When are the GRE Test Date

When are the GRE Test Dates for 2022?

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Do you intend to pursue a master’s degree or an MBA? GRE test scores are required for admission to many of the top universities and business schools. Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is an acronym for Graduate Record Examinations.

These exams are conducted and administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services). While the tests were first developed in the United States in 1936, GRE results are now recognized and accepted by many of the world’s best colleges. Students might apply to international universities and colleges and study abroad as a result of them. These tests take place in more than 1000 centres in around 160 countries. We look at what you’ll need to take the test, and what the GRE test dates.

GRE Test Dates for 2023

The GRE tests for the academic year 2023 began in July 2023. The online GRE test is available at any time of the year. For the 2022 test, you can choose your nearest center and chosen dates. from the official website.

Currently, the test is mostly administered on a computer. In areas where computer-based testing is not available, it can be given as a paper test. Over the course of a rolling 12-month period, you can take the GRE General Test once every 21 days for a total of five attempts.

The exam is divided into two parts: the GRE General Test and the GRE Subject Test. Each of these tests has a separate syllabus. Many institutions will require GRE subject exam scores if you’ve applied for more specialized courses. A subject test is a way for the institute to assess your expertise in a certain field.

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How can I register for the test?

Candidates can register for the GRE General Test through GRE’s official website. While it is a simple process one should always go through the Registration Check List first. The GRE registration fees also differ from country to country and range between $205 – $230.

What Do GRE Tests Assess?

The General GRE is an exam that assesses your verbal, quantitative, analytical writing, and critical thinking abilities.

The GRE Subject Tests, on the other hand, are intended to assess your understanding of the specific subject for which you have applied.

The GRE test results are good for up to five years after you take it.

Are the tests hard?

How challenging you find the GRE test will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, the test includes some advanced vocabulary and wording, so if English is not your first language this may be more difficult for you to comprehend.

The GRE also requires students to approach things differently to how they may be used to. For example, questions may not be worded in a direct manner, meaning you really need to think about what you are being asked and read “between the lines”.

Overall the GRE is easier than other post-grad tests such as MCAT, GMAT, or LSAT.

The good news is that you can prepare for the test well in advance. There are plenty of practice tests online and you can spend time honing your essay writing skills in advance.

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Types of GRE Tests

There are three types of GRE tests, which are the GRE Subject Test, the GRE for Business School, and the GRE for Law School:

GRE Subject Test

As the name suggests, the GRE Subject Tests focus on specific subjects. These tests evaluate students’ knowledge in the particular subject for which they have applied for. The six main subjects for a GRE test are; Biology; Chemistry; Literature in English; Mathematics; Physics; and Psychology.

Students can take the paper delivered Subject tests 3 times a year (September, October, and April).

GRE for Business School

Top universities in the USA and other countries accept GRE for Business School scores. Many Ivy League schools including, Harvard Business School, Stanford University, HEC Paris, London Business School, and the University of Oxford recognize GRE scores and accept students with great GRE scores.

This is a great opportunity for students as GRE general tests assess candidates on parameters learned over time. Therefore, it is easier to score high on the GRE than on the GMAT. Another great reason to go for the GRE instead of the GMAT is a lower-cost test.

If you are looking to study an MBA then many business schools will take either GRE or GMAT results, although it is strongly recommended to double-check the requirements for your chosen school before booking the test.

GRE for Law Schools

Law schools previously only accepted candidates with the LSAT scores only. However, many of the reputed law schools now accept candidates with good GRE scores. There are thousands of students who apply for the GRE for Law School every year. The GRE General Test allows students to get admission into any Law School under the JD Programme.

JD stands for Juris Doctorate which is the entry professional degree of law. This post-graduation degree is valid to practice law in the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore


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