How Can You Contact Zenith Bank Customer Care

How Can You Contact Zenith Bank Customer Care

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Hi guys, thanks for stopping by at my Wonderful blog, we at onlinestudyingservices wish you a great read through our articles. You can link to us, share our Articles and guest what feel free to comment and ask questions on what is bordering you. This way you can interact with us. I will take you into zenith bank customer care  and all you need to know about it..Have a nice read.

Have you lost track of your PIN? Do you need a loan from Zenith Bank then the need for Zenith bank customer care , all this is not simple because to going through the process of recovering it is always hectic, hmm so try an sometimes becareful. Whatever you require, Zenith Bank is always available to give you with answers and help you need because atleast there have lovely staff that can answer anyone with ease and understanding. Here In this article, I’ll show you how to quickly contact Zenith Bank customer care for whatever reason you may have at your own leisure. The man called Me. Jim Ovia is the founder of  Zenith Bank Plc that was in May 1990 long ago, and the commercial bank began operations in July of that year. Zenith Bank has its own headquartered in the charming city of Lagos State, Nigeria, and it has over 500 numerous branches scattered across and commercial offices spread around the country Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Abuja.

How can you contact Zenith bank customer care very fast

Zenith bank customer care is the easiest bank customer service to contact and receive a quick response from provided you follow the correct protocol. Now, we’ll guide you understandably on how you can contact them through the six different methods, you can contact Zenith Bank customer care quickly and there are reliable:

  • Through direct customer contact center
  • On WhatsApp
  • Via email or telephone number
  • At head office and branches
  • Via contact form online
  • On social media platforms

1. Through a customer service center

Zenith bank customer service can be contacted quickly through their direct customer care contact center, which is available at all times (day or night or weekend).

Zenith Bank’s customer service centers are as follows:

  • Email:
  • 24/7 phone number: 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK

2. On WhatsApp

Zenith Bank’s first objective is to make its customers happy with their services at all times and in all places.

If you need to contact Zenith Bank customer care and require a quick response, you can talk with them on WhatsApp at any time and on any day.

Simply follow the steps below to chat with Zenith bank customer care on WhatsApp and receive a prompt response:

  • Save 07040004422 to your contact as Zenith bank or anything you may save it as
  • Open WhatsApp app on your mobile phone
  • Click refresh refresh icon on your WhatsApp profile in order to refresh your recently Zenith bank customer care number which you have just saved
  • Any time you see Zenith bank customer care number, simply click on it and start chatting with the customer care
  • Remember to provide your Zenith bank account number in every of your chat (message)
  • Do not provide your CVV or full card number via chat or in any means unless you are requested by Zenith bank customer care to do so on WhatsApp.

3. At the headquarters and branches

You can also contact Zenith Bank customer care by visiting their Head Office Branch or any of their nearby branch offices. Meanwhile, Zenith Bank’s main office is located in Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also contact them by calling 0700-ZENITH-BANK or one of the following numbers:

  • ZenithDirect: 234 (1) 2787000, 0700-ATM-ZENITH
  • ATM Unit: 0700-286-936484
  • 0700-CARD-ZENITH
  • CARD Unit: 0700-2273-936484
  • Fax: 234 (1) 2618212
  • or send them a mail via

4. Via contact form online

Another important way to contact Zenith bank and get a required reply from them very fast is by filling their contact form online on their website.

To contact Zenith bank customer care representative online via their contact form, simply follow the step by step procedures below:

  1. Visit the official website of Zenith bank
  2. Or you to visit their contact form directly and start filling it
  3. Enter your full name, e.g, Mr. Abdulrazaq Yahaya
  4. Enter your active valid telephone number
  5. Provide your email address
  6. In the next box, write every thing why you are contacting them
  7. Remember to include your account number to your message
  8. And finally click on SUBMIT tab to submit your message.

5. On social media platforms

Zenith bank Nigeria has a profile or account on social media which you can use to contact their customer care representatives for free of charge. Below are the official social media platforms of Zenith bank and how you can use any of them to contact them very fast step by step:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. WhatsApp

6. Via email or telephone number

There is a certain email address or phone number you should use depending on why you want to contact Zenith bank customer service. For example, if you want to contact Zenith bank customer care for a request, you should not use the same email address as someone who wants to contact Zenith bank customer service for a complaint. Here are the Zenith bank customer care email addresses and phone numbers, as well as their intended uses:

a. Internet Banking

For questions, complaints or request or help about your Zenith bank account Internet banking, please send any mail you may have via or call 234-1-2787000 any time, any where.

When calling Zenith bank customer care regarding an issue with your internet banking, remember to give them your account number, name, and location, but not your key bank/account details, such as your username and password, full card number, CVV, and other information.

b. Card Services

For contacting Zenith bank customer care about your Card (MasterCard, Vpay, VisaCard and any other type of card), please send a mail via or call 234-01- 2781740, 2782273. Please note that Zenith bank hotline telephone number which you can call at any time about Zenith bank card is 0700 ZENITHBANK.

c. Account Opening

If you want to open a current, savings, fixed deposit, or domiciliary account with Zenith bank, you can contact them first for more information or enquiry on what type of account that suits your needs. Or do you want to contact Zenith bank customer care about opening any type of an account, send a mail to or simply call +234-1-2787000 and 0700ZENITHBANK.

d. General Enquiries

For general assistance or question that you may have to contact Zenith bank customer care, send all your mails to or call 234-1-2787000, and 0700ZENITHBANK for more information. For example, what is a General Enquiries? General enquiries can be formed from any source, hence that is why they are called or classified as GENERAL. If you want to contact a Zenith bank customer to inquire about whether a particular branch will reopen as a result of one or two terrible events, such as a fire or a thief visiting a branch, or their service hours, those questions are considered general questions and should be sent to zenithdirect@zenithbank.

e. Corporate Internet Banking

For questions about Zenith bank Corporate Internet Banking, send a mail via
or call 234-1-2781543, 2784056, 2781588, 2781568, 2787000.

f. Zenith Insurance Company

For questions about their e-products and services
send a mail to
or call 234-1-2783411, 2783421, 2701004-5, 4613704 to contact Zenith bank customer care.

g. E-Business

For questions about their e-products and services
please send an email message to
or call 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK

h.Zenith Registrars Limited

For information or questions about Zenith bank’s Corporate Internet Banking
mail to
or 234-1-2708930-4 and wait for the fastest reply.

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