rate of Graduation: 53%
36% acceptance rate
Range for SAT: 1030-1160
$5,785 in annual in-state tuition
15 students for every faculty member

The Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s computer department has expanded significantly since its founding in 1967.

The school mostly offers bachelor’s degree programs.

Normally, it requires 46 credits, including 36 credits of general electives. Additionally, students have the option of participating in the school’s internship program.

#7. College of Eastern Florida

Location: Florida’s Cocoa
Rate of Graduation: 45%
100% acceptance rate
SAT Price:
$2,496 for in-state tuition per year
17 students for every faculty member

One of the Florida universities that is great for computer science courses is Eastern Florida State College.

You can essentially acquire an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in computer science-related majors at the university.

The department offers reputable courses in computing, cybersecurity, and information technology.

Additionally, because of how practically it teaches computer technology, Eastern Florida State College is among the greatest universities for the subject.

#8. University of Florida International

Miami, Florida is the location.
Grade-Point Average: 63%
58% acceptance rate
Range for SAT: 1110-1280
In-state tuition for one year is $6,565
27 students for every faculty member

At Florida International University, you can pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree in computer science.

However, there are two programs for the bachelor’s degree: software design and development and computer science (CS) (SDD).

Students have the chance to collaborate with local and regional businesses to create cutting-edge technical systems to tackle problems in the real world.

#9. College of the Gulf Coast in Florida

Florida’s Fort Myers is where it is.
% of graduates: 50%
Ratio of Acceptance: 67%
SAT 1060-1210 Range
In-state tuition for one year is $6,118.
22 students for every faculty member

One of the Florida universities that provides a BS in Software Engineering is Florida Gulf Coast University.

Students essentially mix conventional computer science and software engineering courses.

To graduate, you must have completed at least 120 credits.

#10. College of Technology in Florida

Florida’s Lakeland is where.
Rate of Graduation: 43%
Rate of Acceptance:
SAT Scope:
$4,940 for in-state tuition every year.
15 students for every faculty member

The Florida Polytechnic University’s computer science degrees are divided into three streams: cybersecurity, software engineering, and game development and simulation.

Students have access to over 35 computer science-related groups in addition to the course offerings.

Its curriculum is well regarded, which accounts for its ranking as one of Florida’s best computer science institutions.

#11. The West Florida University

Pensacola, Florida is where
Rate of Graduation: 46%
31% acceptance rate
Range for SAT: 1080-1260
$6,360 for in-state tuition every year.
21 students for every faculty member

Prospective students who desire to take computer-related courses at the University of West Florida can obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Information technology and cybersecurity are the most popular topics.

If the degrees are too expensive for you, the institution also offers minors and certifications in computer technology.

#12. College of Miami

Location: Florida’s Miami-Dade County
83% of students graduate.
27% acceptance rate
SAT Scores: 1270 to 1440
In-state tuition for one year is $61,930.
12 students for every faculty member

The University of Miami is a wonderful option if you’re thinking about pursuing a BS or BA in computer science.

Additionally, MS programs and accelerated programs are offered.

Students can select one of the following specializations for a BA program: flexible or comprehensive data science, computational science, graphics and games, or cryptography and security.

#13. Tampa State University

Florida’s Tampa is the place.
Rate of Graduation: 58%
Ratio of Acceptance: 45%
Range for SAT: 1100–1250
In-state tuition per year: $29,992
17 students for every faculty member

One of Florida’s top universities for computer science is the University of Tampa.

You will have the opportunity to gain practical experience working on several capstone projects while attending this university.

Teams of students get to work together to save actual problems.

You can minor in computer science as well.

14 Florida Institute of Technology,

Melbourne, Florida is the place
Rate of Graduation: 59%
Ratio of Acceptance: 66%
Range for SAT: 1150-1360
$42,470 for in-state tuition per year.
14 students for every faculty member

One of the top universities in Florida for computer science programs is Florida Institute of Technology.

Because of its cutting-edge research ethics and utilization of cutting-edge technologies, many people pick FIU.

Additionally, there are chances to go to career-tip conferences and seminars.

Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees are typically available.

#15. North Carolina State University

Location: Florida’s Broward County
Rate of Graduation: 58%
Acceptance Rate: 80%
1070–1280 on the SAT
$32,110 for in-state tuition per year.
17 students for every faculty member

One of the top private universities for computer science programs is Nova Southeastern University.

Nova Southeastern University consistently ranks first among Florida institutions for computer science, despite being a small institution.

For the record, all of Nova Southeastern University’s computer programs are available online.

Florida’s other top universities with computer science departments include:

Barry College
Saint Leo College
University of Florida Memorial
college Bethune-Cookman
Orlando Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Full Sail College
Rollins University
United States Naval Academy
University of Embry-Riddle Aeronautics
Southern College of Florida
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Florida’s Top Colleges and Universities with Computer Science Programs.

We have answered some of the queries people have regarding this subject below so that you can have a thorough grasp of them.

What is the best computer science course?

There are many worthwhile computer science study areas.
However, the greatest computer science courses to take are as follows:
Course in data science.
programming in Python.
a course in artificial intelligence.
Course for Cyber Security Certification
A course in full-stack web development.

How Much Do Computer Science Professionals Get Paid?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that computer scientists make around $91,250 each month.
However, depending 9n your country of residency, the remuneration may differ.
Do You Need a Degree to Work in Computer Science?
Yes, a degree is required to be recognized as a computer scientist internationally.
That is one of the reasons we have included the top colleges, universities, and schools in Florida where you can receive a degree.
Basically, you need a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree to work in;
programming for computers
technical assistance
network management
database management.
But a PhD degree is required if you want to work as a genuine computer scientist.

What Sorts of Degrees in Computer Science Are Available?

The principal degrees in computer science include those in;
Systems for software.
Networking in computers.
Analytics and Data Science.
programming development.
software development.
Science of information.
both machine learning and artificial intelligence.

What are Florida’s top 5 institutions for computer science?

Florida State College
The Florida University
Central University of Florida
University of Florida at Fort Myers
Miami University of Florida


We sincerely hope that the information in this article will help you choose the best school in Florida for you.

Think about the environment and tuition before choosing.

Visit the school website and submit your application if the hat fits.

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