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Synergy University is a leading private university that offers modern curriculum programs in a prestigious Russian University. The Synergy University  provides excellent housing in a pleasant Moscow neighborhood, near to the study site and only 15 minutes by metro from the city center.

You will be issued an official visa as well as a registration form for the duration of your studies. Students will have an unique year of pre-university preparation to assist them learn Russian, which will make studying on higher educational programs more convenient. During this year, students will begin Russian language classes as well as their major/minor of choice. Your time at the university will include all of the benefits of a vibrant student life. This involves participation in University-sponsored competitions, activities, and festivals, as well as opportunities for self-realization. Russia is an excellent place to study. The economy is in a period of expansion. When combined with university employment assistance, this implies that the current situation of national firms and industries offers a wide range of work opportunities for new graduates. Synergy University Moscow offers a top-tier education in one of the world’s most attractive destinations.

Moscow is Russia’s capital and the country’s most populous city. Moscow is Russia’s and Eastern Europe’s major political, economic, cultural, and scientific hub, as well as the continent’s largest city. Moscow is the world’s 14th largest metro area, making it one of the world’s largest cities. In addition, the city is served by a transit network that includes four international airports, nine railway terminals, numerous trams, a monorail system, and one of the world’s deepest underground rapid transit systems, the Moscow Metro, which is the world’s fourth-largest and busiest city outside of Asia in terms of passenger numbers. Moscow have been recognized as one of the landmark cities due to the rich architecture of its 200 stations.

Required documents for admission

All needed documentation should be prepared while applying for admission to Synergy University in Russia. Request a list of required documents from a university directly, as it may differ by country. You can also request example documents using our live chat.

  • HIV-test Certificate
  • Family Details
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Medical Certificate
  • Resume/CV (graduate, postgraduate)
  • Student visa
  • Passport
  • Application fee
  • Online Application form
  • Photographs
  • Declaration for financial support
  • Motivation Letter
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Research proposal outline (MA, PhD)

Application Procedures at Synergy University – Moscow

RocApply, in cooperation with Synergy University, invites you to apply to study in Russia, a dynamic society with a world-renowned and respected educational system, as well as an opportunity to see Europe through Moscow, the country’s gateway city.

Russia is a cultural and commercial powerhouse that has produced some of the world’s most well-known figures in science, the arts, music, business, and literature. Moscow has enticed international students from all over the world for centuries, and the nation continues to entice foreigners with its very reasonable living circumstances and education to this day.

Apply to Synergy University on RocApply, we understand that finding the right school and program might be a daunting task, so let us do the heavy lifting and secure your spot at this prestigious institution with the guarantee of a promising future.

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Application Steps:

  • Fill and submit the application form and upload all the accompanying documents on RocApply
  • Prepare and pass the university-set interview to secure your spot
  • Sign the student contract to confirm enrollment
  • Proceed to tuition fee payment
  • Process your visa application (if needed)
  • Begin your studies at Synergy University

Offered Programs

Synergy University in Russia offers a variety of courses and programs at various levels, ranging from preparatory to language courses, advanced diplomas to postgraduate degrees, all of which are well-accredited and meet international standards.

Synergy University is one of the cheapest private higher education institutions in the country, providing high-quality education at low costs.

To encourage an inclusive learning environment that is open and friendly to different individuals, the institution offers part-time and full-time study alternatives.

Tuition at the university varies from level to level and is paid on an annual basis depending on the program duration.

The current tuition structure at Synergy University:

Level Length of Program Tuition
Foundation Programs 7 months – 1 year $2,750
Foundation Programs (Medicine) 7 months – 1 year $2,250
Language Programs 9 months $2,200
Diploma Programs 1 year + 10 months $1,450/ semester
Bachelor Programs 4 years $1,750/ semester
Masters Programs 2 years $1,150/ semester
Ph.D Programs 3 years $1,550/ semester


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