Code to transfer airtime from Glo to Glo (step by step guides)

Code to transfer airtime from Glo to Glo (step by step guides)

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Incase you have got a alot of airtime in your Glo sim card and searching for the USSD code which you can use to transfer it to your friends or family members for free of charge or sale? If yes, then keep reading this article on Code to transfer airtime from Glo to Glo , as I am going to share with you everything about how to transfer airtime on Glo step by step.

By using the following ussd code and methods as described and shown right here, airtime in your Glo sim card will be transferred to your friends or family members for free of charge and to any network you want easily and simple.

More about Glo airtime Code to load Glo recharge card: *126*PIN# | code to check Glo airtime balance: *123# | code to transfer Glo airtime: *131*recepient’ number*amount to be transfered*trans. pin# | code to manage Glo line: *121# |code to know Glo number: just simply call 1244.
Glo is one of the biggest and oldest telecommunication network providers in Nigeria and other African countries. It offers its customers a wonderful experiences. Glo Nigeria provides 11-digit for their customers as a telephone number and also makes their customers to load their Glo SIMS with valid recharge card which must be fifteen (15) digit number.In today’s post, we will show you the short code that you can use to transfer your airtime between two or more sim cards on Glo network network. You parent, family member or friend can transfer you airtime which you can then decide to transfer to other person for battering (exchange with something).Note: the bonus airtime can never be transferred, hence you should have known whether the airtime is bonus or ordinary airtime before heading to do a transferring of your airtime.As we have said, Awuuf  (bonus) airtime can never be transferred. Thus, if you know that your Glo SIM card was not recharged with Glo airtime recharging recommended code (*123*pin#), then the airtime balance in your SIM card is said to be bonus (Awwuf).

Meanwhile, another trickiest way you can use to transfer airtime which is a bonus from Glo to another sim can be known .

Now, let us go to look at how to or the code for transferring airtime on your Glo SIM card to another Glo SIM card.

Code to use to transfer airtime from Glo to Glo network

As a Glo customer, the processes to transfer your airtime to another Glo customer(s) are three (3) but the first method is fast and super easy.

Any function you may want your sim card to exhibit, it can do exactly like you want. Hence, if you know some important ussd codes in your head, that means you can do anything you like with your sim card.

Below are the steps to transferring airtime from Glo to Glo sim card:

  1. Using USSD code
  2. By calling Glo customer care
  3. Sending a mail to Glo customer care

Now, let’s start to explain to you how to use each of the three (3) methods above to share airtime or card from your Glo to another Glo sim card step

1. By using code (ussd)

If you want to transfer airtime from Glo sim card to another Glo sim card, ussd code is the first step to take. Note that if this method is not working properly for you, don’t forget to check and use the other two steps.

This step works very fine with any type of mobile phone you are using. If you can know how to dial a number, that means you can transfer your airtime to any body you want without notifying any body.

For transferring your airtime from Glo to another Glo by using code, follow the steps below:

  • Insert the Glo SIM card in your mobile device
  • Dial *131# and Glo will request you to enter the recipient’s phone number, amount you want to transfer and your transaction pin.
  • Or you my dial this code rather directly: *131*recepient’ number*amount to be transfered*trans. pin#

Please note that the default transaction pin of any Glo SIM card is 00000 and you can not use the default pin to transfer airtime (you must activate it).

You may perform a quick search on this website in order to find the article to know more how to activate the transaction pin of your Glo SIM card.

If you follow the steps we explained above correctly, then the transfer of your airtime from Glo to Glo will be done fastly.

By following the guides and tips above, the airtime balance of the recipient of the transferred airtime will be credited while yours (the donor) will be debited.

2. By calling Glo customer care

Some people like vocal communication to solve their problem. If you want to transfer an airtime to your loved one’s sim card, simply hold your phone and contact Glo customer care service.

There are some people that cannot share their airtime by using the ussd code as explained in the first step, if you are a category of such people, then don’t worry, simply click here to contact Glo customer care service..

If you have plenty of transferable airtime on your Glo SIM card and want to transfer (share) to other, you can do so by calling Glo customer care representative for assistance.

  • Insert the SIM card which you want to transfer airtime from in your mobile device and
  • Then call 121, the official Glo customer care telephone number.

Wait for some minutes for the call to get received and follow the guides below:

When any Glo customer care receive your call, you will be asked about how he/she can help you, then tell him or her that you want him/her to help you transfer airtime from the sim card you are presently calling with.

After you have said that, you will be requested to call out the number you want to transfer your airtime to.

Here after, he/she (customer care) will transfer your airtime to the recipient’s SIM card which you called to him/her on calling and your airtime balance will be debited while the recipient’s will be credited.

3. By sending a mail to Glo customer care

If you have an abundance of airtime on your Glo SIM card and you want to transfer some of them to a friend for an exchange of one or the other things (batter), you can do so super easily especially when you don’t know the first method (by dialling code) as I have explained above.

However, you can send a short mail to the Glo customer care representative for assistance.

To do that, simply follow the steps below:

You can copy the following and paste it in your email subject “I want to transfer airtime to another Glo number from my Glo airtime balance” in order for your message not to be found on Spam

Then copy and paste the following in your email message (body) “Hello. I am contacting you to help me transfer N200 to 070**2***45 from my Glo SIM card airtime balances and my number is 0805***128*. Please it is urgent!”

Shortly, any active Glo customer care will attend to your message. He/she will let you know whether your request has been received proper action or not.


In conclusion, any type of airtime in a sim card (either bonus or bought) is transferable. However, if you’re unable to transfer, please comment with the error notification you’re having through the comment section and I would be glad to answer you.

This article was solely created to guide people on how to transfer or share airtime from their Glo sim card to that of their loved ones or friends, as a result of this, please keep in mind that I am not in any way affiliated with Glo network.


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