5 Best Business Schools In The World

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This article is on Best Business Schools In The World. QS Rankings from Top Universities is one of the world’s most famous university ranking providers. They also create a yearly list of MBA degrees. QS MBA Rankings ranked 240 MBA degrees in 2021, using three separate surveys covering graduate salaries, employer reputation, other career information of alumni, class and faculty diversity, and more. This article discusses the top 5 best business schools in the world globally according to QS ranking.

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Stanford University,

This is one of the Best Business Schools In The World. Stanford University is a prestigious private university in California. Its one of best business schools in the world, founded in 1925, is the United States’ most challenging to get into, with just about a 7% acceptance rate.

The campus is in Stanford town, San Jose, and San Francisco, the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. Along with the primary university, Stanford GSB maintains very close links with firms in the Silicon Valley region.

Stanford GSB offers a two-year, full-time MBA and an extensive range of dual-degree MBA programs. These include:

  • MBA/JD,
  • MBA/MA,
  • MBA/MD,
  • MBA/MS,
  • MBA/MSE,
  • MBA/Master of Public Policy.

During the first year of Stanford’s two-year MBA program, university students follow a core general management curriculum, including:

  • corporate finance,
  • data analysis and decision-making,
  • ethics in management,
  • financial accounting,
  • human resource management,
  • information management,
  • leadership labs,
  • macroeconomics,
  • managerial accounting,
  • managerial skills labs,
  • managing groups and teams,
  • microeconomics,
  • optimization and simulation modeling,
  • organizational behavior,
  • strategic leadership,
  • and strategy beyond markets.

Second-year students have the option to customize with courses at other Stanford schools, electives, seminars, or a joint or dual degree. Electives including:

  • accounting,
  • entrepreneurship,
  • general management,
  • managerial economics,
  • political economics,
  • strategic management.

There are also faculty-led global seminars abroad that concentrate on critical subjects inappropriate locations, such as exploring Brazil’s economic mobility.

Additional Global Experience options include:

  • Small-group global study trips that critically examine challenging issues;
  • Self-directed experiences,
  • The Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program (STEP).

University of Pennsylvania

This is one of the Best Business Schools In The World. The 20-month Wharton full-time MBA usually includes a requirement for a significant concentration of 4.0 credits, with a choice from 19 different majors, plus 5.5 electives in addition to the core curriculum.

Also included are a global consulting practicum, a global immersion program, and global modular courses, with other study abroad options available.

In addition to a preference of 19 majors and 200 electives, Wharton, as one of the top 5 business schools globally, offers an extensive range of dual-degree options, including:

  • MBA/JD,
  • MBA/MD,
  • MBA/M Arch,
  • MBA/MS,
  • MBA/MSW,
  • MBA/MSE,
  • MBA/DMD,
  • MBA/MPP.

Wharton has also recently launched the first-ever joint degree in international management.

The MBA/MA Lauder Joint-Degree in International Studies is offered in partnership with UPenn’s Lauder Institute’s School of Arts and Sciences.

The course includes advanced language study and an international course in the humanities and social sciences.

Other partner institutions where the MBA/MA Studies are available:

  • Johns Hopkins University’s SAIS (School of Advanced International Studies);
  • and HKS (Harvard Kennedy School).

Wharton school has a sizeable entering class, with almost 900 recently enrolled and an average 18% acceptance rate. The student body in the class of 2020 was 44% female, 33% international, from over 65 countries worldwide, and 33% US minority/multi-ethnic students.

Post-graduation, 95% of students are employed within three months, mostly in finance and consulting roles. The current median salary is US$125000, one of the world’s highest.

McKinsey is a prominent employer of Wharton MBA graduates and Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, Bain, Deloitte, and Amazon.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is one of the Best Business Schools In The World. Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT Sloan offers a range of MBA programs, with two full-time MBA variants, the flagship MIT Sloan full-time MBA program, completed over two years, and a one-year, full-time Sloan Fellows MBA program.

The second option is a transformational program for mid-career executives from more than 20 nationalities. It is designed to help them build a global network of colleagues from for-profit and non-profit multinational organizations and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The flagship MIT Sloan full-time MBA is a two-year program, which combines class discussion led by expert faculty with collaborative, hands-on projects.

It includes opportunities for specializing through tracks in finance, enterprise management, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Dual-degree options are available through other MBA schools or relevant partner institutions, including:

  • MBA/MS,
  • MBA/Master of City Planning,
  • MBA/Master of Public Policy,
  • MBA/Masters in Public Affairs.


MIT’s focus is on innovation in practice and research. It is a recognized pioneer in this field, having originated many of today’s most influential theories of finance and management.

While the MBA curriculum in one of the top 5 business schools in the world stresses quantitative analysis and analytical reasoning, courses are taught using the case method, lectures, team projects, and hands-on action learning labs.

The two-year curriculum is designed to provide customization, with a core semester of classes divided into small cohorts of 60 to 70.

This MBA course also includes the Sloan innovation period, a week of experiential learning, a month-long independent activities period of hands-on learning away from the campus, punctuated by non-traditional courses and events.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan has one of the largest entering classes of MBA programs, with 406 students enrolled. It is becoming less male-dominated with a healthy 40% female student body and 47% international students.

MIT’s acceptance rate is almost 14%. Post-graduation, 92% of MBA students are employed within three months, with a median salary of US$125000, representing an increase of 88%.

Harvard University

Harvard Business School (HBS) is located in Boston, United States. HBS has four buildings directly opposite Harvard Stadium, on the university’s extensive 40-acre grounds. Also the best business schools in the world.

HBS offers a full-time, two-year MBA program to prepare university students for global leadership roles in big companies.

Moreover, HBS offers dual-degree options through other Harvard colleges, including Harvard Law School, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Medical School, and Dental Medicine.

The Harvard MBA reveals students to real-life leadership challenges through relations with a diverse community, engaging them in intense, transformative experiences that equip them to be fully alert and functional wherever in the world they go.

HBS distinguishes its MBA program according to the following tenets:

  • Global intelligence,
  • Learning in practice,
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • A residential learning community,
  • Alumni relationships,
  • Publications and resources.

HBS’s principles are disseminated through various teaching, activity, case methods, multimedia simulations, small-team work to apply design thinking tools, and immersive learning ventures.

There is also a busy social calendar, which provides ample opportunities for developing leadership, collaboration, networking, and teamwork skills.

The HBS’s program also includes:

  • Field Immersion Experiences Leadership Development (FIELD) foundations, a series of interactive workshops designed to help students explore and practice interpersonal and leadership skills;
  • FIELD Global Immersion projects, where university students travel to global markets and work with their Global Partner, offered via almost 160 global partners in 13 countries;
  • section retreats, where students have the opportunity to bond through teamwork and activity challenges;
  • Product Development Dash (DASH) days, which experiment with creating products to meet unmet customer needs; and GO Days, where students have an opportunity to present and launch their microbusinesses, including everything from business development to prototyping products.

Variety in the student body at HBS is counted as one of the most significant powers of the MBA program.

HEC Paris,

HEC Paris is located in the Paris-Saclay Innovation Cluster, developed to connect France’s best research institutions, hi-tech businesses, companies, startups, colleges, and universities.

HEC Paris wants a longstanding practice of educating the leaders at the fore of the business world.

As one of the top 5 business schools globally, the school has graduated more CEOs of Fortune Global 500 businesses than any other university in Europe, according to the 2018 Times Higher Education Alma Mater Index. In addition, nearly 4000 graduates are currently CEOs, CFOs, or have founded their own companies.

The 16-month-long curriculum, which includes a fundamental and customized stage, is specifically designed to give students the time to learn new skills and gain specific work experience in a new position or sector.

HEC Paris MBA, one of the best MBA programs globally, provides the ideal environment for students to discover their full potential and become business leaders for the 21stcentury.

HEC Paris MBA has developed to unite France’s best research institutions, hi-tech businesses, startups, and universities; the cluster enables students to team up with scientists to bring their technological inventions to final markets.

The size of their cohort, which is around 290 students, assures a personalized learning experience that prioritizes university students and their goals. Participants are immersed in hands-on, learning-by-doing, entrepreneurial conditions.

HEC Paris MBA students graduate from one of the top 5 best business schools in the world globally armed with a global mindset, today’s latest knowledge, and access to a network of more than 60000 alumni in 132 countries. Within the first three months of graduation, 93 percent of graduates accept job offers, and almost 60 percent secure employment outside their home countries.


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