Top 4 Free Bible Schools in the USA for International Students

You will learn more about the free bible schools in the USA for International students in this post. These bible schools give students who lack the financial means to pursue further education a top-notch Christian education for nothing.

There are, however, a few free bible schools in the USA for international students that are open to students from abroad. These institutions have requirements for how many hours a week its students must labor there. As an alternative, these institutions charge non-tuition fees for things like housing, books, etc.

Before heading into the details, take a look at the table of contents below to have an insight into the article.

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How long will it take me to go to a Bible School?

A minimum of 128 credits are needed to get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Bible Studies. A four-year course of study is needed to earn a bachelor’s degree in the area.

Students who pursue a master’s degree in bible studies will be equipped with the information and abilities needed to assume a leadership role in a church or ministry. The master’s degree is earned in two (2) years.

Practiced church and community leaders can develop their professions and professional activities in the ministry by obtaining a PhD in bible studies, which provides advanced knowledge and abilities. The doctoral degree program is completed in three years.

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Cost of a seminary degree?

A biblical or seminary school has relatively little tuition. Most bible colleges and seminaries are tuition-free. However, non-tuition expenses like accommodation and board, books, and other charges are your responsibility as a student. These expenses could amount to $14,600 for each school year.

The Free Printable Bible Study Lessons with Questions and Answers pdf are as follows:

  1. Life of Moses
  2. Temptation of Christ
  3. Creation of the Earth
  4. Jesus Commandment
  5. Bible Prophecies Fulfilled
  6. Miracle of Jesus Apostle
  7. Satan Cast out of Heaven
  8. Noahs Ark
  9. Ascension of Jesus
  10. 613 Commandments
  11. Jesus Walk on Water
  12. Christ New Earth
  13. Resurrection of Lazarus
  14. Jonah and the great Whale
  15. Ephesians Bible Study
  16. Philippians Bible Study
  17. Jesus and the Pharisees
  18. Parable of the Ten Virgins
  19. The Ten Commandments
  20. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Free Bible Schools In The USA For International Students

The free bible schools in the USA for international students are listed below. This list was created using data on acceptance rates, faith-based student resources, and accreditation from the Council for Higher Education and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

There are other bible schools that provide free tuition, however they are not accredited by the Council for Higher Education.

Consequently, the following are the list of authorized free bible schools in the USA for international students:

College of the Ozarks – POINT LOOKOUT, MO

In 1906, College of the Ozarks, a private Christian liberal arts institution, was founded in Point Lookout, Missouri. Over 1,426 students are enrolled at the college.

More than 30 academic majors are available at College of the Ozarks in its Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs.

Through its student employment program and funding from the federal and state governments, the college provides free tuition to its students. Students in this work-based learning program (Hard Work U) must work two 40-hour work weeks between breaks in addition to 15 hours each week at a work station on campus.

The childcare center, computer lab, and museum are among the on-campus locations where students complete the work education program. Through this work-education program, students pay for their college education.

The college also offers a summer employment program that allows students to earn money to cover their living expenses while attending classes. Six weeks of employment are required for the summer job program.

The institution is one of the free bible schools in the USA for international students because to its job education program, which waives tuition for students.

On the other hand, the institution offers Bible study groups, mission trips, and ministry-related retreats. The college has a partnership with the Presbyterian Church.

College of the Ozarks has an acceptance rate of 10% and a student-faculty ratio of 16:1.

The college is accredited by the Council of Higher Education and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

School website

Barclay College – HAVILAND, KS

In 1917, Barclay College, a private institution with Quaker ties and located in Haviland, Kansas, was established.

About 89 students attended the college as of 2007, however the total grew steadily over time. The school’s enrollment rose to 125 (in 2008) and 167 (as of today) (in 2009). The 2013 Board of Trustees Report states that Barclay College had a greater enrollment of 292 students, including those enrolled on-campus, online, and through distance learning.

In the areas of biblical studies, Christian elementary education, youth ministry, pastoral ministry, Quaker studies, family ministry, and spiritual development, Barclay College provides associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs that are faith-based. These courses are designed to equip students for leadership and service roles that are centered on Christ.

Barclay College, on the other hand, provides full-tuition scholarships to enrolled full-time students who pay to live in the resident halls. This award pays for books, tuition, and other expenses.

Alumni, friends, and proponents of a debt-free education have donated to assist the financial help. Due to this, Barclay College is one of the free bible colleges in the USA for students from other countries.

The admittance rate for Barclay College is 51%, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 8:1.

It has received accreditation from the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Council of Higher Education.

School website

St. Louis Christian College – FLORISSANT, MO

St. Louis Christian College (SLCC) was established in 1956 and is a private Bible school in Florissant, Missouri. It is associated with the Restoration Movement in both theological and ecclesiastical terms (Christian Churches and Churches of Christ). There are about 100 students enrolled at this modest university.

In order to fulfill its objective, SLCC continues to provide degrees in biblical studies and theology.

The entire four years required to complete studies are not covered by the college’s free tuition. However, the SLCC’s NexGen+ Leadership Program only offers students free tuition for two years. As a result, students can pursue a free associate’s degree in Christian ministry. As a result, SLCC is one of the free bible colleges in the USA for students from abroad.

On the other hand, SLCC has a student-to-faculty ratio of 8:1, a 38% acceptance rate, and a 27% graduation rate.

The Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Council for Higher Education both accredit St. Louis Christian College.

School website

Central Christian College of the Bible – MOBERLY, MO

In 1957, Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB), a private Christian institution, was founded in Moberly, Missouri.

A free seminary, CCCB grants certificates, bachelor of arts, and bachelor of science degrees in ministry-related fields to its students. These courses seek to teach students biblical principles and provide them real-world experience. The college currently provides a graduate program leading to a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership diploma.

Every year, the ministry-related degree programs at Central Christian College of the Bible give new and transfer students full-tuition scholarships. It’s possible to renew the full-tuition scholarship. For renewal, students must keep their cumulative GPA (CGPA) at least 2.0, complete 90% of the semester’s four-hour-per-week Christian service project hours, and attend 80% of chapel services.

On rare occasions, CCCB will award returning students who did not receive a scholarship when they first enrolled in the college with a full-tuition scholarship. Because of this, CCCB presents itself as one of the free bible colleges in the USA for foreign students.

The Higher Learning Commission does not grant regional accreditation to CCCB (HLC). The Association for Biblical Higher Education does, however, accredit Central Christian College of the Bible on a nationwide level.

School website

Top Bible Schools in America

Most of the top Bible Schools in America are assembled here! Many of these institutions are also included in our list of the 70 Best Christian Colleges & Universities – 2019 Edition, with a focus on those that offer programs and courses in biblical studies. In this list of prominent colleges and universities, may you locate a superb Bible school for yourself or your kids.

1. Lancaster Bible College

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, there is a private Bible college called Lancaster Bible College. “To educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview, and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and society,” is the College’s stated objective since its founding in 1933.

About 40 miles to the east of Harrisburg and 70 miles to the west of Philadelphia is where Lancaster’s main campus is located. Downtown Lancaster, a thriving area with first-rate culinary, creative, and cultural experiences, is a short drive from the campus. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation have both granted Lancaster Bible College accreditation. This is one of the best bible schools in America.

With 1,979 total students enrolled, 32 states and 14 other countries are represented at Lancaster Bible College. The College has a graduate student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1 and a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1 for undergraduate students. The College provides a selection of graduate and undergraduate programs in addition to a number of online courses. Biblical Studies, Business Administration, and Social Work are a few of the majors available. The College, which boasts an overall retention rate of 78% and an overall graduation rate of 66%, admits 68% of applicants and boasts a graduation rate of 66%. There is financial aid available; 97% of undergraduate students receive some kind of aid.

  • Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Enrollment: 1,979
  • Denominational Affiliation: Non-denominational
  • Tuition: $24,290
  • Room & Board: $8,750

2. Covenant College

Covenant is ranked among the best “Best Value Colleges” in the South by U.S. News & World Report. Christian liberal arts college Covenant College is a member of the Presbyterian Church of America. Covenant College, which was established in 1955 in Pasadena, California, now flourishes on the former site of the charming Lookout Mountain Hotel in Georgia. Covenant acquired the formerly opulent “Castle in the Clouds” in 1964, making it the perfect setting for the growing College. Since then, the College has expanded its campus greatly and strengthened its ties to Chattanooga. Students enjoy a range of outdoor experiences, a lively city life, and various on-campus events about two hours from Atlanta and Nashville and a 15-minute drive from Chattanooga.

From 1700 feet above sea level, Rock City on Lookout Mountain gives a breathtaking opportunity to “See Seven States.” Over 50 student groups are available for exploration, and intramural sports are enjoyed by more than 75% of students.

Nearly all of the states in the United States as well as more than 20 other countries are represented within Covenant’s student body. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1, small classes enable plenty of individualized support. For the first three years, residence on campus is necessary. Because residence housing is mixed, upperclassmen and lowerclassmen can coexist there. Each hall has a discipleship coordinator who oversees Bible studies and the students’ spiritual growth. Students focus their lives on developing their understanding of the Bible, their academic inquiry, their analytical and communication abilities, and their capacity for Christlike service. This is also the best bible schools in America

  • Location: Lookout Mountain, Georgia
  • Denominational Affiliation: Presbyterian Church of America (PCA)
  • Enrollment: 1,030
  • Tuition: $34,330
  • Room & Board: $10,260

3. The College at Southeastern University

The College at Southeastern, which is recognized by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on Accrediting of The Association of Theological Schools, was established in 1994 as the undergraduate division of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Their goal is to empower students to lay down their lives for Christ in the church, among the nations, and in every sphere of society. They are dedicated to maintaining tuition at a “fraction of what other universities charge so you can use your degree to go places instead of being bound by debt.” Within minutes of Raleigh and Durham, in the renowned Research Triangle, sits their lovely 300-acre campus. Wake Forest is a distinctive neighborhood featuring eateries, stores, and coffee shops.

Christian Studies is a minor that each student completes. The History of Ideas Program, which encourages students to comprehend and debate significant works of literature, history, theology, philosophy, science, and government, is a key component of their curriculum. Associate degrees, M.A.s in Teaching or Intercultural Studies, and more than 20 B.A. and B.S. degree programs are all available. Through their Hunt Scholar program for pastoral ministry, students can achieve a B.A. and M.Div. in 5 years by combining schooling and extensive church mentoring. High school students at Southeastern can earn up to 30 college credits through the Dual Enrollment program. Every semester, hundreds of students are prepared to travel on missions to Asia, London, Germany, Malaysia, and other parts of the world by their Center for Great Commission Studies (CGCS), which organizes conferences, meals, dialogues, seminars, and other events. This is also the best bible schools in America.

  • Location: Wake Forest, North Carolina
  • Denominational Affiliation: Southern Baptist
  • Enrollment: 3,250 (including the College at Southeastern and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • Tuition: $17,496
  • Room & Board: $6,700.



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