How much do firemen get paid for their job?

How much do firemen get paid for their job?

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Now how much do firemen get paid for?. What is the pay scale for firefighters? Most prospective firemen are blinded and entranced by the monetary signs, thus they don’t consider this when they consider becoming firefighters.

Firefighter salaries vary widely across the United States, so learning how much firemen are paid and whether they are given a fair compensation for the work they do is important. Do you think of pay when you think about firefighters?

This article focuses on deciphering and answering the question “how much do firefighters get paid?” as well as other firefighting-related topics. What is a fair or minimum salary for firemen, and are there any sites where firefighters may earn competitive wages?


Local governments are usually the ones who hire firefighters. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 325,000 professional firefighters in the United States, with over 95 percent, or just over 290,000, employed by counties and cities. These figures do not include volunteer firefighters. We will focus mostly on how much do fireman get paid for in this article.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the United States has approximately 30,000 fire departments. About 5,000 fire departments are predominantly staffed by career firemen, while the remaining 25,000 are mostly staffed by volunteers.

Firefighters in certain areas are barely paid minimum wage.

Firefighters in some areas are paid quite well, allowing them to live comfortably if they make wise financial decisions during their employment.

Salaries can and do change due to a variety of factors, the bulk of which are outside your control. What may have been a low-paying job at the start of your career may improve over time, or it may worsen.

Many people consider becoming a fireman because of the benefits of retirement and healthcare. Anyone keeping their finger on the economy’s pulse has noted that pension and healthcare costs continue to climb year after year, typically by 10% or more.

What is a firefighter’s job description?

The primary role of a firefighter is to contain and extinguish fires that threaten people, property, or the environment. If an alert is received, firefighters are ready to respond immediately regardless of the hour or weather.

Firefighters often work 24-hour shifts, with 48 or 72 hours off in between. Wildland firefighters are frequently obliged to work nonstop for days or weeks when battling forest fires.

A fireman may be called to a variety of crises on a frequent basis or have a quiet day during his shift. A neighboring fire station will respond to commercial alarms; in many situations, this is due to a malfunction rather than a fire; examples of malfunctions include stuck elevators, injured pedestrians, crashes, and residential fires. So now how much do fireman get paid for?

Firefighters, on the other hand, have a variety of other responsibilities:

  • In the event of an accident, remove passengers from the vehicles that have been damaged.
  • In the firehouse, clean and maintain the equipment.
  • Prepare reports on emergency calls in writing.
  • Assist with the cleanup of hazardous materials spills.
  • Provide fire safety instruction at schools and community activities.
  • People stranded in perilous situations, such as floods, must be rescued.
  • In actuality, firemen are frequently called upon to respond to a variety of crises, not simply fires.

What are requirements and education for firefighters 

To become a fireman in most cities, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school graduation. Following then, the application procedure grows progressively severe. The following duties must be completed by aspiring firemen:

  • To climb stairs, haul hoses, hoist ladders, and breach ceilings, you must be in good physical shape.
  • Have a clean criminal and driving record and pass a background check
  • On Facebook and other social media, no incriminating, provocative, immature, or humiliating posts are permitted.
  • Pass a written exam that tests your knowledge of math, problem solving, human relations, thinking, and memory.
  • Have a psychological examination that looks at your physical and emotional stability, as well as the specific personality factors that are linked to firefighter performance.
  • Obtain Firefighter I and II certificates from a fire academy, as needed by their state.
  • If your local fire department requires it, get your EMT certification.
  • Pass an oral interview and be prepared to discuss their long-term career objectives and why they want to be a firefighter.
  • A list of personal references should be provided.


Firefighting training used to demand a high school diploma and a commitment to serve. Because of the industry’s competitive nature, schooling requirements have increased and the certification process has lengthened.

In addition to a high school diploma, most states require completion of a program or set of courses approved by the National Fire Protection Association.

This training covers a wide range of topics, such as fire behavior, equipment use, fire control, rescue, foam fire streams, safety, and other pertinent issues. Online learning and on-the-job training are combined in some programs.

In competitive areas, candidates for firefighting must complete two to four years of fire science coursework. Many firefighters obtain an Emergency Medical Technician or paramedic certification to add to their credentials.

These programs can lengthen your study by two years. Physical standards must be met, as well as educational and training requirements.

Who are the highest paid firefighters?

As with most professions, some firemen earn more than others based on their level of experience or their position within the ranks of firefighters.

The top ten percent of earnings took home an average of $83,570 per year or more, while the worst ten percent took home a maximum of $24,490.

Firefighters in New Jersey are the highest paid, earning an average of $75,880 per year, followed by firefighters in California, who earn $73,860 per year.

If you opt to join the fire department, you should expect a raise in your average salary.

Do firefighters make good money? 

According to the most recent estimates, the average annual wage for a fireman in the United States is $44,421. If you want to know how much that works out to in terms of hourly income, it’s around $21.36 per hour. This equals $854 every week, or $3,702 per month.

On ZipRecruiter, annual earnings for firemen range from $34,500 (25th percentile) to $54,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $63,500 annually across the United States.

The average pay for a fireman varies greatly( how much a fireman paid for) (up to $20,000), meaning that depending on skill level, region, and years of experience, there may be various opportunities for advancement and increased pay.

How much does a firefighter make?

The typical annual wage for firemen in the United States in 2016 was $48,030, or $23.09 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Salaries vary by region, but when comparing job offers, the cost of living should be factored in. The highest yearly average incomes are found on the East and West coasts.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data from May 2019, the average annual firefighter income in the United States is $54,650.

The top 90% of earners earn more than $92,020 a year, while the bottom 10% earn less than $25,550.

Income varies substantially from state to state, according to a Business Insider research. California firefighters earn the most money, with an average annual pay of $84,370, followed by New Jersey firefighters with an average annual compensation of $80,890.

Mississippi firefighters earn the least, with a mean annual income of $30,180, followed by Louisiana firefighters, who earn $31,150.

6 states where firefighters earn the most money 

1) New Jersey 

The New Jersey Fire Department has a lengthy history of capturing and putting out fires that have wreaked havoc on the city. The objective of the fire department, according to its website, is to design and implement the State Uniform Fire Code, as well as public education projects and firefighter training programs.

Its goal was to be the primary point of contact for the State’s fire service community and the general public on all matters related to fire safety.

The New Jersey Fire Department pays its firefighters an average annual salary of $75,880. In comparison to what is paid in other states, this income is competitive.

2) California 

On its website, it indicated that the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention (CAL FIRE) is responsible for fire protection and stewardship of approximately 31 million acres of privately owned wildland in California.

In addition, the Department works with local governments in 36 of the state’s 58 counties to provide a variety of emergency services.

The mission of CAL FIRE is to prevent wildfires in the State Responsibility Area (SRA). While these efforts have been underway since the Department’s creation, CAL FIRE has boosted its fire prevention operations in response to the changing nature of destructive wildfires.

The California Fire Department pays its firemen an average annual salary of $73,860. In comparison to what is paid in other states, this income is competitive.

3) New York

The New York Fire Department or The Fire Department of the city of New York is famously the largest and most active fires service in the United States, and this does not come as a surprise to many people who have been in the loop.

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) is the country’s largest fire department and is widely recognized as the busiest and most experienced emergency response organization in the world.

The department’s primary mission is to protect residents and visitors in the five boroughs from fire, as well as to provide emergency medical care and other vital public safety services.

The New York City Fire Department pays its firefighters an average annual salary of $70,560. In comparison to what is paid in other states, this income is competitive.

4) Washington

Washington’s fire department indicates that their volunteer firemen are in charge of firefighting. Our firefighters get thorough training, which includes completing a Basic Operations Firefighter course that meets the Office of the State Fire Marshall’s requirements.

Hazardous Materials Response training and a CPR, EMR, or EMT-B/P license are also required. When firefighters are called to duty from their homes or places of business, they arrive at the station to assist with fires, search and rescue, and EMS crises.

Volunteer firefighters are used in the Washington Fire Department because, according to estimates, they save $37 billion for their communities each year, money that might be used for local infrastructure, social programs, and tax reduction.

The Washington Fire Department pays its firefighters an average annual salary of $70,300. In comparison to what is paid in other states, this income is competitive.

5) Nevada 

The Nevada Fire Department operates an area of around 9 square miles, with a population of about 8,500 people in the city and about 10,000 people during the day.

The department has 12 full-time firefighters and one administrative staff, and it runs two engines, one quint/ladder, a hazmat unit, and a medium rescue unit out of a single station. Every day, four workers are on duty to keep the city safe.

The Nevada Fire Department pays its firemen an average annual salary of $66,670. In comparison to what is paid in other states, this income is competitive.

6) Oregon

With a budget of more than $90 million, Portland Fire & Rescue in Oregon employs 756 people, including 699 sworn and 57 non-sworn personnel. Ninety-three percent of firefighters are men, whereas only 7% are women.

Over 580,000 people are served by PF&R, which also protects 150 square kilometers of land. The Portland Fire Department pays its firefighters an average annual salary of $64,330.

This salary is competitive when compared to what is paid in other states, where workers are often paid less or nothing at all.


Aside from the subject of how much do firemen get paid?, demand for firefighters is expected to grow at a rate of roughly 7% from 2016 to 2026, which is about the same as the average growth rate for all occupations during that time.

Despite developments in fire prevention, the variety of calls a firefighter responds to, such as car accidents and other emergencies, demands a particular amount of staff for local departments. If you want to be a firefighter, consider moving to an area where there is a greater demand for firefighters.


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