Air Peace Flight Time Table 2022 For All Destinations

Air Peace Flight Time Table 2022 For All Destinations

One of Nigeria’s newest and most effective domestic carriers is Air Peace flight. Because of its effectiveness, Nigerians are encouraged to use it frequently. The Air Peace flight schedule becomes crucial information to have on hand as a result.

Without saying a word more, we discussed the Air Peace airline and how to make reservations there in one of our posts. Click here to access the whole list.

Before looking further into the flight schedule, we must first become familiar with the various Air Peace flight routes.

Sokoto, Yola, Kaduna, Uyo, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Owerri, and Akure are more towns that are minor routes.

International Routes of Air Peace Flight

  • Accra
  • Mumbai
  • Johannesburg
  • Atlanta
  • Darker
  • Freetown
  • Monrovia
  • Dubai, and
  • Banjui

You can select the kinds of flights you want to take with Air Peace. One-way tickets, round-trip tickets, stopover tickets, or even direct flights are all options. Consequently, there is a set period for each option you select.

How to book cheaper flights on the Air Peace flight timetable

If you wish to reserve a less expensive flight on the timetable, there are three factors you need to be aware of.

  1. Day

The cost of an Air Peace ticket varies according to how close in time your booking is to the departure time. What I’m trying to explain is that the flight you wish to buy will cost more the closer the departure day comes. You must reserve the flights six weeks in advance of the departure time in order to receive a lower price. Therefore, we must urge you to make your reservations as soon as possible.

  1. Time

You must be aware that Air Peace uses the time to determine ticket prices. Depending on your chosen location, it flies at a certain time.

  1. Class of Service

There are three distinct classes in Air Peace. There are three classes: Business, Premium Economy, and Economy. The tickets for each of these classes are unique. The least expensive class, Economy allows for a 25kg limit on checked baggage. The most expensive class is business, and 40kg of luggage is permitted.

Air Peace Flight Time Table 2022

Flight From To Scheduled Expected Status
P47120 Lagos LOS Abuja ABV 05:30 05:44 Landed Track >
P47110 Lagos LOS Ilorin ILR 06:00 Landed Track >
P47150 Lagos LOS Owerri QOW 06:00 Landed Track >
P47154 Lagos LOS Owerri QOW 06:00 Landed Track >
P47190 Lagos LOS Port Harcourt PHC 06:00 Landed Track >
P47750 Lagos LOS Accra ACC 06:00 Landed Track >
P47816 Lagos LOS Asaba ABB 06:30 Landed Track >
P47210 Lagos LOS Warri QRW 06:30 Landed Track >
P47176 Lagos LOS Benin BNI 06:30 Landed Track >
P47002 Lagos LOS Akure AKR 06:30 Landed Track >
P47111 Ilorin ILR Abuja ABV 07:20 Scheduled Track >
P47121 Abuja ABV Lagos LOS 07:30 07:35 Landed Track >
P47151 Owerri QOW Abuja ABV 07:30 Scheduled Track >
P47423 Kano KAN Abuja ABV 07:30 En-Route Track >
P47157 Owerri QOW Lagos LOS 07:30 Scheduled Track >
P47751 Accra ACC Lagos LOS 07:40 Landed Track >
P47211 Warri QRW Abuja ABV 07:50 En-Route Track >
P47003 Akure AKR Abuja ABV 07:50 Scheduled Track >
P47177 Benin BNI Lagos LOS 07:50 Scheduled Track >
P47574 Abuja ABV Accra ACC 07:50 En-Route Track >
P47815 Asaba ABB Lagos LOS 07:50 Scheduled Track >
P47112 Abuja ABV Ilorin ILR 08:40 En-Route Track >
P47424 Abuja ABV Kano KAN 08:50 En-Route Track >
P47102 Abuja ABV Enugu ENU 09:00 Scheduled Track >
P47376 Lagos LOS Kaduna KAD 09:00 Scheduled Track >

The above information was gotten from air peace official website.

The above information should serve as a booking guide for July.


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