Amazing Best Places To Work At 15 Years Old Or Less (2022)

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by at my Wonderful blog, we at onlinestudyingservices wish you a great read through our articles. You can link to us, share our Articles and guest what feel free to comment and ask questions on what is bordering you. This way you can interact with us. I will take you into best places to work at 15 years old and all you need to know about it..Have a nice read.

You are reading this post because you want to know if there are any employers who start hiring at age 15. You are, therefore, in the proper location, as many best places to work at 15 years old and give them the minimum wage. Who knows, maybe at 18 I might have had my first car if I had known them sooner. Just so you know, you aren’t doing anyone any harm by wanting to find work. You can even have more than one reason for needing a job. Perhaps you want to put money down for college, assist with household expenses, prepare for Christmas, or even purchase a very fine dress.

Whatever the case may be, simply understand that it is on the other hand, working as a teen has several advantages. It helps you comprehend the worth of money, gets you ready for the job market, and even teaches you how to be responsible at work. Thats why i will write on best places to work at 15 years old and all you need to know including links. As a result, I’ll write on some employers that  hire at 15 in this post. Continue reading!

What Labor Laws Apply To 15-Years-Old Or Less?

Knowing the federal laws that relate to you is crucial if you have to acquire a job at the age of 15. These rules were created to safeguard you from child labor by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is administered by the US Department of Labor (DOL). The law establishes minimum wages, working hours, and safety standards for minors (those under the age of 18) employed in positions regulated by the department. The FLSA states that 14 is the minimum age for employment for jobs that do not require agricultural labor or machine-moving skills. Additionally, the FLSA prohibits placing children in jobs that have been deemed hazardous by the agency. Although these are federal laws, each state still has its own rules on employment for minors. In a case where there is a clash of both the FLSA law and the state law, the law that best protects the child is used.

How Many Hours Can A 15-Year-Old Or Less Work?

For minors under the age of 16, the FLSA specifies the minimum amount of hours that must be worked. Youths between the ages of 14 and 15 are permitted to work outside of school hours in a variety of non-manufacturing, non-mining, and non-hazardous jobs under specific circumstances, according to this regulation. Therefore, in accordance with FLSA, the maximum number of hours that adolescents under the age of 16 may work is:

  • 3 hours on a school day;
  • 18 hours in a school week;
  • Non-school hours
  • 8 hours on a non-school day;
  • 40 hours in a non-school week; and
  • Between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., except from June 1 through Labor Day, when nighttime work hours are extended to 9 p.m.

When you get to 16, some of these laws won’t be applicable to you.

Having known this, let’s see how much you can earn as a 15 year old.

How Much Can 15-Year-Olds Or Less Earn?

All states follow the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) requirement that the federal minimum wage be $7.25 per hour. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets a minimum pay of $4.25 per hour for workers under the age of 20 during the first 90 days of continuous calendar employment with an employer. The minimum wage must be paid to an employee after they turn 20 or after 90 days of employment, whichever comes first. This is not just applicable to your initial employer. When you switch jobs while under the age of 20, you are paid the legal minimum salary of $4.25 per hour. Some states have their own minimum wage regulations, which are sometimes higher and vary from FLSA. Therefore, the higher standard is applied when the FLSA laws and the state laws conflict, exactly like during working hours. Hence lets talk on best places to work at 15 years old

Note: Under special certificates from the Secretary of Labor, some full-time students, student learners, apprentices, and workers with disabilities may be paid less than the minimum wage. The sub-minimum wage is the usual name for this. It makes sense to know the places that recruit 15-year-olds now that you are aware of how much money you may make as a 15 years old. This brings us to our upcoming conversation.

Best Places to Work at 15 Years Old

There are numerous jobs available for 15-year-olds. Even though some firms place a strong emphasis on experience, there are still certain places that will hire you at the age of 15 regardless of your degree of expertise.

Keep in mind that certain of these businesses’ locations impact whether you can work as a 15-year-old or younger.

Some of the jobs that hire at 15 are listed below.

#1. McDonald’s

First on our list of best places to work at 15 years old is the hamburger, cheeseburger, and french fries that McDonald’s is known for are what make it one of the biggest food enterprises in the US. It has grown to be the most sought-after location for 15-year-olds or younger looking for employment, with more than 13000 branches across the US. Although 14 is the minimum age to work at McDonald’s, this rule only applies in states where it is legal. You can work as a crew member, cleaner, or cook.

Click the button below to learn more about the positions McDonald’s offers to 15-year-olds.

#2. Baskin Robbins

Second on our list of best place to work at 15 years old is Baskin Robbins. The most popular ice cream and frozen dessert franchise in the US is Baskin Robbins. They are renowned for producing excellent, inventive, and unique frozen drinks and sweets. With more than 3000 retail locations across the US, they offer employment possibilities to people as young as 14. Therefore, Baskin-Robbins may be a fantastic location to look if you are a 15-year-old seeking for a summer employment. Ice cream, pastries, and drinks are probably what you’ll be serving.

Click the button below to view Baskin Robbins’ application instructions.

#3. Chick-Fil-A

One of the well-known eateries in the US that serves chicken sandwiches is Chick-Fil-A. They provide several employment chances to people interested to work with them thanks to its more than 2000 branches. even those who are only 15 years old. Working at Chick-fil-A is advantageous because Sundays are off for the company. Since 1946, they have maintained this culture. You can apply to work in the kitchen.

To find out more about job opportunities at Chick-Fil-A, click the icon below.

#4. Arby’s

A fast food establishment called Arby’s is well-known for its Angus beef and mild roasted turkey sandwiches. They are quickly made and occupy a special place in the restaurant business. Arby defines “fast crafted” as high-quality, reasonably priced cuisine that is swiftly but expertly made. Arby’s operates as an independent franchise with more than 3000 locations in the US and provides employment possibilities to people who are eager to work. As a crew member, you are employable.

Click here to read more about Arby’s employment opportunities.

#5. Kroger

One of the well-known grocery store chains in the US is Kroger. They also own other well-known US businesses like Fry’s, Smith’s, and King Scoopers. To work at Kroger’s, you must first confirm that hiring 15-year-olds is permitted by state law. If so, you can submit an application to work at Krogers as a cleaner, bagger, or stocker.

Here is more information about working at Kroger.

#6. Six Flags

Six Flags has more than 20 parks in the United States, Mexico, and Canada that feature thrilling water parks, world-class roller coasters, and family rides for all ages. As a Minor Compliance Team Member, you can work in admissions, retail, games, or culinary services at Six Flags. The jobs do, however, vary by region and time of year.

Click the button to learn more about Six Flags.

#7. AMC Theatres

Yaaay!! It’s movie time. I adore going to the movies. I just adore seeing everyone happy and satisfied while enjoying popcorn and burgers. Guess what now? Even at the age of 15, one can work in a movie theater. In accordance with federal regulations, AMC Theatres hires people between the ages of 14 and 17 for employment. However, because state labor laws vary, it is crucial to check with your neighborhood theater to find out if the state law allows you to be employed.

If it does, you can go ahead and submit an application to work as an usher or cashier at AMC Theatres.

See the following link for more details.

#8. Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle is a supermarket chain in the US that has more than 200 locations. To work as a bakery cashier or a shopping cart attendant, they hire 15-year-olds. However, these positions are seasonal and vary by area.

To view the jobs available at Giant Eagle, click the link below.

#9. Publix

One of the largest employee-owned grocery store chains in the US is Publix. With more than a thousand stores spread over the South East in states like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, etc., you may anticipate finding opportunities for 15-year-olds as baggers, service desk employees, and cashiers. These opportunities, however, are subject to local regulations and job openings.

To view the positions available at Publix, click the icon below.

#10. Fareway

The US grocery chain Fareway is expanding throughout the Midwest. In Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota, it operates more than 120 outlets. The supermarket departments at Fareway hire 15-year-olds, while the meat and bakery departments only hire people who are at least 18 years old.

To view the Fareway positions currently available, click the icon below.

#11. DogWalking

Consider dog walking as one of the service occupations to do if you love animals in general or dogs in particular. Usually, a dog walker only makes a quick visit by a person’s house to let their dog out so it may get some exercise by going for a walk. After that, (s)he gives the dog’s owner back custody. You may enjoy working this as a part-time job. You may make amusing advertisements to distribute to your friends and family to promote your company. You can offer to walk your neighbor’s dog for payment in addition to doing so.

Work hard and soon you’ll receive recommendations for your services.

#12. House Cleaning

Urrrrghh… I truly detest doing housework. It could occasionally get monotonous and draining. However, Mom would always ask you to clean up the house.

Why not make money out of it?

Offering to do house cleaning for others is an excellent method to make some extra money while still in school. Do not be alarmed; federal statutes that regulate the amount of time you must work have been established.

Finding a speciality that you can perform frequently is preferable, though. Perhaps vacuuming or anything else you deem comfortable. Do you want to know why?

to increase your income! winks!

#13. Swagbucks

Oh, yes. How am I going to forget about Swagbucks? With the help of the online platform Swagbucks, you may earn money for watching videos online, conducting surveys online, and guess what else? installing programs as well. Perhaps you prefer to use your laptop indoors. It’s all right; you can earn money doing that. So register with Swagbucks to start completing surveys and other tasks. After performing your duties, you gain points, and the best part is that you can exchange those points for money via PayPal. To open a PayPal student account for you, ask your parents or legal guardians to do so.

Before signing up, I advise you to read this Swagbucks review. To clearly demonstrate how it operates.

Afterward, you can click the button here to sign up on Swagbucks.

#14. Survey Junkie

Another website where you can get paid for taking surveys is Survey Junkie. Similar to Swagbucks, you receive points for completing surveys. Now, these points can be exchanged for money via PayPal or gift cards.

Remember that $10 is the minimum cashout amount.

#15. Winn Dixie

Since 1925, Winn Dixie has been a grocery store with a pharmacy on site. Through their more than 300 stores across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi, they have been assisting local communities. You can apply to work as a cake decorator at Winn Dixie. But first, look at the jobs that are accessible to you at the closest office.

To find out more about the positions available at Winn Dixie, click the icon below.

#16. Taco Bell

Another company that hires 15-year-olds is Taco Bell. Tacos, burritos, novelty and speciality products, as well as a range of “value menu” items, are just a few of the Mexican-inspired delicacies that this fast-food establishment is well known for serving. With approximately 7000 restaurants, there are employment options for all ages, including 15-year-olds. On the other hand, it depends on the state.

#17. Runza

Fast food establishment Runza is well known for its unusual sandwiches that come with burgers, fries, and cabbage. Runza provides employment chances to everyone with its approximately 80 stores operating in the Midwest. Additionally, there is a Runza shop where you can purchase Runzie, sweaters, t-shirts, and much more. Runza employs crew members who are 15 years old, depending on the state.

#18. Baby Sitting

Let’s take a brief trip down memory lane. I was very afraid to hold my newborn brother. My mum kept saying something like “He’s your baby brother, you are going have to learn how to hold him” and oh well I really didn’t learn. So by all means, please go ahead and make some additional money from child care and babysitting if you are better at it than I am. To let friends and family know what you are capable of, you can promote your skills to them. A 15-year-old can work here part-time.

#19. Hy-Vee

In the Midwest, there is a chain of supermarkets called Hy-vee. In Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, it has over 245 stores. The largest Hy-Vee locations are full-service supermarkets with bakeries, delicatessens, floral departments, dine-in and carryout food service, wine and spirits, pharmacies, medical facilities, HealthMarkets (natural and organic products), and coffee kiosks (Caribou Coffee and Starbucks). Due to the independent management of each store, some employ 15-year-olds while others do not. So you can ask the manager of your neighborhood store if they hire.

Click the button below to discover more about Hy-Vee.

#20. Giant Food

The eastern United States is home to numerous Giant Food outlets. The grocery chain is excellent for those looking for full-time opportunities in retail as well as part-time, entry-level work. You have the option of working as a stocker, stock boy, cashier, clerk, bagger, or bakery associate. If there are any openings, inquire at your neighborhood Giant Food store. or select the following button.

#21. Rita’s Italian Ice

Another place that hires 15-year-olds is this one. In the US, Rita’s Italian Ice is renowned for its Italian ice, ice cream, gelato, and other treats. Rita’s Italian Ice provides willing people with work possibilities at over 600 store locations across the US. You could be chosen to join a team and work there.


#22. Culver’s

The Midwest region of the United States is where Culver’s, a privately owned and operated informal fast food restaurant, mostly serves customers. The eatery serves cheese curds, chicken, fish, and salads but is most renowned for its “Butterburgers” and frozen custard. Culver’s employs 15-year-olds as crew members or porters, depending on the state.

To find out more about the positions at Culver’s, click the link below.


#23. Diary Queen

Lastly on our list of best places to work at 15 years old is International Dairy Queen, Inc., a division of Berkshire Hathaway, is the parent company of the international chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurants known as Diary Queen. By location, jobs in this restaurant differ. You might expect to find employment like cleaning or cashier at its more than 3000 branches. Most Dairy Queen locations need workers to be at least 14 years old.

To find out more about Diary Queen, click the button.

Other part-time jobs for 15-year-olds include;

  • Newspaper delivery person
  • Paper delivery person
  • Selling crafts
  • House sitter.


You now have it. places that start hiring at 15 But it’s also crucial to strike a balance between your employment and education schedules when you’re looking for a job. Keep in mind that you are an adolescent who needs to sleep.

So read this post carefully to choose which career opportunity best suits you. When you’re ready, apply for the position, obtain it, and start making money!


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